Names (3)

The following are some nicknames.


Ah Ba

  • Dr. Aung Khin (BADA)
  • Dr. Hla Myint (Medicine)
  • U Maung Maung Lay (UCC)
  • U Than Myint (BBS)

Ah Pho Gyi

  • Ko Tin Maung Thant (son of UNSG U Thant) was fondly called Ah Pho Gyi by his PPBRS classmates.
  • Ko Han Sein (C69) is known as “Tone Kyaw” and “Ah Pho Gyi”

Ah Shay Gyi

  • Than Lwin (EC69)

Ah Thay Lay

  • Ko Thein Oo taught at the Institute of Economics and UCC.
    His friends call him “Ah Thay Lay”.
    He was good at volleyball, table tennis and cards.

Ah Yan Kan

  • Random kicking footballer

Ah Yo Phaya

  • Win Maung (T70)


  • Ajala was a Nigerian student who led demonstrations in front of the US Embassy in Rangoon (in our younger days).
  • Moe Hein (ChE69) represented RIT in swimming and water polo. He has a loud voice (which is very helpful in supporting RIT athletes in the Inter-Institute Tournaments). He is fondly called Ajala by his close friends.


Bagyi Aung

  • Bagyi Aung is a fictional character from Min Thu Wun’s short story.
  • U Hla Aung (EP68) wrote : May I share our time nick names. May Pa Le is Yee Yee Aung (EP67). Her friend is Nancy Hla Aung. My nick name is Ba Gyi Aung.

Bei Gyi

  • Sein Myint (EC76, UCC)

Bei Oo

  • Bei Oo is a “Duck Egg”. It may also stand for “Zero”.
  • Ma Kyi Kyi Sein (T70) represented RIT in Badminton and Hiking.
    She is an organizer for the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65.

Bo Daw

  • Could be sarcastic

Bo Ni

  • “Min” Kyaw Min (Journalist)

Bo Shoke

Ko Mya Thein (GBNF) taught at the Institute of Economics, UCC and IMBTU. He was originally called “Bogyoke” and later became known as “Bo Shoke”.

Bo Hti

  • Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (M60)


Ko Myint Maung (EP69) is one of the youngest 69ers and one of the few remaining Eligible Bachelors. He represented RIT EE Department in Volleyball along with Saw Edison, Ko Aye Thein and Sa Maung Maung. He was fondly called “Bu” in reference to “Minbu” (his home town).


  • Byte may mean stomach or belly.
  • Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63) was called “Byte Tin Hlaing” and “R Tin Hlaing” by his friends to differentiate from the senior Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF).
  • Ko Myint Soe (UCC) worked as Maintenance Technician in the Systems Division. He was called “Byte”.


Chauk Pay

  • Some tall students are called Chauk Pay (Six Footer).
  • Ko Htein Win (Richard, M70) represented RIT in Rowing, Swimming and Water Polo, where he tended the goal at the Shallow End. He moved to Canada. He bought the tickets for SPZP-2000, but could not attend it due to a strike.

Chee Pay

  • Khin Maung Than

Chit Sa Noe / Chit Snow

  • My Myee


  • Ko Tin Nwe (C69, GBNF) was a jovial person and was called Cowboy by his friends.
  • Three Old Paulians — Ko Tin Nwe, Ko Min Thaw (Gilbert) and Ko Maung Maung Aye were involved in a car accident after an OPA dinner gathering, but they were not hurt seriously. Sadly, they are now all GBNF.



  • Duwa is a title for a Kachin Leader.
  • Ko Zau Lai (EP69) spends time in Myitkyina and Yangon. He is an entrepreneur and a Kachin Leader. He often drove a long way from Myitkyina to attend the 69er gatherings.

Dauk Soe

  • Dr. Soe Myint Win (GNBF) was called Dauk Soe by some students.


English Sayas and Sayamas (RIT)

  • Read articles by Saya Des and Saya U Khin

EE69ers (RIT)

  • Read caption of the EE69 Group Photo by Ko Thein Swe



  • Default name for those who are over weight


Gaing Gyi

  • The Burmese sometimes pronounce “Kyaw” as “Gyaw”; “Kyee” as “Gyee” and “Khine” as “Gaing”.
  • Ko Ohn Khine (M70) was named Ohn Gaing at St. Peter’s High School in Mandalay. He was called “Gaing Gyi” by some friends. He is the founder and moderator of the Google Group for the intake of 64 and 65. He volunteered for SPZP-2012, Shwe YaDu, SPZP-2016, SDYF, HMEE-2012 and HMEE-2016. He translated Section 1 and summarized Section 2 of the HMEE-2012 book. He and I compiled the CD supplement for the HMEE-2012 book.

