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In our younger days, we had to study

  • Active Voice
  • Passive Voice.

Advice by Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi

Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi reminded us to be

  • Physically Active
  • Mentally Active
  • Socially Active.

Physically Active

  • One can stay physically active by walking, running, biking, swimming or exercising at a gym.
    One should do proper warm up and cool down.
  • Saw Maung Maung Htwe (Intake of 64) was Inter-Institute Marathon Champion.
    He stays fit by running daily and competing in long distance events all over Myanmar.
    He is the most senior among the active Marathoners.
    In 2018, I met him in Mandalay, where he had just completed his long distance race. We had a quick chat.
    In 2019, I saw him running all the way to attend the Reunion and Acaiya Pu Zaw Pwe of the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65.
  • Khin Maung Myint (M71) stays active by competing in events in several countries.
    He represented RIT in Rowing.
    There are three Khin Maung Myint in the Class of 71.

Mentally Active

  • One can stay mentally active by reading, writing, playing word games & cards, and meditating.
  • One can also exercise one’s mind (e.g. recalling the events associated with a picture).
  • Ivan Lee’s mother lived up to be 102 by being mentally active.
    She played Mah Jong two hours daily.

Socially Active

  • One can stay socially active by attending events (e.g. Toastmasters International, Meetups, celebrations).
  • One can also be active on the Social Media.
  • I have 2600+ posts in my web site
    I am Admin or Moderator in selected Facebook groups such as
    RIT Updates
    Fun with Learning
    RU Centennial


Minimum age requirement

  • There was a minimum age requirement for admission to the University of Rangoon.
  • Saya Dr. Hla Aung (C58) had to wait one year to enter the University of Rangoon because he was under age.

No minimum age requirement

  • In some universities, young talented students (12 – 16 years young) graduate.
  • Robert Floyd received his BA (at age 16) and BS from the University of Chicago.
    Retired as Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University.
    Won the ACM Turing Award.

Transfer students

  • Some who transferred to SPHS (St. Paul’s High School) had to re-do some classes.
    Became the senior members of their class.
  • Some complete the High School Curriculum at a Chinese School, but decide not to attend a university overseas ( China).
    Join the mainstream schools
    May become the senior members of their class.

Time off

  • A few decide to work for a couple of years after Matriculation (usually as a teacher).
    When they later join the University, they may become the senior members of their class.
  • [Per Saya Dr. Tin Win] : He was the youngest in the Class of M62.
    A classmate (who joined Rangoon University after serving as a high school teacher) was about 7 years older than him.

Kyaung Pyaw

  • There were some “Kyaung Pyaws”.
    Enjoy their university life so much that they try to stay as long as possible.
    Some repeat every class.
  • When Saya U Soe Paing (EE, UCC) returned from the USA after completing his BS and MS, he had to teach one of his former classmates.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

During the good times of having factions of students for student “politics”, tatoo [“Tat Oo”] and yegaung [“Ye Gaung”], some students either defer or deliberately fail exams so that they could stay in as university students.

Some take BL (Bachelor of Law) and Diploma classes so that they can continue as EC (Executive Committee) members in the student associations.


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U Ba Toke, U Ba Than, U Tin Htut, U Hla Min


A few years back, I felt uncomfortable to be addressed as “Ah Ba”, “Pho Pho” and to be offered assistance (e.g. wheelchair).

Now I feel okay to have wheelchair rides at air ports and to have people assist me when I climb up and down hill slopes. I recently had a couple of bike rides on the dirt roads.

As a senior, I enjoy discounts on trains, buses and selected restaurants.

I simply hope that my mental faculties will remain sharp and strong.

Jara (old age) catches even the sport stars like Sayagyi U Ba Toke.

Sayagyi U Ba Toke

Saya is a Phwa Bet Taw of Rangoon University and the first Rangoon University Students’ Strike in December 1920.

In 2000, Theingi (Saya’s youngest daughter) conveyed us Saya’s wishes to attend SPZP-2000. U Maung Maung Than (M79, Texas) had donated a round trip ticket. Several sayas and alumni donated expenses. Details can be found in “Count down to the Reunion” articles.

He celebrated his 96th birthday in December 2016 with his children, grand children and great grand children.

Saya gave a speech in SPZP-2007 about “Longevity”. Saya visited a house in USSR where the 80+ year old host explained about the noise up stairs. “Don’t worry. It’s my 100+ year old uncle quartering with his fourth wife. They will make amends.”

During my visits to Yangon, I paid respect to Saya.

U Ohn Khine (M70) gave me a ride in 2012. Saya gave us autographed book. We enjoyed Sayagyi’s accounts. He was a football star, a leader of the Burma Olympic Delegation, and an excellent teacher. Up to his early 80s, Sayagyi could walk to the Shwe Dagon pagoda with his friends. In his 90s, Sayagyi lost some mobility, eye sight and hearing, but he was determined to attend SPZPs.

In 2016, Saya’s son U Ye Myint and daughter Daw Thynn Thynn (Pansy) made arrangements to give us rides to and back from Saya’s house.

