Broadcast on September 7, 2020

  • Principia
    Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
    by Sir Isaac Newton
    Covers Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Principles of Mathematics
    by Bertrand Russell
    Covers Mathematics and Logic
    e.g. Similarities
  • Principia Mathematica
    by Whitehead and Russell
    Used by “Logic Theorist” (early AI Program by Newell, Shaw and Simon)
  • Principles in Science
    e.g. Archimedes Principle
    hundreds of rules and laws
  • Pareto Principle
    Also known as 80-20 rule
    Variants include 70-30 rule (by Donald Knuth in his analysis of the running time of early computer programs)
  • Less is more
    Handles “Span of Attention”
    Minimalism (by de-cluttering)
  • Due to time constraints, I did not cover some principles
    Law of Diminishing Return
    Peter’s Principle
    Dilbert’s Principle


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