T : Notes

  • Table Tennis (See Post)
  • Talented RIT Alumni (See Post)
  • Tarot Cards
  • Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC) (See Post)
  • Taya Oo
  • Tennis (See Post)
  • Thaing (See Post)
  • Terms used in my posts
  • Texas (See Post)
  • Than Lwin : Names
  • Thaung : Names
  • Thein Aung : Names
  • Theravada Buddhist Society of America (TBSA) (See Post)
  • Thoughts
  • Tin Tun / Tin Htoon : Names
  • Tone Kyaw
  • TTC (See Post)

Tarot Cards

For fun or profit

  • One may study Tarot cards for fun
    e.g. don’t be scared if the reading says that “your house is going to be damaged”; or be happy if the reading says that “a new family member is on the way”
  • Some may study and practice Tarot cards for profit
    e.g. professional reader/advisor
  • There are websites and publications for Tarot
  • I used to have a Tarot deck and a book
    The book covers a brief history, the meaning of each card, and several spreads for Tarot readings.

Tarot Deck

  • A Tarot Deck consists of 78 cards
  • 22 cards belong to the Major Arcana
  • 56 cards belong to the Minor Arcana
  • The two Arcanas supposedly indicate
    long term versus short term events
    whether an even is in control versus uncontrollable

Major Arcana

  • Consists of 22 cards
  • They include Fool, Lovers, High Priest, High Priestess, Emperor, Empress, Hermit, Sun, Moon, Stars, Tower, Chariot, Tower, Strength, Judgement …

Minor Arcana

  • Consists of 4 suits.
  • Each suit has 14 cards : One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Page, Jack (Knight), Queen, King
  • Total of 56 cards in the Minor Arcana


  • The Tarot Decks come in different styles.
  • The suits may be named differently in the decks, but the underlying concepts hold.


  • Beginners usually use the “Straight up” option (where a card may be “good” or “bad”).
  • With experience, one might try “Allow Reversals” (where every card has two meanings : one for upright and another for reversed).
  • One might also try “Consider Significators”.


  • After shuffling the deck, one lays our a selected number of cards in a pattern.
  • The Three Card Spread is used to interpret the Past, Present and Future.
  • The Celtic Cross places 7 cards in the form of a cross. The cards represent problem, influence (positive and negative) and likely outcome (and suggestion).

Taya Oo

First Sermon

  • “Taya Oo” means First Sermon.
  • It is used to describe “Dhammacakkapavuthana Sutta” (Turning the wheel of Dhamma), which was given by the Buddha to his first five disciples.

75th Anniversary of Sayadaw U Silananda

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is taya-oo-2002-a.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is taya-oo-2002-b.jpg
  • Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa wrote “Taya Oo” as a young bhikkhu.
  • The book was reprinted for dhamma dana offering at Sayadaw’s 75th birthday.

Books / Talks / Classes

  • There are many books on “Dhammacakkapavatta Sutta.”
  • They include translations of the first sermon in Burmese/Myanmar and English, and expositions.
  • Mahasi Sayadaw gave a series of dhamma talks on the Sutta and its relation to vipassana meditation.
  • Saya U Aung Zaw (UCC) once e-mailed to me an English translation of the Sutta by Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin.
  • Several sayadaws such as Dhamma Beri Sayadaw have conducted dhamma classes on “Taya Oo”.

Terms used in my posts

  • A : Arts, Architecture, Artificial
  • AAA : Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
  • ABAC : Assumption Business and Accounting
  • Arch : Architecture
  • AFAIK : As Far As I Know
  • AFPFL : Anti Fascist Peoples’ Freedom League
  • Ag : Agricultural Engineering (Sub-department of Mechanical)
    Also, M/Ag
  • AGM : Annual General Meeting
  • AI : Artificial Intelligence
  • ARITA : Association of RIT Alumni
  • ASAP : As Soon As Possible
  • Auto : Automobile Engineering (Sub-department of Mechanical)
    Also, M/Auto