In early 2018, I called Ma Theingi, Sayagyi’s youngest daughter and asked about Sayagyi. She mentioned that Sayagyi is healthy but because he had lost most teeth, they have to listen carefully to grasp his message.

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U Ba Toke, U Hla Min
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Saya U Ba Toke, U Khin Maung Myint

Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins

This is a supplement to the post named “Talents”.

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Mintha and Minthamees

RIT has an active “Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thinn”.

The list is not exhaustive.

  • Zat Sayas
  • Composers
  • Musicians
  • Vocalists
  • Minthas
  • Minthamees
  • Lu Shwin Daws
  • Background setting, lightning, sound
  • Authors (including Laureate Poets)
  • Cartoonists

Zat Sayas

  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War)
  • Saya U Saw Tun (Saw Lu)
  • Saya Dr. Taing Oke (Yin Maung)
  • U Toee Maung (Ko Toee — Myit Che)
  • U Than Po
  • U Myint San (Tet Tu)
  • U Aung Kyaw Myint (Ba Kyaw)

Composers (and Lyricists)

  • Saya U Thet Lwin (Maung Ngwe Hlinne)
  • U Khin Maung Toe
  • U Ye Lwin (Mizzima Hlinne)
  • U Than Po
  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War)
  • Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)


  • U Kyaw Oo (Piano)
  • U Tin Tun (Piano)
  • Daw Cho Cho (Piano)
  • U Than Po (Pattala)
  • U Myint San (Pattala)
  • U Yu Swan (Don Min)
  • Shwe Zin Ma (Saung)
  • U Tin Maung Aye (Accordion)
  • U Than Myaing (Violin?)
  • U Tin Aung Moe (Bass Guitar)
  • Myanmar Saing Waing (let by Htet Arkar)
  • Khit Thit (Modern music) Group


  • Singapore Pon Chan Chan Group
  • M72 U2 Group
  • Swel Daw Yeik Troupe
  • Performers on Main Stage (Lu Gyi Sin)
  • Performers on Other Stage (Lu Nge Sin)

Minthas and Minthamees

See Photo for the latest group

Three or more generations starting with those who performed at the 1970 Rangoon University Golden Julibee, the several SPZPs and the fresher group.

Lushwin Daws

  • U Kyaw Htin (Chee Hte Nu Nu Kyaw) and group
  • U La Min and group
  • U Myint Pe (Seik Kyee) and group
  • U Myint San (Tet Tu) and group
  • Awbar and group


  • Saya U Aung Hla Tun
  • Saya U Moe Aung and his proteges (who worked on the commemorative Sar Saungs and Magazines)
  • Saya Dr. Taing Oke
  • Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)
  • Daw Cho Cho Tin (Ma Sandar)


  • Saya U Khin Maung Phone Ko (“Phone Ko”)
  • Saya U Aung Myint (“Kyant Ba Hone”)
  • U Myint Pe and four generations of “RIT Cartoon Box” maintainers and contributors


