Month: September 2020

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Three 3-D : Three dimension 3-D Matrix 3-D Model 3-D Photo 3-D Printer 3-layer architecture Tie Aequal (in examination result) Joint champion Joint winner Tie Breaker 12-point game in Tennis Extra holes in Golf Extra innings in Baseball Less misses in High Jump and Pole Vault Lower body […]

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YMBA Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Author) Saya U Ba Kyi (Artist) Illustrated History of BuddhismFirst edition : Myanmar textSupplement : English text Young Men’s Buddhist Association YMCA Basketball Invented by N. Smith Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people How to stop worrying and start livingHow to improve […]

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Economics Dr. Aye Hlaing Economic model Economic theory Faculty of Social Science Dr. Hla Myint Institute of Economics Dr. Maung Shein Dr. Ronald Findlay Dr. Solomon U Than Lwin Dr. Tun Thin Dr. Tun Wai Evaluation Assessment (synonym)Assessment testProduct AssessmentProject AssessmentSelf Assessment Evaluation in Computer Science and ApplicationsEval […]

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News Breaking news Censorship Current news Does not stand for “North, East. West, South” Does not stand for “Notable Events, Weather, Sports” FactsFact checking Fake newsBiased reportRumor Internet News AgencyAFPReutersUPI News Agency Burma (NAB)Burmese sectionEnglish section News Media Newspaper Noun (not plural of “New”, which is an adjective) […]

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Industrial Revolution First Industrial Revolution1765Steam Engine… Second Industrial Revolution1870FactoryAutomobilesAir planes… Third Industrial Revolution1969Pervasive use of computers … Fourth Industrial RevolutionOngoingArtificial IntelligenceMachine LearningInternet of things… Initialism ACM UN UNO URL WHO

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Win Cost of winning AstronautsSilicon Valley Definition (multiple senses) Four winsWin for selfWin for family Win for workWin for community How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie) Win lottery Win prize Win raffle Win – Lose Win – Win Work 4-day week 5-day week Cubicle Flexible […]

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Language Burmese languageSpoken language : Myanmar SagarWritten language : Myanmar SarBurmese language processing Chomsky hierarchy of languages Dictionary Font Grammar Idiom Keyboard Language processing Natural language Natural language processing Pragmatics Programming language Proverb SyntaxAbstract syntaxConcrete syntax SemanticsAxiomatic semanticsDenotational semanticsOperational semantics SpellingSpelling checker Thesaurus Typewriter Word processor Leader Do […]