Rangoon University (162)

C : Names

  • Carmen Thwin (Dr. Khin Khin Thwin)
  • Carol
  • Carolina
  • Caroline Sein
  • Chan Boon Pin
    Graduated on or around 1948 with Mech/Elec combined degree
    Retired as Deputy Chief Engineer at Burma Railways
    Father of Robert Chan (San Lin, EC73, Texas)
  • Chan Chor Lye
    Parents : Chan Mah Phee, Daw Aye Mya
  • Chan Chor Khine
    Parents : Chan Mah Phee, Daw Aye Mya
    Donated for building Rangoon University Gymansium
  • Chan Chor Paing
    Parents : Chan Mah Phee, Daw Aye Mya
  • Chan Mah Phee (Entrepreneur, Philanthropist)
    Spouse : Daw Aye Mya (Dedaye, Philanthropist)
    Donated school (Hwa Kyone), hospital (Chan Mah Phee Say Yone), medicine (for burns), Tazaung, Satu Di Thar (at Shwe Dagon Pagoda)
  • U Chan Sein
    Spouse : Cheng Kim
    Children : Nine
  • U Chan Sein
    Spouse : Thaung Nwe
    Children : Nelly, Myo Lwin
  • U Chan Tha (Multi-talented athlete, Captain and Gold of RUBC)
    Captain of the Prome Hall Soccer team, which won Inter-Hall Trophy for three years in a row
    Represented Burma in Soccer
  • U Chan Tha
    Father : Shwe Mann Tin Maung
  • Brother Charles (SPHS)
  • Charles Cheah (Myint Lwin, UCC)
    Burma Judo Champion
  • Charlie Aung (M69)
    Brother of Stanley Aung
  • Charlie Rivers (Ko Cho, EE)
    Father : Than Aung
  • Charlie Than (M74, Maritime, MEC)
  • Charlie Tseng (EC70)
  • Chaw Su
  • Cherry Hlaing (Dr. Than Than Tin)
    First in Burma in Matriculation of 1964
  • Cherry Than Tin
    Fourth in Matriculation of 1965
  • Cherry Tin Gyi (Dr. Khin Kyi Nyunt)
    Passed away in 2019 at the age of 89
  • U Chin Sein (Actor, Director, Shwe Nya Maung)
    Children : Myat Hla Sein, Chit Mya Sein
  • U Chin Way (EE, RIT Saya, GBNF)
  • Dr. Chit (Secretary, BSPP)
    Won several awards for his books
    Daughters : Daw Sandar Khin, Daw Thida Khin
  • U Chit (Blacksmith)
  • U Chit (Tea Shop in Main)
  • U Chit (BADA)
  • Commodore Chit Hlaing (Navy)
    Brother : Bohmu Aung Thane
  • U Chit Hlaing (Author of the “Burmese Way to Socialism”)
  • U Chit Hlaing (Commissioner of Excise)
    Children : Han Tun, Nyunt Shwe, Hlaing Mi Mi, Sein Hlaing, Myo Hlaing, Htoo Hlaing
  • U Chit Hlaing
    Brothers : Bohmu Chit Myaing, U Chit Pyaing
  • U Chit Kaung (Vocalist)
  • Yebaw Chit Kaung (One of the earliest tried for treason)
  • U Chit Khin (Director)
  • U Chit Khin
    Parents : Dr. Chit Swe, Daw Khin Khin Latt
  • U Chit Khine (Secretary, Rangoon Turf Club)
    Children : Norman (Myint Khine), Trudy, Nyan Khine, Judy, Pixie
  • U Chit Khine (Saya)
  • Bohmu Chit Ko Ko (One of the earliest Secretary of Revolutionary Council & associated government)
  • U Chit Ko Ko (RUBC)
  • Chit Ma Ma (Salon)
  • Chit Ma Wa
  • U Chit Maung (Actor, Director)
  • U Chit Maung (Entrepreneur)
    Children : U Sein Tin, U Mya Maung, U Tin Htut, Daw Kyi Kyi, Daw Si Si, Dr. Yi Yi, Dr. Than Toe, Daw Khin Khin
  • U Chit Mya
    Weight lifting champion
  • Daw Chit Mya Sein
    Father : U Chin Sein
    Brother : U Myat Hla Sein
  • U Chit Myaing
    Last member of the 17-man Revolutionary Council to pass away
    Past Ambassador to Yugoslavia and the UK
    Served as Gawpaka of selected monasteries (e.g. Maryland) in the USA
    Daughter : Amy
    Brothers : Chit Hlaing, Chit Pyaing
  • Chit Nyi Nyi
  • Chit Oo Nyo (Author, Speaker)
  • U Chit Pe (M69)
  • U Chit Po Po (M69, GBNF)
    Father : U Ba Than
    Hobbies : Rowing, Saung (Harp)
  • U Chit Pyaing
    Brothers : U Chit Hlaing, Bohmu Chit Myaing
  • Chit Sabai (Vocalist)
  • Chit Saya
  • U Chit Sein
    Son : Bobby
  • U Chit Soe (Swimming champion, Diplomat)
    Siblings : Johnny, Willie, Nyunt Soe, Sally, Mary, Maisie, Muya
Dr. Chit Swe
  • Dr. Chit Swe (Rector of RASU, Director of UCC, Computer Pioneer)
    See Posts (e.g. UCC)
  • Sandaya Chit Swe (Renowned composer and pianist)
  • U Chit Swe (RUBC)
    Won the Senior Novices with Than Soe, Yin Maung and Hla Moe. Represented the Faculty of Engineering at the subsequent regattas.
  • U Chit Swe (Political Science)
  • Dr. Chit Swe (Met/Hydro)
  • U Chit Than (Thaing)
  • U Chit Thaung (Minister, Caretaker Government)
  • U Chit Thein
  • U Chit Tin (EC69, GBNF)
    Worked for MOC/MOGE and in Singapore.
  • U Chit Tin
    Spouse : DawThan Yi
    Sons : U San Aung, U Mya Aung, U Than Aung, U May Aung
    Was not sick in his life time.
    The other is U Kwee Si (Ah Yoe Ku Saya).
    Both passed away the very day they sort of “fell sick”.
  • Khayan U Chit Tin (Burmese Say Saya)
  • Daw Chit Tin
  • U Chit Tun
    Requested Mahasi Sayadaw to leave behind U Silananda and U Kelasa in the USA.
  • U Cho (Ludu Cigarette)
  • Cho Aye (M70)
    Passed away on 7th August, 2018 around 6pm.
    Among the top students admitted to the 1st BE in November, 1964.
    Maintained his status throughout the classes at RIT.
    Met him at the monthly meeting of Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 in Yangon.
    He and Ko Win Lwin (M69) represented RIT Hiking and Mountaineering Association in the expedition to climb Mount Victoria.
    Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) chose Ko Cho Aye as his room mate for 5th year. In their final year, they were assigned two single rooms close to one another.
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Ko Zau Lai (EP69) remembers :