  • Alan D’Santoz (Tin Win)
  • Alan Khoo (Than Win, GBNF)
  • Alan Pe Thet (Aung Tun Thet, MEHS61)
  • Alan Saw Maung (Khin Maung Bo, SPHS63, EP69)
  • Alphonso Rivers (U Aung, Maung Nge)
  • Alex Ahad (Kyaw Win)
  • Alex Khoo (Aung Kyaw, C80)
  • Alex Win (Aung Win)
  • Alfred Saw Maung (Khin Maung Maung, SPHS64, GBNF)
  • Alfred Thwin (Aung Thwin, SPHS63, GBNF)
  • Alfred Yaung (Sein Yaung, M67)
  • Alice (Saw Yu Tint, T69)
  • Amy Chit Myaing (Lei Lei Myaing, T70)
  • Amy Hla Maung (Nyunt Nyunt Wai)
  • Amy Thwin (T61, GBNF)
  • Ann Kyu (Khin Khin Kyu, A67)
  • Anthony Ng (Aye Tun, M76)
  • Anthony Sein (Ohn Maung, ChE68)
  • Arthur Kyi (Aung Kyi, SPHS63)
  • Benjamin Lye (Myint Soe, SPHS63)
  • Benny Tan (Tan Eu Beng, M70)
  • Bobby Bu (Aung Myint, Thamankyar)
  • Bonnie Kun Lone
  • Bonzo Kun Lone
  • Bonnie Kywe (Than Naing, SPHS66)
  • Carmen Thwin (Khin Khin Thwin)
  • Charles Cheah (Myint Lwin, SPHS66)
  • Charlie (Thein Han)
  • Charlie (Hla Myint, M65)
  • Charlie Rivers (Ko Cho)
  • Cherry Tin Gyi (Khin Kyi Nyunt)
  • Christopher Lee (L Tin Htun, EE59)
  • Christopher Sein (Kyaw Kyaw, C67)
  • Clement Tin Htut (Thein Htut)
  • Cynthia (San San Tin)
  • Cyril Gyi (Aung Gyi)
  • Daniel Kyin (Tint Lwin, M69)
  • David Ba Htay (Tin Win)
  • David Chee (Zaw Lin, MEHS71)
  • David Ko (Tin Myint, M67)
  • David Myint Thein (M69)
  • David Tun Tin (BASES)
  • Dennis Chee (Thein Tun Aung)
  • Dennis Mackey (Kyaw Thu, C73)
  • Desmond Mya Sein (Myo Khin, SPHS63)
  • Dick San Pe (Pe Nyun)
  • Dicky Tan (Win Naing, M69, GBNF)
  • Dicky Taw (Nyan Taw, SPHS63)
  • Dolly Thwin (Ni Ni Thwin, ChE65, GBNF)
  • Donald Ba Pe (Khin Maung Win)
  • Donald Gyi (Mya Han, GBNF)
  • Eddie Ba Oo (Tin Aung Moe)
  • Eddie Hla Min
  • Eddie Khoo (Kyi Win, GBNF)
  • Eddie Shein (Aung Kyaw Myint, SPHS63)
  • Eddie Tha Win (Nyunt Win)
  • Eddie Tin Myint
  • Edward Saw (Yu Ket, EC85)
  • Edwin Ba Hein (Yi Thway, SPHS65)
  • Edwin Ngwe (Aye Ngwe, SPHS63)
  • Emily Ba Aye (Daw Khin Swe Aye)
  • Emily Than Pe (Daw Mya Mya)
  • Emma Lwin (Wai Wai Lwin)
  • Emma Myint (Tin Tin Myint, ChE70)
  • Eric Lwin (Than Lwin, GBNF)
  • Errol Than Tun (Myo Tun, Bobby, A69)
  • Ernest Po Saw (Thein Oo Po Saw)
  • Faisal Ahad (Aung Thin)
  • Frank Gale (Khin Maung Zaw, SPHS63)
  • Freddie Ba San (Myo San, SPHS63, GBNF)
  • Freddie Bu (Thein Htut, Sat Su)
  • Freddie San Shwe (Paing Soe, SPHS65)
  • George Ba Thaung (Maung Maung Win, RUBC, GBNF)
  • George Chan (Maung Maung, ChE66)
  • George Htoon Pay (Aung Tun Oo, G D Smithers, M71)
  • George Khin Maung (Khin Maung U, SPHS63)
  • George Kyin (Kyi Lwin, C67)
  • George Nyunt (Than Nyunt, SPHS54)
  • George Thein Maung (Tun Thein, Yachting)
  • George Tun (Win Maung, “Lake”, RUBC, Swimming and Water Polo)
  • George Wang (Thein Kyaing, T72)
  • Gerald Sein (San Maung, GBNF, RUBC)
  • Gilbert Thaw (Min Thaw, SPHS62, GBNF)
  • Glory Maung (Khin Than Nu, EC70)
  • Gordon Kaung (Kaung Kaung Oo, M83)
  • Gregory Sein Win (Win Htut)
  • Hardy Sein (Yan Shin, RUBC)
  • Harold Than Pe (Kyaw Swar Than)
  • Harry Kyaw (Myo Nyunt, SPHS63)
  • Harry Patail (Kyaw Zaw)
  • Harry Saing (Htut Saing, GBNF, RUBC)
  • Henry (Khin Maung Lay, T68)
  • Henry Chee (Myint Lwin, C63, GBNF)
  • Henry Cho Tun (Myint Tun, SPHS60)
  • Henry Khin Hlaing (Thet Tun, M75)
  • Henry Khin Maung (Khin Maung Than, SPHS65)
  • Henry Kyin (Thet Lwin, EE72)
  • Henry Lam (Htauk Lin, C63)
  • Henry Lim (Aung Myint, BAPS)
  • Henry Pham (Than Lwin, EC69)
  • Henry Saw Naing (SPHS60)
  • Henry Than Htay (Maung Maung Gyi, Thein Tan, SPHS64)
  • Henry Wong (Than Win, SPHS)
  • Ivan Lee (Khin Maung Oo, M69)
  • James K Wu (Thein Aung, Met72)
  • Janet Aung (Thynn Thynn Aung, EP70)
  • Jasmine Thwin (Yi Yi Thwin)
  • Jason Chee (Hla Pe Myint)
  • Jasper Wu (Aung Lwin, C70)
  • Jeffrey Kamdar (Tun Aung, EC68)
  • Jeffrey Tha Htoon (Aung Kyaw Tha, GBNF)
  • Jerry Hin Hwa (Htin Paw, SPHS63)
  • Jimmy Hla Shwe (James Shwe, M76)