Gya Bu / Ja Bu / Shorty

  • Some short students are called Ja Bu (Midget) or Shorty.
  • Gya Bu Sein / Ko Myint Sein (M70, GBNF) represented in Soccer.
  • There were two Bohmus named “Shorty” Tin Myint.



  • It is an Indian Diety.
  • Ko Han Tun Maung (GBNF) was a star athlete at SPHS. He excelled in Track and Field, and Soccer. He was fondly called “Hanuman”. He served as President of Old Paulians Association, Kokkine Swimming Club, Equestrian and Archery Associations. His family owned a Stable with “Sein Hlyan” as a Champion horse. The family opened Sein Hlyan Cafe. The Intake of 65 meets monthly as the Cafe.

Hna Khan Hmwe

  • There are some who have notable mustache.
  • One such person was Ko Khin Nyo, “Kyaung Tha Thadin Htauk (Student Reporter at RIT)”. According to Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70), he met — several decades later — Ko Khin Nyi without mustache in New York, USA

Htaw Kyin

Ko Htin Kyaw (Peter Wun, MEHS63, former President) worked for the Institute of Economics and UCC before joining HIC and FERD. He was called “Htaw Kyin”. Some British could not pronounce his name. They called him “Ha Htin Coil”.


Ja Bu / Shorty / Gya Bu

  • Some short students are called Ja Bu (Midget) or Shorty.
  • Ko Myint Sein (M70, GBNF) represented in Soccer.
  • There were two Bohmus named “Shorty” Tin Myint.

Japan Gyi

  • Some who were born during the Japanese Occupation were given Japan Gyi as their nick name.
  • Ko Hla Tun (T69, GBNF) would end most sentences with an expletive. He told me that he was married to Dolly Gale (my primary school classmate).


  • Kyaw Zwa Than (UCC)


  • Soe Thein (UCC, GBNF)


K Cube

  • Khin Khin Kyu (UCC)


Ko Sein Myint (K K Wong, EP69) represented RIT in Rowing, Swimming and Water Polo. Someone transformed his name “Kwet” into “Khwet”. He is a major donor of the 69er Health Care Fund and the EE69er HCF. After retirement, he spends time in Singapore, Yangon and California.

Kyaw Gyi

  • Kyi Win (EP69)


Ko Kyaw Nyein (GBNF) taught Numerical Methods and Numerical Analysis at the UCC courses. He played soccer and volley ball. He was fondly called “Kyein”.

Kyet Taw

  • I know some people named Kyet Taw. They may have “Taw” in their names.
  • Ko Harry Taw (MEHS57) was a friend of my older brother.
  • Dr. Nyan Taw (Dicky, SPHS63) was my neighbor for some time. We jogged, biked and rowed. He worked at RASU, Pearl and Fishery before moving overseas for assignments (e.g. in Indonesia). He invited me to the wedding receptions of his younger son and daughter.
  • Ko Khin Maung Lwin is an organizer for the Class of 87 and 91. RIT was closed for three years. He also organized the Golf Tournament for the alumni. He served as Secretary of the Swel Daw Yeik Foundation.

Kywei Gyi

  • Kywei Gyi is a big, strong Buffalo.
  • Ko Khin Maung Lay (Henry, T68) served as Secretary of the RIT Track and Field Association. He competed in 100 m, 200m, 4 x 100m relay and Long Jump (emulating Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics). He represented RIT in Track and Field, Soccer and Rowing. He is fondly called “Kywei Gyi” for his physical prowess. His elder brother Ko Khin Maung Latt (M63) represented the Faculty of Engineering in Rowing. His brothers-in-law include Saya Dr. Ba Lwin (EE59) and U Tin Myint (son of Arzani U Razak).


La La

  • La La is a form of “Kala” or “Kular” (Person of dark color).
  • Some young dark skinned kids (e.g. Aye Win Hlaing (Abel, EE72)) are given the nickname “La La”.

Lake or Leit

Ko Win Maung (EE69er) represented RIT in Rowing, Swimming and Water Polo. He is a Back Stroke specialist. He swam the 2000 meters Cross-Lake with Back Stroke. He is known as “Lake” or “Leit” (Tortoise in reference to his Back Stroke swimming). Ko Htay Aung (M59, Burma Selected) and several others using Front Crawl finish quite ahead of Leit. Before graduation, he went to UK for license & training in air craft maintenance. He joined UBA/BAC. He is now an entrepreneur doing family business.


