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  • Who’s WHO?
  • Why I created the web site
  • Word Games
  • World Records

Who’s WHO?

  • WHO stands for World Health Organization
  • WHO also stands for U Wynn Htain Oo (M72)
  • Shwe Gaung Pyaung
  • Hmaw Sayagyi
  • Boss of his M72 Hna Pyi (not Ta Pyi)
  • Server of his four Bosses
  • Patron of SDYF (Swel Daw Yeik Foundation)
  • Patron of RITAA
  • Organizer for charitable causes (e.g. rails and chairs for Yangon General Hospital, Flood relief, Scholarship & Stipend support, COVID-19)
  • WHO invited me to M72 Reunion and Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe in 2012.
    Presented me with the “Thamudaya Kyaung” DVD in memory of U Khin Maung Toe.
  • WHO has posted several topics.
    Cover his past and present

Why I created the web site


I believe in

  • Life Long Learning
  • Fun with Learning
  • Paying back the Metta and Cetana of our ancestors and mentors
  • Sharing Knowledge and Expertise
  • Studying and recording the history of our beloved land
  • “If one person can dream, others will fulfill”

Life Long Learning

I am a life-long learner.
I learn new things every day.

Learning is fun.
I have created a Facebook group named “Fun with Learning

I follow the “Pillars of Learning” :

  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to be
  • Learning to live
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NorCal RITAA Award

Paying back to our Ancestors and Mentors

I have studied and/or taught at

  • PPBRS (Private Primary Boundary Road School)
  • SPHS (St. Paul’s High School)
  • RU (Rangoon University
  • RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology)
  • UCC (Universities Computer Center)
  • DCS (Department of Computer Science)
  • ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology)

I am indebted to my parents and my teachers — Thin Saya, Myin Saya and Kyar Saya — for helping me develop a passion for Learning and Dissemination of Knowledge and Expertise.

Our ancestors were philanthropists. They donated schools and books, hospitals and medicine, and buildings (Tazaung, zayat, shelter).

I am trying to emulate the philanthropy of our ancestors by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

I am a Jack of all trades and Master of some. 
I want to share my Knowledge and Expertise that I have gained as

  • Software developer / engineer
  • Consultant
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Freelance author, translator and interpreter
  • Editor of several newsletters and books
  • Amateur Historian and Folklorist

Recording history of our beloved land

  • I love history.
  • I have volunteered for “History of Myanmar Engineering Education Project”.
  • I also served as a volunteer Docent at the “Computer History Museum” in Moutain View, California, USA.
  • I have published 2600+ posts. I initially named then as “Trivia”. I have since renamed the titles with appropriate categories. (see “Categories“)
  • I am revising the posts to provide topics of interest to scholars and historians (especially in Myanmar).

I wrote and/or reviewed articles, translations and poems for

  • Guardian
  • WPD (Working People’s Daily)
  • Forward Magazine
  • Veda Magazine
  • Pan Magazine
  • High School Mathematics Project
  • TOSS (Team of System Specialists)
  • RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)
  • Set Hmu Thadin Zin
  • Hlyat Sit Sar Saung
  • Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung
  • Swel Daw Yeik Magazine
  • Moe Ma Ka
  • RIT Alumni International Newsletter
  • BAPS Newsletter
  • Dhammananda Newsletter
  • NLC (National Language Center)
  • Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife

I have volunteered as

  • Computer History Museum
  • History of Myanmar Engineering Education
    HMEE-2012 Project
    HMEE-2018 Project
  • Toastmasters International
  • San Francisco Bay Area ACM Chapter
  • 2010 Census Count Committee
  • RIT Alumni International
  • NorCal RIT Alumni Association
  • TMC (Tathagata Meditation Center)
  • TBSA (Theravada Buddhist Society of America)

Word Games

First puzzle

Can one eat “My elder brother’s wife is feeling sleepy”?

My elder brother’s wife => sister-in-law => Mayee
is feeling sleepy => yawn => Thann
Combine them => Mayee + Thann
Transpose => Mayann + Thee => Mayannthee (Marion, delicious Burmese fruit)

Second puzzle

What is “Pin Le Dha Mya”?

Pin Le => is wide => Kyair
Dha Mya => plunders (takes by force) => Taik
Combine them => Kyair + Taik
Transpose => Kyaik + Tair (Love, …)

Pho Thaike

Pho Thaike’s boss asked, “If I give you a raise of 5 kyats to your present salary of 20 kyats, will you move to Na Shan?”

Pho Thaike’s response :




World Records

Believe it or not

Ripley’s “Believe it or not” named U Khanti Kyauksar (inscriptions) of the Fifth Buddhist Council (Synod) held in Mandalay as the “Largest Book” in the world.

Guinness Book of World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records listed Tipitakadara Sayadaw Ashin Vicittathara as having a phenomenal — the best at that time [in 1954].

In the First Buddhist Council, Ashin Upali served as the Reciter of Vinaya (Rules of monastic conduct). Ashin Ananda served as the Reciter of Sutta (Buddha’s Discourses) and Abhidhamma (Ultimate Reality).

In the Sixth Buddhist Council held at KabaAye (World Peace) Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma from 1954 – 1956 Ashin Vicittathara served as the Reciter of Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma. He also recited the selected Commentaries.

Sayadaw could memorize, recall, and give exposition on 8027 pages of the Buddhist Scriptures known as Tipitaka [“Three Baskets”] : Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma at the second to fifth Tipitakadara examinations. He passed with distinction in both oral and written parts.

Sayadaw served as an examiner for the first Tipikadara examination. Sir U Thwin requested Sayadaw to take the examination. The rest is history.

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