  • John Khun Kyi (Sao Aung Myint)
  • John Lee (Tin Myint, L. Tan Choy, M69, GBNF)
  • John Penna (Sein Shwe, M67)
  • Johnny Kyaw Myint (Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, SPHS60)
  • Johnny Maung Maung (Aung Kyaw Zaw, SPHS63)
  • Johnny Soe Maung (Tin Soe, SPHS59)
  • Joyce (Daw May Than Nwe, GBNF)
  • Joyce Win (Nwe Yin Win)
  • Judy (Nwe Nwe Win)
  • K C Chiu (Tin Aung, ChE63)
  • K J Chiu (Soe Thein, EE60)
  • K K Chiu (Aung Soe, C61)
  • K K Wong (Sein Myint, EP69, RUBC, Swimming and Water Polo)
  • Kenneth Khine (Min Oo, SPHS63)
  • Kenneth Koe (Sein Tin)
  • Kenneth Po Saw (Nyi Khine Po Saw)
  • Kenneth Thein (Kyaw Min Thein, MEHS63)
  • Kenneth Kyaw Win (Khin Maung Win, M72)
  • Kenneth Ba Aye (Khin Maung Aye, M72)
  • Kenneth Ba Than (Kyaw Myint Than, M72)
  • Kenneth Ba Than (Khin Maung Than, CMA, GBNF)
  • Kenneth Than Khin (Yan Pyae, M72, GBNF)
  • Leslie Kyaw Min (IM2)
  • Leslie Mya Sein (Saw Naing, SPHS59)
  • Lily Win (Khin Htar Yee, T72)
  • Lynston Than Maung (Swe Aye, MEHS63)
  • Mabel (Daw Khin Myint Myint)
  • Mabel Aung (Khin Mi Mi Aung)
  • Mabel Lee (Lyo Kyin Sein, T69)
  • Marina (Ma Hla Myint, EC73)
  • Maurice Chee (Hla Myint Thein, M75)
  • Micky Tan (Thein Aung, SPHS59, GBNF)
  • Michael Maung Maung (Thaung Lwin, SPHS63)
  • Michael Thwin (Oo Thwin)
  • Millie Hoe (Nyunt Nyunt Wai, T69)
  • Milton Sein (Tin Nwe, C68)
  • Milton Yang (Myo Thant)
  • Monty Han (Myo Min)
  • Monty Maung Maung (Myint Swe)
  • Norman Khine (Myint Khine, C63)
  • Olga Tin Gyi (Tin Tin Aye)
  • Oscar Than Nyunt (Tin Aung Win, M69)
  • Oscar Oo (Bo Bo Oo, M71)
  • Owen Khoo (Aung Win, M71)
  • Patrick (Thein Naing)
  • Patrick Aung (Tin Aung)
  • Patrick Aye (Hla Myint Thein, C69)
  • Pearl Shein (Pale, UCC)
  • Peter Gale (Ngwe Zoe, SPHS57, GBNF)
  • Peter Myint Maung (Soe Thein, EE)
  • Peter Myint Thin (M71)
  • Peter Paing (Soe Paing)
  • Peter Pe (Aung Kyaw, SPHS63)
  • Peter Tin U (Khin Tun)
  • Peter Wun (Htin Kyaw, MEHS63)
  • Phillip Thwin (Mya Thwin, EP75)
  • Raymond Ba Phyu (Sein Lwin, GBNF)
  • Raymond Win (Ohn Win, M75)
  • Richard Hla Thin (Htin Aung)
  • Richard Khoo (Kyaw Lynn)
  • Reggie Bo Oo (Tekkatho Aye Maung)
  • Robert Chan (San Lin, EC73)
  • Robert Gale (Khin Maung Oo, EC66)
  • Robert Gyi (Win Boh, EC69)
  • Robert Koe (Kyaw Nyunt, SPHS65)
  • Robert Kyi (San Maung, SPHS)
  • Robert Shin (Myo Shin, MEHS63)
  • Roland Thein (Khin Maung Win, EE)
  • Ronald Lwin (San Lwin, GBNF)
  • Ronald Tu Maung (Hla Maung)
  • Rosebelle Mya Maung (Sar Oo, Sandar, GBNF)
  • Rosie Gyi (Mai Khin Nyunt, ChE71)
  • Rosie Tin Maung
  • Ryan Thaw (Maung Maung Thaw)
  • Sain Fone Wong (San Tun, M59)
  • Sammy Aung Thane (San Myint Thane, EC79)
  • Sonny (Aung Myint, SPHS64)
  • Stanley Bu (Than Htut)
  • Stanley Khoo (Hla Aung)
  • Stanley Saw (Myo Lwin (M71)
  • Stanley Shwe Gyi (Thein Lwin, SPHS63)
  • Steeve Kay (Thaung Sein, EC70)
  • Ted Mya Maung (Toe Nyunt, Shwe Gaung Pyaung)
  • Teddy Gyaw (Tha Gyaw Wai)
  • Terrence Baw (Tha Tun Baw)
  • Theresa Aung Than (Nge Ma Ma Than, GBNF)
  • Tom San Pe (Pe Thein, GBNF)
  • Tommy Aung (Tun Tun Aung, SPHS63)
  • Tommy Chit Maung (Naing Win, SPHS63)
  • Tommy Hla Min (IM2)
  • Tommy Saing (Hla Saing, SPHS)
  • Tommy San (Khin Maung San, GBNF)
  • Tony Mangrai (Sao Kan Gyi, GBNF)
  • Victor Aung (Htay Aung, SPHS74, EC80)
  • Victor Aung Myin (M72)
  • Victor Chaw (Aung Chaw, SPHS63)
  • Victor Nyunt (Nyunt Wai, SPHS63)
  • Victor Saing (Aye Kyaw)
  • Victor Thein Maung (Khin Thein)
  • Victor Win (Nay Win Myint, ChE66, GBNF)
  • Vilma Khaing (Yi Yi Khaing, ChE69)
  • Walter Cheng Lyan (Win Htay, M70)
  • Walter (Ngwe Soe, M69)
  • Winston Tu Maung (Tu Myint)
  • William Hone (Myo Tin, RUBC)
  • William Win Kywe (SPHS63)
  • Willie Han (Kyaw Win, RUBC)
  • Willie Saing (Tun Shein, RUBC)
  • Willie Soe Maung (Myint Soe, SPS63, GBNF)
  • Winnie Mya Maung (Win Mar)
  • Yvonne (Tin Tin Win)


