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April 29, 2020 *

  • Hospital Investigates Death of NHS Doctor Peter Tun Who Pleaded for PPE
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  • Mezaligone Days
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Hospital Investigates Death of NHS Doctor Peter Tun Who Pleaded for PPE

Home Sweet Home

Min Ko wrote about his mother Win Mar :

I picked her up this morning. She’s home now. She’s missing PePe but in good spirit all things considered. The hospital gave us a wheelchair to keep for a while in case she needs it. She’s eating as well which is good. Aunty Theingi ordered some delicious food for May May. I’m dealing with pensions and other major admin at the moment. Ye Lay is home and I will go back later this afternoon also.

Mezaligone Days

Peter spent eleven years at Mezaligone.

He opened a clinic and treated the villagers often free of charge.

He even paid a few to have surgery at a hospital.

He shared the water from his 180-ft deep well with his neighbors.

He invited them once a month to have Mohinga or some other treat.

He had to order tablets to purify the drinking water. Still he head to treat patients for dysentery and diarrhea.


We hear about : Quarantine, Lock down, Shelter / Stay at home, Circuit breaker, Social distancing, Cancelled events and flights, …

During the Pandemic, several health workers lost their lives in the line of duty. Not so young people with underlying medical conditions passed away with or without COVID-19 infections.

  • U Kyaw Sein (former saya at RIT Mechanical Department) passed away in Singapore.
  • Daw Molly Khoo (former sayama at St. Philomena’s convent, co-founder of TBSA) passed away in California.
  • Brenda Gyi (retiree from UN) passed away in New York.
  • Dr. Myint Win (65 Matriculate) and Dr. Soe Aung (SPHS67) passed away in UK.
  • There are others, who are friends of friends.

May they all rest in peace.

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