  • B : Bachelor, Burma, Burmese
  • BA or B.A : Bachelor of Arts
  • BAA : Burma Athletic Association
  • BAPS : Burmese American Professional Society
  • BARB : Burma Astrological Research Bureau
  • B. Arch : Bachelor of Architecture
  • BASES : Burmese American Society for Engineers and Scientists
  • BCP : Burma Communist Party
  • BDS : Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • BE or B.E. : Bachelor of Engineering, Burmese Era
  • BFF : Best Friends Forever
  • BIT : Burma Institute of Technology
  • BL ; Bachelor of Law
  • BS or B.Sc : Bachelor of Science
  • BSPP : Burmese Socialist Program Party
  • Bur : Burmese


  • C : Center, Civil
  • ChE : Chemical Engineering
  • Chem : Chemistry
  • COE : Center of Excellence
  • Com : Commerce
  • ConBro : Convent and Brother Schools
  • CS : Computer Science
  • CSE : Computer Science Education
  • CD : Compact Disc
  • CT : Computer Technology


  • D : Department, Director, Directorate
  • DAC : Diploma in Automatic Computing
  • DB : Database
  • DCA : Directorate of Civil Aviation
  • DCS : Department of Computer Science
  • DG : Director General
  • Dio : Diocesan
  • DST : Daylight Savings Time


  • E : Electrical, Engineer, Engineering
  • EC : Electrical Communications, Executive Committee
  • Eco : Economics
  • EE : Electrical Engineering
  • EI : Electrical Inspectorate, Emotional Intelligence
  • Eng : English
  • Engg : Engineering
  • EP : Electrical Power
  • EQ : Emotional Quotient


  • F : Fahrenheit
  • FAQ : Frequently Asked Question
  • FDA : Food and Drug Administration
  • FFT : Food For Thought


  • G : Giga, Good
  • GA : General Availability
  • GB : Gigabit, Gigabyte
  • GBNF : Gone But Not Forgotten
  • GJ : Golden Jubilee / Shwe YaDu
  • GTI : Government Technical Institute
  • GWTF : Go With The Flow
  • GWTW : Gone With The Wind


  • H : Health, High, History
  • HC : High Court
  • HCF : Health Care Fund
  • HI : Heavy Industries
  • HIS : Health Information Systems
  • HMEE : History of Myanmar Engineering Education
  • HMEE-2012
  • HMEE-2018
  • HS : High School
  • HSF : High School Final


  • I : Intermediate, Institute
  • I.A : Intermediate of Arts
  • I.Com : Intermediate of Commerce
  • ICST : Institute of Computer Science and Technology
  • IFL : Institute of Foreign Languages
  • ILA : Intelligence Level Aggregate
  • IM : Institute of Medicine
  • IM(1)
  • IM(2)
  • Intake : mostly 1st BE Intake
  • IP : Intellectual Property, Internet Pro
  • IQ : Intelligence Quotient
  • I.Sc : Intermediate of Science


  • JDK : Java Development Kit
  • JIT : Just In Time


  • K : Kilo
  • KG : Kilogram, Kindergarten
  • Km : Kilometer
  • KIS : Keep It Simple
  • KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid


  • LLB : Bachelor of Law
  • LMP : Licensed Medical Practitioner
  • LSE : London School of Economics


  • M : Mechanical, Mega, Million
  • MA : Master of Arts
  • Matric : Matriculation
  • MARB : Myanmar Astrological Research Bureau
  • MASU : Mandalay Arts and Science University
  • Max : Maximum
  • ME : Master of Engineering
  • MEHS : Methodist English High School
  • MEHSA : MEHS Alumni
  • Met : Metallurgy, Metallurgical Engineering
  • Min : Minimum, Mining Engineering
  • MIT : Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS or M.Sc : Master of Science
  • MU : Mandalay University


  • NA : Not applicable, Not available
  • NLD : National League for Democracy
  • NorCal : Northern California
  • NorCal RITAA : Northern California RIT Alumni Association


  • OP : Old Paulian
  • OPA : Old Paulians’ Association


  • PBRS : Private Boundary Road School
  • PE : Professional Engineer
  • Pet : Petroleum
  • PPBRS : Private Primary Boundary Road School
  • PZP : Pu Zaw Pwe