Many alumni are active in the following:

  • SDYF (Swel Daw Yeik Foundation)
  • RITAA (RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association)
  • MES (Myanmar Engineering Society)
  • MEC (Myanmar Engineering Council)


“History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar” (HMEE-2012) was published in time for SPZP-2012.

  • The project’s initiators included Saya U Soe Paing, Sayagyi U Ba Than and several sayas and alumni (See Acknowledgement in the Book).
  • Saya U Aung Hla Tun and team (including Yours Truly) compiled the book.
  • The draft for the first two sections were prepared by Saya U Soe Paing and team.
  • Ko Ohn Khine (M70) translated Section 1 and summarized Section 2.
  • Ko Ohn Khine’s translations have been revised by Saya U Soe Paing.
  • Saya U Aung Hla Tun suggests that the Book is due for revision/update every five years (or so).
  • Several meetings have been held for HMEE-2018 (follow up project to HMEE-2012 mentioned above.

YTU Library Modernization Project

  • Donations — large and small — are coming in.
  • U Khin Maung Tun (T78), Daw Myint Myint (C69), Saya Dr. Myo Khin (C70) and Daw Mya Nwe (Winsome, C73), Saya U Tin Htut (M60) … donated K100 Lakhs each (or more) for the Project.
  • Thanks to Ma Nan Khin Nwe (83 Intake) and team. The team had incrementally published the list of donors.
  • Phase One : The construction for adding a storey is completed.


  • The YTU Library could/should have a section to help remember our beloved alma mater, our sayas and alumni activities.
  • Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi endorsed Ko Benny Tan’s proposal to archive the mementos.
  • I have requested several class representatives to record (both formally and informally) their gatherings.

HCF (Health Care Funds)

  • Steeve and Helen Kay Health Care Fund for RIT Sayas
  • U Khin Maung Tun and family Fund for Vision Care
  • Swel Daw Yeik Foundation
  • Others : by discipline and/or class


We would be glad to hear about the progress of the Accreditation …

RIT related Facebook pages and web sites

  • RIT Updates
  • Swel Daw Yeik Foundation
  • RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association
  • NorCal RITAA
  • Google Group for Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65
  • Google Group for RIT Updates
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Alumni in Japan


RITAJ stands for RIT Alumni in Japan. It was founded by U Thein Ngwe (“Ko Thein – Tokyo”, ChE76) and U Win Myint (EC84) are founding members of RITAJ (RIT Alumni in Japan). They were early contributors to our Newsletter, but they have been silent for quite a while.

Ko Thein

Ko Thein is the pen name of U Thein Ngwe. He has posted some of his articles (e.g. “Sensei”) to RIT Updates.

He attended SPZPs in Singapore and Myanmar. He attended the 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles, California, USA.

According to “Ko Thein”, there are young alumni working in Japan and they have their gatherings but not as RITAJ activity.

“RIT” is just a place holder for the engineering institutes and colleges in Burma/Myanmar, but it is possible that some young alumni do not relate themselves with “RIT”.

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Myo Khin and Winsome

Saya Dr. Myo Khin (C70)

He retired from his University. He travels to Myanmar several times a year (may be 6 months total) as a Consultant to Japanese Companies.

He and Daw Mya Mya Nwe (Winsome, C73) donated K100 Lakhs to the YTU Library Modernization Project.

Saya Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69)

He is a distinguished writer. He won the Sarpay Beik Man Sar Mu Su for his manuscript and the Ah Myo Thar Sar Pay Su (National Literary Award) for his book. His pen name is Yin Maung.

He was a Zat Saya with the RIT Ah Nu Pyinna Ah Thin.

Probably due to schedule conflicts and aging, he is not active with regards to Alumni activities.

Daw Thin Thin Naing (RIT Burmese)

She attended SPZP-2007 with U Thein Ngwe as members of RITAJ.

Later, she moved back to Myanmar (may be temporarily) and visited Japan occasionally. She is no longer active in RITAJ.


