Peter Khin Tun

May 21, 2020 *

  • Award by Neurology Academy
  • Professor Aye Maung Han

Award by Neurology Academy

Peter Tun Award
Neurology Academy

Dr. Ba Han wrote :

I still feel strongly we lost a good relative and a friend for lack of PPE in UK!!!! I would understand if this happened in a poor country.

Dr. Ruby (Peter’s aunt) wrote:

Minko and Ye. Lay, The recognition of your father‘s outstanding achievements in medicine and the high evaluation of his qualities and character as well as the impression his personality made on people whom he worked with and shared his life will be remembered ……this award which will be named after him can be no consolation for your great loss,but take pride in the fact that he will always be present and honoured.
We are glad to share the comforting news.

Professor Aye Maung Han

Retired as Rector of UM 1. He was a Professor of Paediatrics before taking Rector post.

Remembering Peter Khin Tun

Peter gave his life while fighting against Covid-19 a highly infectious and most deadly virus the world has ever encountered. He died as a Hero for not just being in the front line in this battle but also for his courage to speak out against the Commanders in the NHS who recklessly place the lives of his colleagues at high risks. Everyone knew Peter as soft spoken and humble but when it needs be, he’s bold and straightforward.

I have known Peter since he was a final year Medical student in 1980. He may not be the top student in his class but he’s highly intelligent and amicable. His patients and colleagues loved him dearly because of his empathy, compassion and unwavering devotion. I could still remember about a patient when he was a House Officer in my Ward at Yangon Children’s Hospital. He was taking responsibility of monitoring and treating an extremely sick child with very severe pneumonia. He was beside this patient the whole time, reporting the progress and discussing with me how he could provide the best possible treatment. Thanks to Peter’s diligence the patient recovered fully and went home happily.

He has a special charisma that could motivate his juniors to work . His sense of humor is also a stress reliever for many around him. His generosity and kindness has helped many during their difficult times.

He has been such a fabulous person and will be remembered him for his Metta and Setana for everyone. He’s like a brother to me whom I find him to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. Taking all these virtues together, he’s matchless and exceptional amongst his peers.

His Sila, Samadhi and Pyinnya ( from meditation) will surely attribute to earn his place in a higher realm. Peter’s unexpected demise has created an emptiness not only for his family but also to people like us who has great affection for him.

Good Friends, are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Aye Maung Han , Ma Thiri and Family

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