Maung Kabar / Kabar

  • Maung Kabar was an adorable Cartoon character.
  • Those who have slightly round faces are called “Maung Kabar” or “Kabar”.
  • According to Saya U Myat Htoo (C68), his classmate and fellow Saya U Myint Soe (SPHS64, C68) was named “Maung Kabar”.
  • U Myint Thein (M69) is known as “Maung Kabar”, which shows up in his Obituary.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kabar-1.jpg
Obituary of Kabar Myint Thein

Maw Gyi

  • Saya U Myat Htoo (C68)
  • Daw Khin Maw Maw (spouse of U Tun Aung Gyaw)

May Pa Le / Mae Pa Lay

  • May Pa Le” is a two-handed compliment given to selected female RIT students.
    e.g. Daw Yee Yee Aung (EP67, EC member of RIT EE Association)
  • It means Miss Pearl (a belle who is Pearly White).
  • It’s reveral “Mae Pa Lay” means “Wow. So dark [complexion]”.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ee-association-1.jpg
Daw Yee Yee Aung

Mote Seit

  • It may mean “Beard”.
  • Myo Hein (69er) is fondly called Mote Seit by his friends.
  • Reverend Frederich Ludwig (Buddhist Arch Bishop of Latvia and Lithuania) was fondly called “Moke Seit Phone Gyi”. He later shaved his beard and ordained as a Theravada monk with the title Ashin Ananda. He is a Laureate Poet.

Mu Tu

  • Ko Khin Maung Lay (M70) represented RIT in soccer. He served as emcee (Master of Ceremonies) at the Reunion and Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe of the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65. He is currently a member of the Myanmar Human Rights Commission. He is the younger son of U Khin Maung Latt (AFPFL Minister) and the brother of Saya U Khin Maung Gyi (English, GBNF).

Myauk Nyo and U Seit To

  • Cartoon characters
  • According to Saya U Tin Myint (M80), the nicknames are given to two sayas by G-Hall Thu

Myauk Phyu

  • White monkey


Ngu Yin Kong Kee / Nyguen Cong Ky

  • It is a Burmanized name of a Vietnamese General.
  • Saya U Win Kyaing (GBNF) is the paternal uncle of Ko Maurice Chee (M75). Saya is often called Ngu Yin Kong Kee. He was also known as U Wah Kyaing, younger brother of U Wah Kyu.

Nyi Nyi / Pho Nyi

  • Nyi Nyi may be used in a name
    e.g. Dr. Nyi Nyi
  • Nyi Nyi and Pho Nyi are used as nicknames
    e.g. Than Htut (M67, RUBC Gold)


O Pei

  • Default name for old people

Ohn Thee

  • Ko Ohn Thwin (PPFC, GBNF) attended classes at UCC and BARB. He is called “Ohn Thee” (Coconut) by his friends.



  • According to Dr. Tint Lwin (Goalkeeper of the Rangoon University Soccer Team), Collegian Nay Win was fondly called Papu by his coach and team mates.

Pauk Pauk

Ma Aye Aye Than (ChE72) is the sister of Sayama Dr. Hla Hla Sein (Maths) and Ma Myint Myint Sein (Diana, M70). Her friends called her Pauk Pauk.

Pauk Si

Ko Hla Min (L T Gwan, SPHS64, EP70, GBNF) joined UCC as Chief Operator. He was called CO by his colleagues and “Pauk Si” by his close friends.
His father loaned money to a Pauk Si vendor, who did not pay back the loan. At break time at SPHS, Ko Hla Min would get Pauk Si from the vendor.

Phone Gyi

  • Several alumni are called “Phone Gyi” (Monk) by their friends.
  • Ko Tin Tun (SPHS63, M69) was my classmate since Std. IV(D) at SPHS. His mother Daw Tin Tin would come and feed him at lunch break.
    He studied and taught Marine Engineering.
  • Ko Tin Shein (M69) reminded me that we were class mates at the 2nd BE English class of Saya Des and that he gave a talk on Chinlon. He represented RIT in Chinlon.
  • Ko Soe Myint (M72, GBNF) volunteered as a Kappiya at the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung. He also helped with the maintenance. He retired as Pro-Rector of ICST.

