Rangoon University (206)

Lu Ye Chun

  • The Lu Ye Chun (Outstanding Student) Program was established in 1964.
  • Eligible students from 7th Standard to 10th Standard were chosen to attend the Ngapali Lu Ye Chun Camp.
  • Dr. Oaksoe Kha, U Win Aung, Daw Pwint Than, U Kyaw Zaw, U Aung Myint … are some of the Luyechuns from the initial batch.
  • The Lu Ye Chun Program was extended in 1965 for eligible students from Universities and Institutes.
  • A new camp in Khaung Daing, Inlay was opened.
    For the inaugural session the Inlay Camp housed university students and high school students.
  • Luyechun for middle schools were sent to Ngapali Camp.
  • The Rangoon “Combined” Camp briefly housed the Luyechuns from Ngapali and Inlay Camps.

In the Summer of 1965, I was selected as RIT Lu Ye Chun for the Inlay Camp along with U Sein Shwe, U Zaw Min [Nawaday] and Daw Khin Than Myint Tin (Margaret).

Luyechuns from other disciplines include

  • Dr. Kyaw Sein Koe (Victor, GBNF), Dr. Anita Aye Pe, Dr. Khin Maung U and Dr. Than Than Tin (Cherry Hlaing) from IM(1)
  • Dr. Soe Aung and Dr. Thein Win from IM2
  • Dr. Tun Naung (BDS)
  • Daw Khin Aye Than, U Maung Aye, Dr. Min Oo, U Ye Myint, U Soe Lwin … from RASU
  • U Mya Than and U Tin Hlaing (Lay Dwin Thar Saw Chit) from MASU
  • U Aung Kyi Myint (Agri)
  • U Chit Hlaing (Moulemein)

Those from High School include

  • Aung Kyaw Nyunt
  • Aung Myint
  • Aung Shwe
  • Aung Win
  • Baby Ohn
  • Hla Kyaing
  • Khin Khin Aye
  • Kyaw Myint (Maubin)
  • Kyaw Myint (Yamethin)
  • Mie Mie Khine
  • Nelson Kaw
  • Ma Pwint Than
  • Soe Aung
  • Than Sit (GBNF)
  • Thein Lwin
  • Uttam Singh

The Luyechun Program ended in 1988.
There is an association for Luyechuns from 1964 – 1988.

  • 7-time winners : 4
  • 6-time winners : 23
  • 5-time winners : 42
  • 4-time winners : 203
  • 3 -time winners : 467
  • 2-time winners : 886
  • 1-time winners : 3547

The Luyechun Program was revived for the younger generation.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the young Luyechuns selected for the Summer 2020 could not be sent to the Camps. They were awarded certificates and gifts at the regional ceremonies.

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