Ko Cho Aye was a UTC soldier together with many of us. He was one year junior to me but I knew he was a bright student. He once told me that he likes to stay in his own country and work as a master instead of going abroad and work as a subordinate to foreigners. Rest in peace in the soil of the country you loved, Ko Cho Aye.

  • U Cho Cho (DSA Saya)
  • Daw Cho Cho
  • Daw Cho Cho Aung (UCC)
  • Dr. Cho Cho Aye (UK)
  • Dr. Cho Cho Aye (US)
  • Daw Cho Cho Hlaing
  • Daw Cho Cho Thinn Gale
  • Daw Cho Cho Thwin (EC86)
  • Daw Cho Cho Tin (Ma Sandar, A71, Writer)
  • Daw Cho Cho Yin (Pianist)
  • Christina
  • Christine
  • Saw Christopher
  • Dr. Christopher Lee (L. Tin Htun)
    BS Electrical Engineering – University of Rangoon, 1959
    MS Electrical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962
    Electrical Engineer Degree – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1966
    Ph.D. Mathematics – University of New Hampshire, 1974
    Management Development – Northeastern University, College of Business Administration, 1989
    1959 – 1960, University of Rangoon, Faculty of Engineering – Assistant Lecturer in EE. Taught Electrical Engineering and Communications courses.
    Retired from Boeing Company, Anaheim, CA. as Principal Engineer Scientist. Worked on national missile defense program.
    Past President, BASES
  • U Christopher Maung (C)
  • Chu Pu Thein (SPHS)
    Highest score in Physics in HSF in 1962
    Moved to Italy
  • Clement Saldana (EC)
  • Clement Tin Htut (Thein Htut, Dental College)
    Spouse : DawTin May Lwin
  • Brother Clementian (SPHS)
  • Cyril Ba Than (Than Hla)
  • Cyril Gyi (Aung Gyi)
  • Cyril Swe Latt
    Parents : Dr. Chit Swe, Khin Khin Latt

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