Month: August 2020


Kabyar by Okpo Maung Yin Maung (U Aung Myaing) Translation by U Hla Min Unicode version“ခရီးသည်” အတိတ်အတွေးပုံစိတ်ကြေးမုံမှာဖုံဖုံထင်လို့တချို့က ထင်ထင်ရှားရှားတချို့က မမြင်ဝိုးတဝါးဘဝရထား ဆက်သွားဆဲလေ…. ယောက်ယက်ခတ်မြင်ကွင်းဆင်းသူကို နှုတ်ဆက်တက်သူကိုကြိုလျှက်ရက်ပေါင်းများစွာလပေါင်းများစွာနှစ်ပေါင်းများစွာအို… ငါလည်းနှုတ်ဆက်မည့်ရက်စောင့်နေလျှက်။ အုတ်ဖို မောင်ရင်မောင်ChE 72 , RIT28th January 2018 English Version Traveler Picturesque thoughts from the pastReflections in my mind’s mirrorNumerous imprintsSome clear and vividSome hazyLife’s train […]

1963 – 1969

There are 2000+ articles in my web site. It is difficult if not impossible to revise all the articles. Note that the events described here mostly cover my personal journey as a University Student. Other events (e.g. from 1946 to 1970s) are covered in other Posts. I have […]

U Tin Htut

SPHS and RUBC Matriculated from SPHS in 1953. Won Senior Novices at the RUBC Regatta in 1953. Coxed the Old Paulian crew which won Senior Novices at the RUBC Regatta in 1954. The crew members : U Tun Shein (Willie Saing, Stroke), M Hla Min (Moosaji, No. 3), […]


Kindness My father volunteered at a “Bain Phut Ah Thin” for rehabilitating opium addicts. He gave to rehabilitated addict the return fare and pocket money. During the Second World War, my parents and his siblings decided to take refuge at Neikbeinda Hills in Prome.My father sent his assistant […]