English Teachers

I learned “British” English from

  • Karen
    e.g. Teacher Kywe
  • Burmese
    e.g. Daw Khin Khin Aye
  • Chinese
    e.g. Ms. Amelia Kyi
  • Irish
    e.g. Brother Austin, Brother Xavier
  • German
    e.g. Brother Felix
  • Anglo-Burman
    e.g. Des Rodgers

I later had to learn American usage and unlearn “British” English.

Ms Hong Kong

  • Ms. Amelia Kyi was known as “Miss Hong Kong” not because she was a Beauty Queen
  • She was from Hong Kong.
  • She married the maternal uncle of Dr. Tin Wa and came to Burma.
  • She taught English at St. Paul’s High School.
  • She also gave private tuition to her relatives (e.g. Diana Tseng) and neighbors.
  • She was our English teacher in Standards VI (D) and VII(D) at St. Paul’s High School.
  • She used “the Carrot and the Stick”.
  • She would give weekly tests and fine fifty pyas for those who failed, and reward fifty pyas for those who excelled in the tests.
  • My daily pocket money was twenty five pyas, so I had no choice but to study hard.
  • She had three sons.
    The eldest became a monk.
    U Win Kyi was RUBC Gold. He worked for Sports and Physical Education Department).
    U Min Kyi was RUBC Green. He was a pilot for UBA/BAC.
    As a Char Taik, I saw U Win Kyi and U Min Kyi at RUBC. They were contemporaries of my brother and cousins.
  • At the 2019 RUBC Annual Regatta, I met Naymyo Thura.
    He is RUBC Gold.
    He is the son of U Win Kyi and grandson of Ms Hong Kong.
    His mother taught at SPHS.
    He said that he would like to save the SPHS photos.

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