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  • SEAP Games
  • Second SEAP Games
  • Fifth SEAP Games

SEAP Games

  • Six nations (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) were the founders of the South East Asian Peninsular (SEAP) Games.
  • They were joined by more nations and resulted in a name change to South East Asian (SEA) Games.
  • Thailand hosted the First SEAP Games in 1959. It was the overall champion (in the medal tally).
    Tun Mra, Kyaw Mra, Soe Mra and Tun Naung represented RU and Burma in the Track and Field events.

    Ko Tun Mra was on the BERB/MERB program on “RU Sports” for the Diamond Jubilee. I met him at the RUBC/YUBC Annual Regatta in December 2019. He told me that Ko Kyaw Mra had passed away. He and his five younger brothers are Burma Selected.

Second SEAP Games

  • Burma hosted the Second SEAP Games in December 1961.
  • Burma was the overall champion (in the medal tally).
  • About twenty RU athletes represented Burma in the Games. Tun Mra won the Gold as a member of 4×100 relay team. Kyaw Mra won the hurdles. (He later became National Coach). Soe Mra won the Pole Vault. Richard Yu Khin teamed up with U Maung Maung Lwin to win a Yachting Gold. Aye Kyaw and Derek Lynsdale won medals in Swimming.
  • Photo was provided by Dr. Richard Yu Khin, who won the Gold Medal in Yachting.
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RU Athletes

Saya U Yu Khin was RU and/or Burma selection in badminton. He served as Chair of the RU Sports Council. Ko Richard trained along with Ko Tin Maung Ni under a Japanese coach. Ko Aye Kyaw joined the Navy and became a deputy of Ko Tin Maung Ni. Ko Derek’s mother moved to a teaching assignment overseas.

Fifth SEAP Games

  • Burma also hosted the Fifth SEAP Games in 1969.
  • [Nyunt Nyunt Tin] : I was in the 7th standard at Myoma National High School (Rangoon) and participated Kabyaluk dance.
    The team of 400 high school girl students danced Kabyaluk at the opening ceremony. Never forget, ever.

Six belles held the signs for the competing nations (visitors in alphabetical order followed by the host nation).

  • Laos
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Burma (bearer : Kyi Kyi Han)

Burma hosted the Fifth SEAP Games in December 1969.
Someone posted a magazine cover and a newspaper cutting with six belles.
Per the readers they are (with known status)
Charlotte Cho
Htar Ni (per KMZ, lives in Seattle)
Kyi Kyi Han (Mie Mie Law-Yone, now in Texas)
Kyi Kyi Nyunt
Nant Kay Si (now in Canada)
Khin Nwe Aye (Alice Ba Aye, now in Virginia, USA)
They led the SEAP Contingents (dressed in a typical costume of the country and carrying a sign with the country’s name).

Sign bearers for Fifth SEAP Games

Daw Khin Swe Hla (Kyi Kyi Han’s mother) founded “Dawlay’s Circle” at Guardian newspaper. She moved to Working People’s Daily (WPD). She was looking for “young” translators. She asked me to try and translate “Nge Thay Loh” (a short story by U Thu Kha). I received fifty kyats for my translation “Still So Young”.

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