One classification states that there are three kinds of calamities :

  • Due to scarcity of food / Famine
  • Due to deadly weapons / War
  • Due to diseases / Epidemic / Pandemic

The degree of severity may vary with place and time.


The past few months saw the intrusion and destruction of an invisible enemy in many countries.

An old soldier who survived the gunfire on D-Day (in June 1944) recently succumbed to COVID-19.

The casualties in the USA has topped 100,000. A newspaper devoted the whole front page and several pages for 1000 representative obituaries from around the USA.

The history / nature of the Pandemic is still not known fully.

There are many unanswered questions:

  • In two neighboring countries, one has a high number of cases while another has very low number of cases. Why?
  • Trade off between loss of lives (by not following social distancing) and economic loss (e.g. due to lock down, shelter in place, circuit breaker)
  • There is a study of the effect of prayer (by practitioners of different religions / faiths) on the recovery of patients
  • A short time frame to come up with effective vaccine

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