Z : Notes

  • Zaw Min Nawaday (See Posts)
  • Zero
  • Zoom



  • Hindu-Arabic numeral : 0
  • No Roman numeral


  • The Dawn of Nothing
  • Positional number system
  • 0-based numbering
  • Nil
  • Null
  • Nothing
  • Often used to represent “False” in two-valued logic.
  • Absolute Zero (temperature)
  • Ground Zero
  • Zero in


Photographers and Videographers often use Zoom lens for special effect.

We could/should try “Zoom In and Zoom Out”.

  • We zoom in when we want to see things in detail.
  • We zoom out when we need to see things in the bigger picture.

Zoom is a system for teleconferencing.

Mai Khin Nyunt (Rosie, ChE71) wrote :

The more we grow older the more we have to avoid “zoom camera” to our face.

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