  • Q : Quality
  • QA : Quality Assurance
  • QE : Quality Engineering
  • Q&A : Question and Answer


  • R : Rangoon, Recreation, Region, Regional
  • RASU : Rangoon Arts and Science University
  • RC : Recreation Center, Regional College
    Also RC(1), RC(2), RC(3)
  • RGC : Rangoon Golf Club
  • RIT : Rangoon Institute of Technology
  • RIT69er : Class of 69++
  • RITAA : RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association
  • RU : Rangoon University
  • RUBC : Rangoon University Boat Club
  • RUESU : Rangoon University Engineering Students’ Union
  • RUSU : Rangoon University Students’ Union


  • SDY : Swel Daw Yeik
  • SDYF : Swel Daw Yeik Foundation
  • SEA : South East Asia
  • SEAP : South East Asian Peninsular
  • SJ : St. John’s
  • SJC : St. John’s Convent
  • SoCal : Southern California
  • SPHS : St. Paul’s High School
  • SPZP : Saya Pu Zaw Pwe


  • T or Tex : Textile
  • TA : Teaching Assistant
  • TM : Turing Machine
  • TR : Technical Report
  • TSC : Technical Services Corporation


  • UCB : University of California at Berkeley
  • UCC : Universities’ Computer Center
  • UCSY : University of Computer Studies Yangon
  • UCT : Universal Coordinated Time
  • Update : RIT Alumni International Newsletter Update
  • UTC : University Training Corps


  • VLSI : Very Large Scale Integration


  • WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get


  • XML ; eXtended Markup Language


  • YIT : Yangon Institute of Technology
  • YTU : Yangon Technological University
  • YUFL : Yangon University of Foreign Languages


  • Z : Zero

Than Lwin : Names

U Than Lwin succeeded Saya Joe Ba Maung (RIT English) as National Tennis Champion for Singles. They were Doubles Champion.

Saya U Than Lwin (Eric, GBNF) taught Economics at BIT as a Visiting Lecturer. He served as Librarian at the Faculty of Social Science.

U Than Lwin, youngest son of Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin, worked for the States Department. His spouse worked for VOA.

U Than Lwin (Henry, EC69) joined the EE Department. He is senior to us in marriage.

U Than Lwin (UCC) did his Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science. He transferred to CSO. He later moved to Singapore.

U Than Lwin volunteered as an interpreter for the Japanese Ah Yoke Kyauk Ah Phwe. When the leader asked U Than Lwin if he needed any assistance, he requested to have some of his children study in Japan.

Thaung : Names

U Thaung

  • Pen name : Aung Bala
  • Spouses : Daw Mya Mya Sein, Dr.. Tin Tin Win
  • Chief Editor and/or Publisher of Kyemon (which was modeled after the “Daily Mirror”).
  • Critic
  • Number One “spared” him for a while to prove that journalism was not dead.
  • Moved to the USA
  • Speaker at the San Francisco Bay Area talks
  • Published several books (including the life of former No. 1) and critiques

U Thaung

  • Younger brother of U Thant (United Nations Secretary General) and Pantanaw U Khant
  • Was beside U Thant
  • Brought back U Thant’s body

U Thaung

  • DSA 1st batch
  • Ambassador to the US
  • Minister of Science and Technology
  • Branded our alma mater as “Thabon Kyaung

Maung Thaung

  • Boxing Champion.

Maung Toung

  • Alias : Tom
  • One of “We Eleven” EC graduate in1969
  • Moved to USA
  • Hosted us during our visits to Connecticut, USA


All You Can Eat

  • During our younger days, many food shops and food stalls offer “Ah Wa Sar”.
  • My father took his assistants to an “Ah Wa Sar” shop during a trip to Upper Burma.
    Cost was one kyat per person.
  • On the return trip, the shop had “Closed for today” sign.
    Might be due to the fact that my father’s assistants ate 3+ bowls of rice, several “Toe Sa Ya” helpings before finishing with the meat.
  • Most elderly friends in the US have stopped going to “Ah Wa Sar” restaurants because of a seemingly Lose-Lose situation.
  • If you do not eat a lot, then you lose your money’s worth.
  • If you eat a lot, you may incur health problems.


