Ba Gyan

Broadcast on September 10, 2020

Cartoon U Ba Gyan (1902 – 1953)

  • Cartoons
  • Comics
  • Poster / Painting
  • Novel
  • 13th St Tazaung daing Cartoon Exhibition
  • Alinkar Kyawswar (1955)
    Posthumous award
  • Collaborators :
    U Hein Soon (Cartoon Film, Cartoon Exhibition)
    U Ngwe Kaing (Posters)
  • Mentor :
    Burma Art Club President

Pagan U Ba Gyan (Minister)

  • Survived assassination on July 19, 1947 with a slight bullet wound
  • Brother :
    U Ba Shan (Secretary, Mathematics Curriculum Committee)
  • Nephew :
    U Boe Ba Shan (UCC)

U Ba Gyan (“Tin Moe”)

  • Laureate Poet
  • Matriculation
    First to receive full marks for Burmese essay
    Burmese Distinction
  • Two National Literary Awards
  • Curriculum development for Myanmar Sar
  • Prisoner of conscience
  • Passed away in Southern California
  • Publications in his memory
    1 month Memorial
    6 month Memorial

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