Balance / Moderation


Balance may stand for

  • Weighing machine / Scale
  • Zodiac sign for Libra
  • Difference between income and expenditure, dues and payment
    e.g. Balance Sheet,
    Balance of a back account
  • Control
  • Moderation / Avoiding extremes

Aerial Artists

  • Aerial artists usually employ safety nets.
  • The Flying Wallendas (seven family members) performing the Human Pyramid were the exception.
  • One fateful night, one member lost balance causing tragedy.

Dhammacakkapavatna Sutta

The First Sermon mentioned the avoidance of two extremes :

  • Indulgence of pleasures
  • Self-mortification.


  • With mental lapse, middle aged and elderly can lose balance easily.
    e.g. slip beside the bed
  • Moderation is the key to health and happiness.
  • Blood thinner helped a friend get back his health.
  • Overuse of blood thinner sent another to the hospital.

The following may be detrimental to one’s health

  • Over-exercise
  • Lack of exercise
  • Extreme diet
  • Over-eating
  • Over-sitting
    In some meditation retreats, the practitioners alternate sitting meditation and walking meditation
  • Not much sleep
  • Over-sleeping

It is important to maintain a balance for most things (especially work and family).

  • Several astronauts had success with the flights, but had family problems.
  • Some entrepreneurs had success with the business, but had family issues.

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