Po Htaung and Po Maung

  • Sons of Ko Khin Maung San (Tommy San, PBRS) and Lily
  • Nyunt Win (classmate of Lily at Darjeeling) liked the nicknames and used them in a movie.



  • R Tin Hlaing / Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63)
  • R Zin / Kyaw Zin (EP69)


  • Saya U Ko Gyi was a Lecturing Tutor in Mathematics. He is known for reciting the first 100 digits of PI (a constant which is 3.14159265 …). He used Rocket as an example in his classes. For some reason, he named Ma Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70) as “Rocket”. The classmates who witnessed the naming can provide details.
  • Emma Tin Tin Myint is co-founder of Triple Gems Publications.
  • She is also co-founder of Dana Sri Lanka (DSL).
  • She is called Mae Daw Gyi by the young monks studying in Sri Lanka.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is emma.jpg
Young Emma Tin Tin Myint


Sa Yay

  • Sa Yay may mean a Clerk.
  • Sa Yay Gyi is a Senior Clerk.
  • Saya Lay is a Junior Clerk.
  • Ko Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) was called “Sa Yay Lay” by his teacher Perrera (V Standard in St. Paul’s High School).
  • In primary school, my spouse was told by her teacher that her hand writing looked like that of a “Sa Yay”. It motivated her to become a medical doctor.

Sargalay and Lada

  • Sargalay is a sparrow.
  • Lada is a vulture
  • Khin Maung Win (Sargalay, EP69) was the training partner for Sai Kham Pan (EP69, Burma Selected in Badminton). Kham Pan would give 10 – 12 points bonus to play a 15-point game.
  • At a reunion, Daw Saw Yu Tint fondly addressed Khin Maung Win as Sargalay. He replied, “I am now a Lada”. He gained a lot of height from 2nd BE to Final Year.
  • The nickname allows 69ers to differentiate KMW (Sargalay), KMW (Roland Thein), KMW (Donald Ba Pe) and KMW (ChE).
  • Most 69ers might remember the cartoon by Kyant Ba Hone Aung Myint (Pet69).
    “Ah Ba. Kar Ku La Thin Char (Calculus) is very fascinating.
    If we differentiate a Lada, we get a Sargalay.
    If we integrate a Sargalay, we get a Lada.”

Saya Maung

  • Given by a girl to her teacher/boy friend

Saya San

  • Saya San is a revolutionary figure in the history of Burma.
  • Saya [Ko] Maung San studied his Masters in the UK. He often shopped in the “Junior” section. He taught Geology at RIT and ABAC.
  • I met Ko Aung Than (Saya San) at a meeting for the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65. He told me that he had to study for the last ever 7th Standard Government examination.


  • Ko Khin Maung Myint (C69, GBNF) is called Shastri (former Prime Minister of India).

Shwe Gaung Byaung

  • It is the name of a cartoon character. It literally means “Golden, Bald Head”. Toe Nyunt (Ted Mya Maung) starred in a movie of that name.
  • Ko Wynn Htain Oo (M72) is a super fund raiser is fondly known as “Shwe Gaung Byaung”. He is also known as WHO and Hmaw Sayagyi


  • Ko Kyaw Zan Hein (C69, GBNF) is known as “Kyaw Zan Shwee” or “Shwee”. He was admitted to the 2nd BE in 1964 as Roll Number 14. There were no word processors in those days; only the use of cyclostyle (Gestener). So, when the person who was admitted as Roll Number 14 decided not to join RIT, the Administrative Office typed in Shwee’s name instead.


  • May be used in a name
    e.g. Sonny Yone Sein
  • May also be used as a nickname
    e.g. “Sonny” Aung Myint, “Sonny” Soe Naing


Tar Tay Gyi

  • Reference to an actor for scary movies
  • Brother Urban (SPHS)

Three Sizes : Full size, Half size, Double size

  • In Mechanical Drawing, we learned about scales.
  • One student gave the nicknames “Half size, Full size and Double size” to three female students.
  • Two of them were Sayama Daw Mya Mya Than (EP68, “Full size”) and Daw Nyunt Nyunt Zaw (T68, “Double Size”, spouse of Victor Ohn Maung and brother of Ricky Zaw).



  • Bo Waing / Win Myint (1), UCC


Yebaw Gyi

  • U Aung Zaw (UCC)


Zin Yaw / Zin Yaw Gyi

  • Zaw Win (Min70)
  • Khin Maung Aye (M79)

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