Hope the “Swel Daw Yeik” Spirit will bloom in the Land of Cherry Blossoms.

Sir Arthur Eggar

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Sir Arthur Eggar founded Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) and served as the Life President.


In the 50’s, he wrote his biography for the Guardian Magazine in three installments.

Several old Crocs donated to reprint Sir Arthur Eggar’s biography in time for the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of RUBC.

The donors include

  • Saya U Tin Htut
  • U Tin Htoon
  • Dr. Thein Htut
  • Dr. Tin Wa
  • U Myo Myint
  • U Hla Min
  • U Thura Thant Zin
  • U Htaik San (Henry)
  • Daw Joe Phyu

The biography was printed along with the Commemorative Issue for the 90th Anniversary of the founding of RUBC. I served as Contributing Editor for the Commemorative Issue. I wrote three articles and Preludes for all the sections.

Trips to Burma

On the first trip, Sir Arthur came to Burma and served as a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Rangoon.

He returned to the UK. After becoming a lawyer and serving in the Middle East, Sir Arthur returned to Burma as a Law Advisor to the Burmese Government and as Professor of Law.

He founded Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) in 1923. He pledged a third of his salary (as Professor of Law at Rangoon University) for use by RUBC. He was elected as Life President of RUBC.

He donated a Pewter Trophy to be presented to the winner of the Senior Novices event.

Sir Arthur rowed at Cambridge University. He is credited for proposing the Egg-Bairn rowing style.


He wrote his biography for the monthly Guardian Magazine (in three installments).

In 2013, U Tin Htoon, U Myo Myint, U Htaik San and team compiled a Commemorative Issue to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the founding of RUBC.

I was a Contributing Editor for the Issue. I wrote Preludes for each section. I also wrote three articles.

In addition, U Tin Htoon invited selected Old Members (mostly RUBC Gold and some Past Captains) to contribute to the re-printing and distribution of Sir Arthur’s autobiography. The intended audience include present and past members of RUBC, and also teachers, students and practitioners of Law.

Saya U Tin Htut, U Tin Htoon, Dr. Thein Htut, Dr. Tin Wa, Dr. Donald Chan, U Myo Myint, U Hla Min, U Thura Thant Zin, U Htaik San (Henry), and Daw Joe Phyu responded.

Bronze Bust

RUBC repaid the metta and cetana of Sir Arthur Eggar by displaying his Bronze Bust on the Club Promontory.

Sadly, during the Adhamma Era, the Bronze Bust of Sir Arthur Eggar disappeared from the Club Promontory.

Rowing Songs

There are at least two Rowing songs. The one printed at the back of the Agenda for the RUBC Regattas is as follows.

Pull long and steady bows
Strange though it may seen
The hardest stroke won’t send the boat
The swiftest down the stream.

If you want to keep the boat afloat
And brave life’s stormy weather
You must not put your oar too deep
But always “Pull together“.

Arzani Nay

My cousin Daw Myint Thwe was celebrating her birthday on July 19, 1947 when the sad news were announced. The birthday celebration was put on hold.


Time (or rather a clock) stood still at 10:37 AM on July 19, 1947.

Seven Cabinet Ministers led by Bogoke Aung San, a Cabinet Secretary and a body guard were mercilessly gunned down. Eight perished on July 19, 1947. Mongpawn Sawbwa passed away on July 20, 1947.

  • Bogyoke Aung San
  • Thakin Mya
  • Deedok U Ba Cho
  • Mahn Ba Khine
  • Sao San Htun (Mongpawn Sawbwa)
  • U Ba Win
  • U Razak
  • ICS U Ohn Maung
  • Yebaw Ko Htwe

There were several politicians named “U Mya”. Thakin Mya was a leader of an AFPFL faction. He was a “Minister without Portfolio” and was regarded as an unofficial Deputy Prime Minister.

U Razak and Ko Htwe received their last rites according to their faith. Yebaw Ko Htwe was a body guard of U Razak.

The remaining seven were honored at the Jubilee Hall before being moved to Arzani Gon near Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

In our younger days, we walked to Shwe Dagon Pagoda on Saturdays.

We would occasionally stop by at the “Arzani Beikman” (Martyr’s Mausoleum). Nine Oke Gu’s were on display. Four each flanked Bogyoke’s Oke Gu.

We noticed that there were two tombs in the vicinity: one for U Tin Tut and one for Bo Sein Hman. Only recently did I learn about the “Empty Tomb” of U Tin Tut, Bagyee of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint.

Lucky Ones?

Two ministers (U Tin Tut and U Kyaw Nyein) did not attend the meeting. on July 19, 1947.

According to “Phaw Kaung Ba Nyunt”, he could not find U Nu (Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies) at his office.

A few ministers (such as Pagan U Ba Gyan and U Aung Zan Wai) who were seated at the “far side” of the meeting table escaped.

U Ba Gyan is the elder brother of U Ba Shan (Secretary of the Mathematics Curriculum Committee, and father of Ko Boe Ba Shan [ex-UCC]).

