Count down to SPZP-2012 (15)

Dear U Hla Min

This is with reference (Update Sept 5, 2012) to your emotional feelings about not being a Saya at RIT and people being not aware of you as a Post Master and an Editor.

It is very natural that with the generation gap growing wider and wider with each passing decade, the middle-aged or the younger people will definitely not- or not wish to- know who their preceding generations are and how they fared or are faring. Only with the exception of a few who possess strong desires to master some language (e.g. English, Burmese) and to acquire in-depth knowledge and writing skills to become a writer or poet, I believe that not many wish to take up interest in these fields. Please correct me if my viewpoint is wrong. Since we are living in a modern hi-tech world, especially in capitalist countries, most people tend to chase after monetary gains first and place others last.

But, people who know you will not hesitate to shower their praise on you, because they acknowledge that you have sacrificed a vast portion of your time and energy throughout the years to get RITians connected and feel at home. If I were sitting near or at the same dinner table as you, I am sure I would have done the same thing like Saya Dr Myo Khin and Saya Dr Soe Thein did. Since I did not see you at the SPZP 2007 dinner night, I thought that it was my duty to call on you the next day and that was why I saw you off at the Airport with Ko TAW at the wheel. I remembered that day because it was raining heavily and I was soaked.

For me, U Hla Min, you deserve to be deemed a writer and a poet, because you don’t need to write hundreds to become one. There were some instances of some famous poets who wrote only a few poems in their lifetime.

My memory doesn’t permit me to recall distinctly but only vaguely the ones you wrote. During that period I myself wrote some poems in English and they got published in “The Guardian” Magazine. We all know you were a Saya at UCC, DCS and ICST and I would like to take this opportunity to mention that my brother-in-law Ko Hla Min (same name) was your former pupil. The last time when you visited Singapore, I heard Ko Hla Min went to meet you.

Well, U Hla Min, this is Life! and whatever will be, will be (Que Sera Sera). But as you mentioned, let us share our memories of our beloved Swel Daw Yeik with never ending love and passion.

Let us Embrace SPZP 2012 Yangon together!

[Saya U] Moe Aung

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