Outline of talk for October 4, 2020

Rowing in Myanmar

  • Laung (7 paddlers of more)
  • Leg rowers (of Inlay)

Rowing Clubs

  • Cambridge University (home of Sir Arthur Eggar)
  • RBC (Rangoon Boat Club) : exclusive for Europeans and Anglos
  • RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)
    Founded in 1923 by Sir Arthur Eggar (Law Professor, RU)
    Sir Arthur pledged one-third of his salary for the Clubs operation
    Sir Arthur donated a Challenge Cup (Pewter and brooches) for the Senior Novices
    U Nyo’ s donation to RU Estate helped build the RUBC Club House
    U Nyo donated a Challenge Cup (for the Inter-Club Eights)
  • Defense Services Rowing Club
  • Marine Youth (Ye Gyaung Lu Nge)


  • Rag Regatta
    One day event
    Finalists for the Novices race are seeded for Monsoon Regatta
  • Monsoon Regatta
  • Annual Regatta
  • Inter-Varsity
    e.g. CURC
  • ARAE
    e.g. Calcutta, Colombo
    e.g. Hong Kong

Challenge Cups

  • President’s Challenge Cup
    For Inter-Club Coxed Eights
  • Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup
    For Inter-Club Coxed Fours

Commemorative Publications

  • 40th Anniversary Issue (in 1963)
    Sithu U Tin
    U Po Zon
    U Tin Htoon
  • 90th Anniversary Issue (in 2013)
    U Tin Htoon (Chair)
    U Myo Myint (Vice Chair)
    U Htaik San (Henry Kao, Secretary)
    U Hla Min (Contributing Editor)
  • Sir Arthur Eggar’s Autobiography
    Reprint funded by selected Old Members

My Journey

  • Senior Novices Runner-up (in 1963)
    Myint Soe (Willie Soe Maung, Stroke)
    Kyaw Wynn (3)
    Hla Min (2)
    Maung Maung Kyi (Bow)
    Myint Thein (Cox)
  • Honorary Treasurer (1964 – 65)
  • Vice Captain (1965 – 66)
  • Contributing Editor for 90th Anniversary Issue (in 2013)
    Prelude for each section
    Three articles
  • Donated for reprint of Sir Arthur’s Autobiography
  • Memories of RUBC
    Series in YUBC Old Members Facebook Group

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