  • Caused by diseases
    e.g. Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Caused by hunger / starvation
    e.g. loss of crops
  • Caused by weapons
    e.g. war
  • Some recite Protective Verses to lessen the impact of Calamities
  • Ratana Sutta was recited at Vesali


  • Two way street
    e.g. dialog, discussion
  • We have one mouth [to speak] and two ears [for attentive listening].
  • Effective listening is important
    e.g. understand what the other person is saying
  • Evaluation and feedback help us improve our communication skills


Teaching and Learning

Teaching is only one aspect. A teacher learns by teaching and receiving feedback from the students. A teacher should be a life long learner.

Learning is another aspect.
We should not encourage Rote Learning and mindless repetition. “Learning how to learn” and similar courses propose efficient and effective techniques.


Liberal education is usually offered at the Bachelor’s level.

A university degree was necessary for getting decent jobs. Now, there are some companies that do not mandate a university degree for selected jobs.


In the beginning, there were no computers and no Computer Science. Among the computer pioneers were engineers, mathematicians, physicists, psychologists, and linguists.

Edgser W. Dijkstra, who won the ACM Turing Award (equivalent of Nobel Prize in Computer Science), had to put “Theoretical Physicist” in his marriage license instead of “Programmer” or “Computer Scientist”.

The same is true for any emerging discipline.

Research and Development transcends multiple disciplines. It requires collaboration.

Social Media

Main Facebook pages

  • For relatives and close friends
  • For not-so-close friends
  • Life Long Learning
  • RIT Updates

Member of selected pages

  • NorCal RITAA (Northern California RIT Alumni Association)
  • OMC (One Myanmar Community)
  • P.B.R.S Group
  • RIT 69ers
  • RU Centennial
  • Saga Pariye
  • SDYF (Swel Daw Yeik Foundation)
  • SF Bay Area Burmese / Myanmar Community and Culture Center
  • Team Old School IT
  • YUBC Old Members

Proper use of “Like” button

  • Some users use the “Like” button indiscriminately.
  • Puzzled to see Likes in an Obituary posting. Shouldn’t one be sad?
  • Before clicking “Like”, check if the posting is current or old, and determine if the contents are really likeable.


  • Malicious software industry is responsible for losses (in down time, data corruption, identity theft) in the billions.
  • According to one report, the industry is more profitable and safer than the drug dealing.
  • The penalty of offenders for malicious software is “peanuts” (e.g. little or no jail time) compared to drug dealers (e.g. life imprisonment and death penalty) in most countries.


  • One should be aware of “opt-in” versus “opt-out” options.
  • Many do not read “fine print”.

Retire vs. Re-tire

  • U Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70) is a Multiple Golden Sponsor of SPZPs.
  • He told me,
    “You should not retire.
    You may re-tire (as in re-threading a tire).
    We will try to support you and your projects.
  • I am retired from working to make ends meet.
  • I am re-tiring as long as my physical and mental health permit.
  • Took a few on-line courses (for credit)
    Too taxing and slow
    Opted to audit 100+ courses (covering many subjects)
  • Listen to one Blinkist every day
  • Listen to Merriam Webster’s Word of the day (WOTD) Podcast every day.
  • Ride stationary bike for 20+ minutes every day.
  • Write or revise 10+ posts every day.


  • Context and culture dependent.
  • We call some old unrelated people as “Uncle” and “Auntie”.
  • At St. Paul’s High School, we call our sayas without the formal U.
    e.g. Saya Sein (instead of Saya U Sein)
  • I was reprimanded by a reader for writing Saya Aung Khin instead of Saya U Aung Khin or Sayagyi U Aung Khin.
  • A visiting German wanted to be addressed as “Professor Doctor” (not just Professor or Doctor).
  • Saya Allen Htay was told not use “Mr” in Netherlands.
    He was asked to use “Ingr” (for Engineer).
  • Early surgeons in the UK were not necessarily doctors.
    So they did not force people to address them as Doctor
  • People who have Honorary Doctorates usually put “Honoris Causa” (meaning the degree was awarded for esteem).

