Rangoon University (108)

Some of Hla Min’s posts starting with C

  • C : Notes
  • C : Symbol
  • Calendars
    Calendar types
    Julian Calendar
    Gregorian Calendar
    Burmese Calendar
  • Can you share your memories?
  • Candidates
    for RITAA Election
  • Card
  • Card Games
  • Checkers
  • Chess
    History of Computer Chess
    Deep Thought
    Deep Blue
  • Chemical Engineering
    U Khin Aung Kyi
    Dr. Maung Maung Win
    Daw Tin Myint
  • Chemistry
    U Po Tha
    U Aung Khin
    Dr. Ko Ko Gyi
  • Civil Engineering
    U Ba Hli
    U Mya Han
    Dr. Aung Gyi
    U Min Wun
    Dr. Win Thein
  • Circles
  • Class of 57
    Saya Dr. Hla Myint (Mack, ChE57)
  • Class of 58
    Saya U Myo Myint Sein (A58), Saya Allen Htay (C58, GBNF), Saya Dr. San Hla Aung (C58), Saya Dr. Win Thein (C58), Saya U Htin Paw (EE58, GBNF), Saya U Ba Nyunt (EE58)
  • Class of 59
    U Bo Gyi (A59), Saya Dr. Lwin Aung (A59), Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF), Saya U San Tun (Sain Fone Wong, M59), U Tin Htway (M59), Saya U Myo Kyi (EE59), Saya Dr. Ba Lwin (EE59), Saya Dr. L Tin Htun (Chris Lee, M59)
  • Class of 60
    U Tin Htoon (A60), U Aung Kyee Myint (A60), U Kin Maung Yin (A60, GBNF), Saya U Tin Htut (M60), Saya U Tun Shwe (M60), Dr. Maung Maung Win (ChE60)
  • Class of 61
    Saya Dr. Aung Soe (C61), Saya Dr. San Tint (EE61), Saya U Maung Maung Win (M61)
  • Class of 62
    U Than Se (Richard, ChE62), U Aung Gyi (Simon, ChE62), Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62), Saya Mao Too Siong (M62), Daw Khin Than Nwe (Margaret, T62)
  • Class of 63
    U Myint Khine (Norman, C63), Saya U Moe Aung (EE63), Saya U Ba Myint (EE63), Saya U Khine Oo (EE63), U Sein Htoon (M63), U Than Soe (M63)
  • Class of 64
    Saya U Kyaw Myint (M/Auto64), Saya Dr. Ohn Myint (C64), U Thein Tan (C64)
  • Class of 65
    U Than Tun (A65), Saya U Khin Maung Phone Ko (C65), Saya U Kyaw Sein (M65, GBNF), Saya Dr. Kyaw Sein (M65), Saya U Hla Myint (Charlie, M65), Saya U Myo Win (Melvyn, M/Ag65, GBNF), Saya U Nyo Win (M65), U Han Tun (M65, GBNF)
  • Class of 66
    Saya U Maung Maung (ChE66), U Tint Swe (ChE66), U Ne Win Myint (Victor, ChE66, GBNF), Saya U Tin Swe (EP66, GBNF), Saya U Lin (M66), U Thaung Lwin (EC66), U Soe Lwin (EC66), U Aung Min (EC66)
  • Class of 67
    Daw Khin Khin Kyu (Ann, A67), Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67, GBNF), U Win Thein (M67, GBNF), Saya Dr. Chan Nyein (M67, GBNF), U Aung Myint (M67, GBNF), U Sein Shwe (M67), U Myo Myint (EC67), U Myint Kyaw (EC67, GBNF), Dr. San Oo (EP67), Dr. Thein Tun (EP67), Daw Maywaddy Tun Tun (EP67)
  • Class of 68|
    Saya Sai Yee Laik (A68, GBNF), Saya U Myint Soe (C68, GBNF), Saya U Myat Htoo (C68), U Aung Khin (EP68), Sayama Daw Mya Mya Than (EP68)
  • Class of 69
    List maintained by U Aung Min (M69) …
  • Class of 70
    List maintained by U Ohn Khine (M70) …
  • Class of 71
    List maintained by U Khin Maung Maung (A70), Daw Mai Khin Nyunt (ChE71), …
  • Class of 72
    List maintained by U Wynn Htain Oo (M72), U Myint Pe (M72), Saya U Aung Myaing (ChE72), Saya U Tin Lin (ChE72), Saya U Ko Ko Kyi (EC72), …
  • Class of 73
    Dr. Myint Thein (M73), Dr. L Sein Myint (M73), U Hla Win (M73), U Khin Maung Cho (M73), …
  • Class of 74
    U Sann Aung (M74), U Myint Swe (EP74), Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo *EP74, GBNF), Daw San San Nwe (EC74), Daw Khin Swe Oo (EC74), …
  • Class of 75
    Maurice Chee (M75), U Than Po (M75), U Ohn Win (M75), U Win Khaing (M75), U Sein Tin (EC75), …
  • Class of 76
    U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76), U Wynn Myint Aung (EC76), U Phyo Wai Win (M76), U Thura Thant Zin (M76)
  • Code / Coder / Coding
  • Collaborative Poetic Art|
    U Aung Myaing
    U Myo Myint
    U Hla Min
    U Win Myint
    U Nyunt Htay
  • College
    Rangoon College
    Judson College
    Yankin College
    Hteedan College
    Leik Khone
  • Commerce
    Saya William Paw
    Dr. Khin Maung Kyi
    Dr. Khin Maung Kyawe
  • Company
    Company names
    Product names
  • Compart System
  • Computer History Museum (CHM)
    Shoreline, Mountain View, California, USA
    I volunteered as a Docent
  • Computer in my heart
    Poem : Tekkatho Moe War
    Translation : Hla Min
  • Computer Systems
    at UCC
    ICL 1902S
    Cromemco System Three
  • Condolences for the family
    of Saya Allen Htay (C58)
    of Saya U Myo Win (MAg65)
    of Dr. Khin Tun (Peter)
  • Council
    Buddhist Council / Synod
    Rangoon University Council
    Revolutionary Council
  • Count Our Blessings
  • Currencies
    British currency
    Burmese currency
    Indian currency

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