Rangoon University (36)


  • In 1920, Judson College and Rangoon College became constituent colleges of the newly established University of Rangoon.
  • Rangoon College named most of its hall after places (e.g. Pegu, Prome, Mandalay, Sagaing).
  • Two buildings for Judson College were donated by the American Baptists.
  • The Willington Hall was built in memory of two families — the Vintons and the Johnsons — of the Church of Willington for their missionary work in Burma.
    It was later known as Dagon Hall.
  • The Benton Hall was donated by Ms. Benton (Treasurer of the Judson Church and/or Judson College).
    It was later known as Thiri Hall.
  • Depending on the period, a Hall may house classrooms or may be used as a hostel.
  • There was also a building named North Hall (which later became Shwebo Hall).

Evolution of halls

Mandalay Hall

  • Mandalay Hall was a Residence Hall.
  • After the “Dark Days” (7th July and 8th July 1962), several Residence Halls (including Mandalay Hall) were converted into Admin Offices and/or Classrooms.
  • Mandalay Hall was a temporary home for the UCC project before moving to Thamaing College Campus.
    The UCC Project was located on the third floor.
  • Geology majors had most of their classes at Mandalay Hall.

G Hall

  • G-Hall in the Gyogone Campus initially housed single sayas.
  • In November 1964, G-Hall became a resident hall for female students.
    Madan Chand (C70) was inadvertently listed to reside at G-Hall.
    Lyo Kyin Sein (T69) was inadvertently listed to attend at a men’s Hall (e.g. C-Block)

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