U Aung Zan Wai was a signer of the Panlong Agreement.

Some Relatives

Ma Nge (Nge Ma Ma Than, ex-UCC, daughter of U Aung Than) lost two uncles : U Ba Win and Bogyoke Aung San.

Sayama Daw Myint Myint Khine (Maths) lost her father Mahn Ba Khine.

Ma Khin Myint Cho lost her grand father Deedoke U Ba Cho. She invited us to a soon kwyay on one Arzani Nay.

Saya U Tin Maung Thein (EE62) lost his father U Ohn Maung. Grapevine says that U Ohn Maung “requested” another Secretary to “switch” the times for the presentation to the Cabinet.

U Tin Myint and U Hla Kyi (sons of U Razak) were RUBC members.

MongPawn Sawbwa Sao San Htun died in the hospital on July 20, 1947. San Hso Holm (“Sawbwa Lay”, his son, was an Old Paulian, an RUBC Green and winner of the Senior Novices crew coxed by Saya U Tin Htut, a scholar (English Honors (First Class) and two Law degrees), and an excellent writer. The Sawbwas requested his legal services. He was detained on March 2, 1962. After serving in the Education Ministry, he and his family migrated to Australia. His wife (sister of Saya Sao Kan Gyi) published an “autobiography”.

New Mausoleum

The “attempted massacre of Chung Doo Wan and his party” was carried out by three North Korean agents.

One set of bombs did not go off and thus spared the lives of the Burmese contingent. U Soe Minn (son of Dr. Tha Minn — dentist in our younger days) was on duty as Deputy Director of Myanmar Ah Than TV. He was hit by shrapnel, but he survived. The award winning Kyemon reporter, who “switched” duties, was killed.

  • The “new” Arzani Beikman would not have a roof.
  • The nine tombs would be transformed into a monolithic “Gu”.
  • The families of the fallen leaders (e.g. Sayama Daw Myint Myint Khine) would not be invited to State functions and dinners.
  • Top tier leaders are no longer mandated to attend Arzani Day. Second tier leaders would show up as a token of respect for the fallen leaders.
  • The public would have little or no access to the ceremonies.


Did Bogyoke trust his people too much?

Reports that 200 Bren Guns were stolen from COD (Central Ordinance Depot) did not move the administration to beef up security at the Secretariat (Ah Twin Wun Yone).

In contrast, the former No. 1 would have three (or more) layers of security personnel. He would not eat anything that has not been tasted by his loyal chef.


There are some other dots that need to be connected. There are some rumors that need to be substantiated.

Galon U Saw

U Saw was a former Prime Minister of Burma. He prefixed his name with “Galon” to display his high esteem for Saya San and the Galon Troup.

During the Second World War, he was detained in Uganda. A head reader supposedly cautioned U Saw that “every person he had met with that kind of head ended up in the gallows”.

U Saw has hopes and inspirations to return to power in Burma. He presumably had the covert support of some Conservative Party leaders and members who disliked Bogyoke Aung San.

U Saw was hit in or near the eye by a sharpshooter (supposedly Yangon Ba Swe). This caused U Saw to hold a grudge against Bogyoke and AFPFL.

Smuggled Guns

Around 2007, several Classified Documents in the UK passed the moratorium period.

Those documents became a basis of the BBC Documentary “Who really killed Aung San?”

According to those documents, the British smuggled Captain Vivian, the man who gave U Saw 200 Bren guns and then misinformed the press that he had died in action. Captain Vivian “died naturally sometime ago in his native Wales”.

The Martyrs died from Sten Gun shots. The cache of Bren Guns were found in U Saw’s compound. The weapons added intrigue.

Books and Articles

The old newspapers cover Arzani Nay in somewhat detail.

Bogyoke’s body guards include Natmauk Phone Kyaw (writer) and Bo Tun Hla (Tekkatho Nay Win, writer and actor).

I used to read the articles by Tekkatho Nay Win.

Dr. Maung Maung wrote a book on the Trial.

A few years back, I read the book “Who killed Aung San?” by Kin Oung (former Naval Officer living in Australia). His father U Tun Hla Oung “arrested” Galon U Saw and his father-in-law U Thaung Sein (as Secretary of Insein Prison) “kept watch of” U Saw so that U Saw and his team can be “tried” by a Special Tribunal headed by U Kyaw Myint (father of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint).

At one time, the public was “barred” from paying respect, and those who tried were detained.

I did not have a chance to read the revised versions of the book.

I also saw the BBC’s production titled, “Who really killed Aung San?”


Several noted that the then Number One never attended the ceremonies. A few hinted that he was a member of the Thakin Ba Sein faction of AFPFL and had some “grudges” for those from the Thakin Mya faction. He was supposedly having fun with the Derby every July in UK.


  • Astrology started of as a sibling of Astronomy.
  • Astro means “pertaining to the stars”.
  • There are numerous books and courses on Astrology.
  • Astrology is considered as pseudo-science by some.
  • Astrology is relied heavily by some.
  • Astrology may be studied for profit or for leisure.


