Texas (May 14 – 16, 2019) *

After taking long trips, it was time to slow down and take a rest.

Dr. Ba Han enjoys driving. He has driven from Texas to other states including California and New York.

Due to the possibility of bad weather (thunderstorms, heavy rains, floods), we decided to play safe.

Short trips

Good weather permitting, Dr. Ba Han took us to tourist attractions in his neighborhood.

Fort Worth Stock Yard

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On May 14, 2019, we visited the “Fort Worth Stock Yard”. In the early days, Texas Long Horns were traded at the Exchange. For tourists, two “cow herding” shows were performed daily. There are a few guys who make money by charging $5 to mount a “Long Horn” and take pictures.

Fort Worth Water Garden

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On May 15, 2019, we visited the “Fort Worth Water Garden“. It ha four sections. People would come to enjoy the cool environment especially on hot days. The architect incorporated soothing sound effects.

Oklahoma Border

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Texas does not permit gambling. Some travel to the “Winstar Casino” located in Oklahoma just a few miles from the border of Texas. It has sections named London, Paris, Madrid, Beijing, …

In several states, Native Americans are allowed to operate casinos. Oklahoma is one of them.

Spare time

The trips were short. They allowed Dr. Ba Han to do some urgent work from his home.

Dr. Ba Han loves history. He gave me three books to read in my spare time.

His sisters in Yangon were interviewed for the book “Yangon Echoes“. They received an autographed copy from Virginia (co-author). Except for some inadvertent errors (possibly introduced in the translation of the interviews), the book covers good material.

George Washington’s Secret Six” describes how the Culper Ring saved the American Revolution.

Another book was by a Taiwanese-American researcher who spent two years (2007 and 2008) in Myanmar to study Sino-Burmese culture and practice. The book was bought in Yangon for K5000.

Side bar : Book presents

Over the years, I received book presents.

Some were from authors (e.g. Tekkatho Moe War, Ashin Kesala, Saya Des Rodgers, Junior Win, Htain Lin, Maung Swan Yi, U Ye Sint, Saya U Aung Zaw (UCC), Sayadaw U Jotalankara, U Hla Myint).

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60) air mailed me the book (written and published by his former students and colleagues for his 70th birthday present) from Australia. The postage was comparable to the price of the book.

U Wint Khin Zaw (A79) air mailed me the book (autobiography of his father “K” @ BBS U Khin Zaw) from Australia.

Some were from “Sar Pay Chit Thu Myar”.

U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76) posted me two books that he brought from Yangon. One covers “U Thant Ah Yay Ah Khin”. The other is a trans-composition of Zawgyi’s poems.

For some time, I have read and/or listened to book summaries provided by

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