Speed and Scope of Writing

  • A friend said, “You write too fast and too much. Slow down.”
  • A few said, “We have read every post”.
  • One said, “Cover topics of interest to the general reader, not just engineers and scientists”.
  • One can please some readers all of the time.
  • One can please all readers some of the time.
  • But, one cannot please every reader all of the time.
  • Sharing the teachings of Thin Sayas, Myin Sayas, Kyar Sayas

Thein Aung : Names

U Thein Aung (James, Met72) studied Body Building under Bohmu Maung Maung (father of Sayama Rosy Maung [RIT English]).

He was Mr. RIT in 1968 and was awarded a “Sa Lwei Thaing“.

There were two Thein Aung in the Class of 72.

U Thein Aung (M72) would jokingly differentiate the two as :

I am Set Hmu — Maung Thein Aung.

He is Set Hmu Maung — Thein Aung.

Handover Ceremony at M72 Gathering

U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) welcomes non-Mechanical members of the Class of 72 to join their gathering.

U Thein Aung (Met72) attended the M72 and also handed over the Sa Lwai Thaing to U Wynn Htain Oo,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mr-RIT-1.jpg
U Thein Aung handing over the Sa Lwei Thaing to U Wynn Htain Oo

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mr-RIT-2.jpg
Proud Hmaw Sayagayi

Tin Tun / Tin Htoon : Names

The names are the same in Burmese.

Tin Tun (M69)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is std-viii-a-2.jpg
  • U Tin Tun (SPHS63, M69) is my classmate from Standard IV(D) to Matriculation, I.Sc.(A) at Leik Khone and 2nd BE to graduation at RIT.
  • Stood first in IV(D). I was second.
    His parents love their only child, and the mother Daw Tin Tin would come to provide lunch for him.
    Such a lucky guy.
  • Later studied Naval Architecture
  • Taught at Simalaik

Tin Tun (M71)

  • Accomplished pianist.
  • He and his spouse Daw Mar Mar Yee (M75) are core members of the “Pon Chan Chan” Group for entertainment at RIT events in general and SPZPs in particular.

Tin Tun (Soccer)

  • Also known as Vernon Stiles
  • Played with Suk Bahadur for Burma

Tin Htoon (A60)

  • RUBC Captain and Gold
  • ARAE Champion in 1958 and 1960
  • Won the Venables Bowl for Coxless Pairs with Dr. Harry Saing (GBNF) at the ARAE Regatta in Calcutta in 1958.
  • Won the Willingdon Trophy for Coxed Fours with Dr. Harry Saing (GBNF), Victor Htun Shein (GBNF), Sunny Teng and U Sein Htoon (M63) at the ARAE Regatta in Colombo in 1960.
  • Won Silver Medal in Sailing at SEAP with U Hla Khin (Navy)
  • Compiled the 40th Anniversary Issue for RUBC in 1963 with Sithu U Tin and U Po Zon
  • Compiled the 90th Anniversary Issue for RUBC in 2013 with U Myo Myint, U Htaik San (Henry), U Hla Min, Daw Joe Phyu and volunteers.
    I wrote three articles and all Preludes in the Magazine.
  • He and selected Old Members (including Saya U Tin Htut, Dr. Thein Htut, Dr. Tin Wa, U Myo Myint, U Hla Min, U Thura Thant Zin and Daw Joe Phyu) re-published the Autobiography of Sir Arthur Eggar (Founder and Life President of RUBC)
  • Co-founded Triple Gem Publications with Dr. Maung Maung Lwin (UK), Harry Than Htut (Canada), Emma Tin Tin Myint (Singapore) and Victor Htay Aung (Australia)
  • Supporter and advisor of selected monasteries and meditation groups.
  • Siblings :
    Saya U Tin U (C), RUBC Captain and Gold
    Saya U Ba Than (M), RUBC Full Green
    Dr. Myo Tint, RUBC Captain and Gold
    Saya U Myo Min (UCC), RUBC Full Green
    U Thaung Lwin (EC60), RUBC Captain and Gold

Dr. Richard Yu Khin wrote :

Background information on Ko Tin Htoon. His elder sister Ruby was a close friend of my aunt. My mother was personal physician to his mother. Their family mansion was located on 17 acres in prestigious Windermere Road. Former RUBC Captains Ko Tin Htoon, Ko Tin Htut and Ko Tin Wa later joined Rangoon Sailing Club. All three of them presently reside in California.

