Memories of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

This little book was given to me on 15/10/90, my last day in service. In this little book friends, colleagues, house surgeons and students wrote.

My House Surgeons and students of IM 2 gave me promises that they would remember me and my teachings and words said on that day. I take the book out often to read and reread what they wrote thinking again of each of them.

Most of them have become senior consultants, professors and many successful in business. And I rejoice with them of their achievements.

Only a handful have stayed in touch. But because of this little book I read, reread and and remember each of them. There now a tear on the edge of the book due to my often taking it out and rereading it again and again.

Just reminiscences of an old man living in the past remembering the times spent as a teacher.

Hope they still remember me and the promises given to me.

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