Peter Khin Tun

May 19, 2020 *

  • Win Mar

Win Mar

During our visit to Reading, UK in September 2017, Win Mar and Peter hosted us.

Since Peter was working at the NHS hospital and at a private clinic, he would show us around late in the evening (e.g. River Thames). On the week end Peter patiently drove us to Ogmore-by-the-sea in Wales to visit Maung Maung Kyi and Khin May Than.

Win Mar would be our guide during the week days. We would take bus and train to see Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and selected tourist attractions. Since she had been to those places many times, she would patiently wait for us near the entrance / exit gate. As seniors, we received discount on the bus and train fares.

Win Mar keeps fit by massaging her feet in a bucket full of salt. She also climbs up and down the stairs to do her chores (cooking, washing, drying clothes in the backyard).

Like Peter, Win Mar is an outstanding Chef. Unlike Peter, Win Mar is selective in eating food. She prefers Burmese specialties over Chinese, Indian and British food (with the exception of “Fish and Chips” sold at the shop owned by Peter’s assistant / doctor).

She would tell stories to my spouse.

When she was working as a teacher in Hlegu, Peter would come over with a food container. Guess what. Peter had made mashed potatoes! Peter did not know then that Win Mar did not have appetite for non-Burmese (especially British) food.

Some time later, they regained contact by chance at the Chauk Htutt Yone (6-storey Government office). Peter would ask her for a “date” where he would hand over a 7-page “Yee Zar Sar”. Win Mar appreciated Peter’s “Open Book” approach (which listed his puppy love and current / potential suitors). Peter agreed to settle in Mezaligone.

In late March, Peter told me that COVID-19 had hit UK, but Reading did not have many cases. Nevertheless, he showered a day (before and after work) as a precaution. He treasured Win Mar’s health.

Then, we heard some bad news. Five of Peter’s patients have been tested positive for COVID-19. Peter was asked to “self isolate” at his home. Per his brother, sister and nieces, Peter felt confident that he would turn out victorious.

After a week, Peter’s health declined and was admitted to ICU. A few days later, Win Mar had fever and cough. Min Ko and Ye Lay (who could not visit the house due to the “self-isolation”) called the ambulance. The medics checked Win Mar and suggested to wait a few days.

When Peter passed away, Win Mar was taken to the hospital. Her health and appetite returned. Her request was for “Fish and Chips”. I was indeed a good sign that she still have a good memory. Her friends (e.g. Ma Theingi) cooked Burmese meals.

Win Mar was discharged on April 29, 2020 and was able to attend the service for Peter on April 30, 2020. She spoke with Cho Cho Hlaing over the video conference, “Peter was born on a Monday and passed away on a Monday. He must have run out of his life span. KAN KONE LOH SONE THWAR DA.”

Win Mar is now is close company of Ye Lay and Min Ko (who still have lease for a flat / apartment 5 minutes away).

They offered “One Month” Soon Kyway to Birmingham Sayadaw U Ottara Nyana.

They also celebrated Ye Lay’s birthday a few days later.

Peter, Win Mar, Min Ko

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