Tone Kyaw

There are at least three RIT Alumni that were considered “Dead”.

  • Tone Kyaw Hla Min
  • Tone Kyaw Han Sein
  • Tone Kyaw Dr. Tin Hlaing

Tone Kyaw Hla Min

More than three decades ago, I became a Tone Kyaw.

  • We went to the [now defunct] Kyandaw Cemetery to pay last respect to my colleague and name sake Ko Hla Min (SPHS64, EP70, UCC), who unexpectedly passed away in his mid-30s.
  • He is known to his colleagues as “Pauk Si”.
    During his SPHS days, he would get Pauk Si from the Pauk Si vendor, who could not pay back the loan taken from his father.
  • He went to St. Paul’s High School, graduated from RIT, worked for UCC (Universities’ Computer Center) as Chief Operator, and taught “Introduction to Computers and Programming” at Worker’s College. He studied in the UK where he met his love life Daw Tin Tin Win, who was taking advanced Nursing training.
  • He was strong and healthy, but he succumbed at an early age to liver failure [a consequence of Viral Hepatitis].
    He was treated by Dr. Min Lwin (Maurice Hla Kyi (SPHS64)),
  • He was afraid of hospitals, even though his wife is a nurse.
  • On his bed side, he reminded us to take care of the parents, the sayas and ourselves.
  • As we approached the cemetery, Ko Moe Hein (ChE69, Ajala) looked as if he has seen a ghost.
    Asked why, he explained: “I’ve come to bury you. I learnt from some people that you had died. But, your brother [at work] did not say a word and he did not seem to care. So I took leave and came here, because I thought you would need a friend like me by your side.”
  • Ajala represented RIT in swimming and water polo. He regularly finished the Inya cross-lake 2000 meters swimming contests.
  • He is a staunch and loud supporter for RIT teams. His voice easily drowns those supporting the other teams.
  • Ko Moe Hein would have had a bigger laugh had he known that two departments where I had given guest lecture called UCC to say that they had bought wreaths for me.
  • They did not know that there were two Hla Min at UCC with similar background. Both studied at SPHS and RIT, and have spouses in the medical and nursing profession.
  • A student from one department said, “It must be true that people who are about to die laugh a lot. U Hla Min told a lot of jokes.”
  • A student from the other department said, “U Hla Min look weak and tired. No wonder he passed away.”
  • I became a Tone Kyaw (literally meaning “leapt over a log”).
  • May be fate had it that I should survive such incidents to be able to write posts and pay back to my alma mater, my mentors and my beloved land.

Tone Kyaw Han Sein

  • The Class of 69 compiled a booklet for the “30th Anniversary of the Graduation”.
  • Ko Han Sein (C69) was inadvertently listed in GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten).
  • Most classmates were not aware that Ko Han Sein was a victim of the 8-8-88 movement and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
  • Ko Han Sein was released by one Amnesty Declaration.
  • He is a Tone Kyaw.
  • He regularly attends the 69er Gatherings and serves as a volunteer photographer (with expertise in special effects).

Tone Kyaw Dr. Tin Hlaing

  • Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M65, Singapore) recently became a TONE KYAW when his namesake Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (Marine Technologies, Singapore passed away.
  • Several alumni sent condolences to Saya. A few deleted their wrong postings about Saya’s demise.
  • Since there were two Saya Tin Hlaings (one from M59, and one from M63), the younger Saya would be known as “R Tin Hlaing” and “Byte Tin Hlaing”.
  • The elder Saya Tin Hlaing passed away before he could go abroad for treatment. Sadly there were only two dialysis machines in Burma. Both machines at the Mingaladon Base Military Hospital were reserved for VIPs.

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