CHESS (Part Three)

Broadcast on November 19, 2020

Computer Chess

1968 :
David Levy’s wager with Don Michie (Pioneer in Machine Intelligence, U of Edinburgh) joined by two other Computer Experts from the USA
Levy beat several Chess Programs / Computers and won the wager in 1978

Some World Champion Programs

Belle (Ken Thompson, UNIX co-creator)

Deep Thought (CMU)
Received Master Rating
Beat Levy

Deep Thought Team

Ph.D students
Designed special chips for Chess
Improved Search and Processing of Decision Tree

Chess experts
Data base of Chess Strategies
Analysis of Chess Games
Suggest improvements for hardware and software

Five (or so) were recruited by IBM to develop Deep Blue. Three remained for the Challenge to be the Human World Champion

Show down

1997 : Garry Kasparov (then World Champion) beat Deep Blue by 4 – 2

1998 : Deep Blue beat Kasparov by 3.5 – 2.5
Kasparov made unexpected errors (especially in the final game)

IBM retired Deep Blue

Computer History Museum

Exhibit on “History of Computer Chess”

I attended the Panel Discussion at CHM
by (Prof Ed Feigenbaum / Expert Systems, Monty Newborn / Organizer of Computer Chess Tournaments, Murray / Member of Deep Thought and Deep Blue, …)


After retirement, Kasparov became Coach of Magnus Carlsen (Triple World Champion for Classic Chess, Rapid Chess and Blitz Chess).

Most Champions have Outstanding mentors and coaches.

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