Peter Khin Tun

May 12, 2020 *

  • Daw Aye Aye Khin (Peter’s sister)
  • Daw Ohnmar Khin (Peter’s cousin)
  • Photo Card by U Tin Htoon (Peter’s uncle)
  • Daw Toni Than (Peter’s cousin)
  • Daw Cho Cho Hlaing (Peter’s aunt)
  • Jess Myint (Peter’s niece)

Daw Aye Aye Khin

She is Peter’s younger sister and Ye Myint’s older sister.

She graduated with B.Com and completed her CPA.

In an early assignment to Upper Burma, she found her love life Ko Tin Tun — younger brother of my former SPHS classmate Dr. Maung Maung Gyi (GBNF). They have two daughters : Thin Thiri Tun (Honey, electronics engineer in Singapore) and Khin Sandy Tun (Pu Tu, medical doctor).

Since Peter and Ye Myint were working in UK, Aye Aye and Pu Tu looked after U Tin U and Ma Cherry. About a year and a half ago, Ko Tin Tun developed a problem that required medical treatment in Singapore and Yangon.

Peter monitored the health of his parents and Ko Tin Tun (via calls with Aye Aye and Pu Tu).

Peter told Aye Aye not to worry about Pu Tu’s future. He would sponsor Pu Tu to study MRCP in UK.

Before Peter was hospitalized, Aye Aye and Pu Tu had a daily conversation with Peter, who continued to advise on Ko Tin Tun’s failing health. Peter appeared to be in high spirits.

It was an unpleasant surprise to learn about Peter’s demise — the second loss in the family within a few months.

Due to the pandemic, Pu Tu could not go to Bangkok to take her PLAP examination. As a blessing in disguise, Pu Tu could take care of her father.

Aye Aye and Pu Tu do not have time and energy to share their memories of Peter. They miss Peter badly.

Peter loved Pu Tu very much because she took care of Ma Cherry and wanted to help Pu Tu with her career.

Aye Aye thanks Honey for reminding them that sorrow is a form of DOSA and to overcome sorrow with vipassana meditation.

Daw Ohnmar Khin

Dear Peter

It’s now a month since you left us. It just doesn’t seem real you are gone. Please know you have touched the lives of every one who have known you with your kindness and generosity of spirit . I consider myself so very lucky to have had time with you, to listen to all your good health advices, your teaching me about vipassana meditation, how we shared funny & memorable stories about our grandparents & ancestors – as passed down by our Mums. You were a pillar of strength to your family & now your legacy lives on in your two wonderful sons, who have become the pillars of strength for their Mum. You were a big part in our close knit circle of first cousins from The U Tin Gyi Family Clan from your Mum’s side. We shall always remember you in our hearts & minds. I will always remember what a wonderful & devoted son you were to your beloved parents – how your Mum would not let anyone cut her hair except you. How you would take every opportunity to make her happy from thousands of miles away. Thardu Thardu Thardu. RIP Peter, I know you have gone to a better and higher abode. Missing you so much-

Love – Ma Ma Ohnmar

Photo Card by U Tin Htoon

Tribute to PKT

Daw Toni Than

She is the daughter of U Sett Khaing and Daw Sarah Tin Gyi. She is the Oldest among the 20+ Tin Gyi cousins. She would call her two youngest maternal aunts as Ma Ma Tin and Ma Ma Tu.

She studied English Honors and taught at RIT. She was a leading member of the RIT Scrabble Club which produced Champions like Saya Des (now in Canada) and Saya U Khin (now in Taiwan).

She joined her spouse H.E. U Nyi Than (GBNF) during his diplomatic missions abroad. They have a son and a daughter.

Upon her return to Myanmar, she taught at International / Private Schools. She stays mentally active by playing Scrabble and Bridge.

I met her at the RIT SPZPs and recently when her beloved Ma Ma Tu passed away late last year. She was accompanied by two cousins : Diana and Tessa.

The following is a note she sent to to her cousin Ye Myint in UK.

Tomorrow is one month of my cousin Peter’s passing. I want to share with you all, an incident that will forever be embedded in my heart and mind. My son Ye Min had dysentery and within hours, in front of our very eyes started to look gaunt with sunken eyes due to loss of fluid etc. I was frantic and then Peter came to the rescue. He stayed with him, administering drip till he was stable. He saved my son’s life, calming me down at the same time. He was that kind of person. I still can’t get over his loss. Peter, Rest in Peace.

Daw Cho Cho Hlaing

U Tin U (Peter’s father) is the eldest of 9 siblings.

Ma Cho is the youngest. Her mother told her many stories.

I heard a few from her last night.

There was a “Taya Pwe” by Mohnin Sayadaw at the “Maida Kwinn”. There was a large crowd. Mo Cho’s mother and aunt are devotees of sayadaw. Ma Cherry’s mother also was also a devotee. Young Ma Cherry and Ma Olga dressed as yogis would accompany her mother. Ma Cherry could not find her mother among the crowd. She ran into Ma Cho’s aunt and then cried. Little did both realize that with “Yay Set” both would be related by marriage later.

U Tin Gyi (Ma Cherry’s father) was highly respected as Commissioner of Cooperatives and received awards. He was building a new house in Windermere Road for his large family. He went to UK to attend a meeting but passed away unexpectedly. His son U Sway Tin collected his ashes to be brought back home. Ma Cherry’s mother did not want to leave her old house. So the new house was sold to Dr. Chan Taik.

Ma Cho studied Chemistry and worked at Central Research Organization.

She organized donation drives to selected monasteries. For several years, she hosted a weekly meditation sitting.

She wrote an article for “Neikbeinda Taung” (in Prome / Pyay), where several relatives took refuge during the war.

She also wrote an article named “Windermere Hma Kyee See Than” for “Wi Thudha Yone Kyaung”It described the “Ah Yone Soon Kyee Laung” initiated by U Kyaw Thaung and team.

Jess Myint

She is still trying to recover the loss of her uncle Peter (who was like a second father). She had high hopes even after Peter was admitted to ICU, but they dashed as Peter’s health deteriorated the following days.

She sent me several photos.

  • Photo taken in Northampton, UK
  • Memories from New Zealand

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