Tone Kyaw

Ah Pho Gyi

  • U Han Sein (C69) is a senior from the Class of 69, but he is physically and mentally active.
  • He represented RIT in Swimming, Water Polo and Basketball.
  • In 1999, the Class of 69 organized a Reunion and mini-SPZP for the 30th Anniversary of Graduation. The organizers compiled an address / phonbook for the 69ers and also listed GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten).
    He was inadvertently listed as GBNF.
  • Only a few close friends knew that he was “whisked away” by Adhamma authorities and sentenced him to 20+years in a kangaroo court for his “involvement” in 8-8-88 related activities. He was released after 17 years when “Lut Nyein Chan Thar Kwint” was proclaimed.
  • U Han Sein was a Tone Kyaw.
    He suffered losses / relations during and after his “Waso”.
  • He did not lose heart.
    He attended the 69er gatherings regularly and also served as photographer.
    He happily tried out the camera tricks (e.g. creating twins) and posts the photos on the RIT69ers FB page.
  • He is also active as Leader (“A Pho Gyi”) for the social and religious activities in the Latha area.
  • His birthday is on May 24.
  • Sadly, he succumbed to Covid in 2020.

Dr. Tin Hlaing

  • He joined the Mechanical Engineering Department in 1963.
    His colleagues and friends would call him “Byte” Tin Hlaing or “R” Tin Hlaing, since there was a senior Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF) who headed the Agri Engineering sub-Department.
  • The elder saya passed away untimely because he could not get access to the two dialysis machines (reserved for VIP) and he could not get passport / visa in time to get medical treatment abroad.
    Those were the days.
  • Dr. Tin Hlaing moved to Singapore.
    He co-chaired SPZP-2002.
  • A few years ago, he became a Tone Kyaw.
    Another Dr. Tin Hlaing (Marine Technology) passed away in Singapore, and some RIT alumni sent condolences to their saya.

Hla Min

  • My name sake matriculated from St Paul’s High School in 1964 and graduated with EE in 1970.
    He was one year junior to me at SPHS and RIT.
    He joined UCC as Chief Operator (CO).
    He taught Programming at Worker’s College.
  • He appeared healthy and strong, but unfortunately he passed away at the tender age of 30+.
    During his hospitalization, he was taken care of by his former classmate Dr. Min Lwin (Maurice, SPHS64).
  • Many were not aware that there were two Hla Min (Old Paulian, RIT alumni, UCC employee/saya).
    Two government departments — Coop Training School, Trade Training School, where I had given guest lectures — inquired UCC how they can send “Lwan Thuu Pann Khwe” (wreath) for me.
  • We went to Kyandaw Cemetery for Ko Pauk Si’s Last Journey.
    He earned the nickname at SPHS, because he would eat Pauk Si from the vendor who had borrowed money from his parents and did not pay back in cash.
  • Ko Moe Hein (Ajala, who represented RIT in swimming and water polo) looked at me as if I was a Ghost. He said, “I had taken the day off to bid you farewell. I did not hear any news from your brother (who worked at DI/HI) and felt sorry for you. If I don’t show up, there might not be people at your funeral.”
  • Those who are young might not have heard about the Nigerian rabble-rouser / trouble maker named Ajala.
    Ko Moe Hein, with his loud voice, can overwhelm supporters from other teams in the Inter-Institute tournaments.

Tin Tun / Tin Htoon

  • This is not a true case of Tone Kyaw.
  • Ko Tin Tun, who married U Tin Htoon’s niece (Aye Aye Khin), passed away in Yangon on the morning of May 22, 2020.
  • Since the names are the same in Burmese, Saya U Thein Tan and Ko Sann Tun Ni asked for clarification. They were relieved to find out that it was not U Tin Htoon (Past Captain and Gold of RUBC, Goenka’s devotee / organizer).

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