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May 9, 2020 *

  • Mother’s Day
  • Min Ko
  • U Tin Htoon

Mother’s Day

In the US, the second Saturday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. In 2020, Mother’s Day fall on May 9, 2020.

Due to “Shelter in place” ordinance still in effect, we had a simple family gathering. My Myees helped peel the quail eggs for the “Yaw / Mixed Kyee O” prepared by their mother. Chit Sa Noe sang “Mother’s Day” song for her grandma and mother.

In the beginning, Pho Lone would only give us an “Air Hug”. It was a precaution.

When we were young, we listened to the song called M-O-T-H-E-R.

M-O-T-H-E-R (Song)

M is for the Million things she gave me
O means Only that she’s growing Old
T is for her Tender sweet caresses
H is for her Heart of purest Gold
E means Everything she’s done to save me
R means Right and Right she’ll always be

Put them altogether, they spell MOTHER
A word that means a world to me.

M is for the Mercy she possesses
O means that I Owe her all I Own
T is for the Tears she shed to save me
H is for her Hands that made a home
E is for her Eyes with sunlight shining
R means Real and Regular you see

Put them altogether, they spell MOTHER
A word that means a world to me.

Min Ko

Like his father, grand father and great grand father, he is the eldest son in the family.

He was born in Mezaligone. He grew up to see his parents go in a jeep to nearby villages to treat patients. He remembered Peter dig a tube well and provided drinking water for the neighbors. His memories became clear as he listened to an old phone message from Peter to tell him and Pru about his life as a “village doctor”.

Min Ko stayed for some time with Peter’s parents when Peter moved to UK.
The family reunited after Peter had two jobs and was financially secure.

Min Ko graduated from Kent University in 2009. From 2010, he worked on BTM-UFLP (“Be on The Move – Unilever Future Leaders Program”) projects. He worked in UK, Spain, Australia and/or New Zealand.

He joined Peter to attend the wedding / reception of Thandar (Peter’s cousin) held in Mexico several years ago.

He and Pru hosted an engagement party at Winner Inn over a year ago.

The wedding / reception took place in New Zealand in February 2020.

Peter told his aunt, uncles and cousins that his father U Tin U might live long enough to see the great grand child. Peter also mentioned that he will retire in three years time and spend quality time with his extended family.

Sadly, Peter lost his life due to misguided Policies and Guidelines.

Min Ko found Peter’s e-mails requesting PPE. He presented the emails to the news media and gave interviews. He emphasized that the staff of Royal Berkshire Hospital were professional, kind-hearted and took care of Win Mar and Peter during the hospitalization. He was sad that his father was victimized by those “hiding behind policies”.

Min Ko could not grief fully since he had to take care of the legal and financial matters (e.g. filling paper forms, talking to lawyers and insurance companies, preparing the funeral service).

He wrote a letter to Peter and choked while reading. He told Peter once again that (a) he will take care of the family (b) he will tell his child (when he gets one) the life story of Peter.

U Tin Htoon

On May 13th it will be one month that my beloved nephew Dr. Peter Khin Tun suddenly left us. In his remembrance I will start posting some of the photos of our very last pleasant, joyful and memorable meeting with him and his family in Tauranga, New Zealand in February. As there is a saying “a photo is worth a thousand words”, I sincerely hope that these photos will supplement the following brief description of mine.

In the first group will be about Min Ko celebrating his 34th birthday at #8 Restaurant and Bar on February 14th. It was also like a welcoming dinner for relatives from both sides gathered to attend Min Ko & Prudence’s wedding.

In the second group will be that of the Church wedding and the wedding reception on February 15th. We were extremely fortunate to have an excellent weather for an outdoor event.

In the last and final group will be about our unforgettable stay of of over a week at the lovely Trinity Wharf Hotel where we had countless delicious breakfast prepared by Peter and Ye Lay, and lunches and dinner arranged by Min Ko out of his extremely busy schedule. It was next to the Ocean and was just like a “home away from home,” thanks to Tin Kyi Win who selected and arranged for us. During that time Peter told me about his plans to retire in three years time. Those very last words of him still rings in my ears. The thought that if only he had those PPE which he literally had to beg for, he might be still alive today to enjoy his hard earned retirement after a life time of service which he succumbed to still lingers on,

Surely he will be missed by so many of his family members, relatives, colleagues and patients. We all wish him for a much, much better and brighter existence.

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