Brief history

First club founded at Santa Ana, California, USA in 1924.

My journey to DTM

  • Every new member is provided a mentor.
  • I was fortunate to have a Double DTM as my mentor.
  • I completed both the Communication track and Leadership track to become a DTM.

Communication track :

  • CC (Competent Communicator)
  • ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze)
  • ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver)
  • ACG (Advanced Communicator Gold)

Leadership track :

  • CL (Competent Leader)
  • ALB (Advanced Leader Bronze)
  • ALS (Advanced Leader Silver)

DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster)

Requirements include completion of speeches and projects, serving as an officer in club and beyond (area, division, district), mentor or club coach, organizer of contests, …

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