There are several flavors of astrology. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Natal Horoscope
    Western, Eastern and variants
  • Pyat tha na Zartar (Ad-hoc query)
  • Maha Bote
  • Sann Bedin
  • Inga Weikkza
  • Predictions based on sun sign
  • Predictions based on moon sign and/or transit
  • Saya Bedin (specializing in Health and Medicine)


  • My beloved father had a decent collection of Bedin books.
  • I learned how to construct a natal horoscope from a sayadaw and found it was very time consuming to do by hand.
  • I learned how to do predictions from another sayadaw (whose specialty was in prescribing protective verses and Yadaya for those who are “Kan Khe”).
  • I had a chance to help the Bedin Community when my childhood friend U Myint Sein (PBRS, Principal of BARB) asked me to help develop some computer programs (for Veda).

Underlying data

  • Some systems require data about the place, date and time of birth. Using a person’s date of birth and the birth place, a natal horoscope can be constructed.
  • Some systems do not expect exact data.
    In the early days, there was no standard practice to record the date and time of a birth. Some old people say, “I was born at ‘soon khan chein’ (time when the monks go on alms)”.
    The date of birth is sufficient to use Maha Bote.
  • A few systems allow relaxations.
    The “day of week” when one was born might be good enough to figure out the characteristics of a person, or whether there is opportunity for business.

Some terminology and fundamentals

A Zartar is most commonly a natal horoscope. It is a horoscope constructed for a person using his/her birth details.

An Eka Sekka Zartar uses one circle to map out the positions of the Gyohs — in the Geo-centric model — at the time of birth. It includes the Lagna (Leik or Ascendant) which represents the “horizon”.

The Geo-centric model places the Earth in the center.

A Gyoh refers to one of the following : Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

A Tri Sekka Zartar uses three circles to describe Yathi, Bawa and Nawin.

Than Deik Hta Pyeik Ka Dein” and equivalent are tables used for interpolating the position of the Gyohs.

Astronomy prefers the Heliocentric model with the Sun in the center. In AIn the Heliocentric model, the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto orbit the Sun with elliptical paths. The Moon orbits round the Earth.

Rahu is known as the Dragon’s Head (or the Northern Node). Ketu is known as the Dragon’s Tail (or the Southern Node). Rahu and Ketu are diametrically opposite in the Zartar.

Note : The imaginary line connecting the two Nodes depict the relative placements of the Sun, Earth and the Moon.

Variations in the depiction of a horoscope

  • Use of “Fixed Zodiac” (in the Eastern systems) vs. “Moving Zodiac” (in the Western systems)
  • Use of “Precession of the equinoxes” for conversion between the Fixed Zodiac and Moving Zodiac
  • Method used to determine the Lagna (Ascendant) and the Houses
    e.g. Placidian, Lahiri, KP

RIT and UCC Sayas and Alumni

  • Sayas and alumni who are well versed in Astrology include :
  • Sayagyi U Min Wun
  • Saya U Aye Win Kyaw (GBNF)
  • U Win Latt (UCC)
  • U Zaw Tun (UCC)
  • U Aung Myint (UCC)
  • U Kyaw Myint (Tex)
  • U Hla Win (M)
  • U Aung Kyaw Myint (Eddie, EE)
  • U Aung Myint Oo (EC84, UCC)

U Myint Sein (PBRS, Principal of BARB, GBNF) requested me to help with BARB courses by

  • developing computer programs to construct Zartar (Tri Sekka and beyond)
  • guiding BARB teachers (in charge of “Ganita”) and advanced students the use of programmable calculators and hand held computers (e.g. ZX80)
  • asking selected Computer Science students to study Veda
    (In addition to the BARB courses, there were special “Ah Hor” sessions for friends seeking Veda advice.)
  • Under my supervision, U Win Latt (UCC) implemented WinHoro in BASIC and U Zaw Tun (UCC) implemented a Prolog program to interpret the charts.
  • U Aung Myint Oo (EC84, UCC) implemented WinHoro using C.
  • U Aung Myint (UCC) wrote : Done the horoscope (Tre Satka Zartar) with your guidance in 1975 with our first computer ICL.

Several Aung Kyaw Myint

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eddie-shein.jpg
Eddie Shein

U Aung Kyaw Myint (Eddie Shein, SPHS63) is an Old Paulian. He transferred from Institute of Medicine to Rangoon Institute of Technology. His hobbies include astrology. He is a regular reader of my posts.

H.E. U Aung Kyaw Myint escaped death when only one of the bombs set up at the Mausoleum by the North Korean agents went off. Six members of the South Korean delegation and the Kyemon reporter suffered casualties.

U Aung Kyaw Myint attended computer classes at UCC and worked on computer projects (e.g. Forest Reserve Inventory).

Aung San (Bogyoke)

  • Born on February 13, 1915.
  • February 13 is also known as “Khalay Mya Nay” (Children’s Day).
  • His Zartar name was Htain Lin.
  • Changed name to Aung San to rhyme with elder brother Aung Than.
  • Assassinated on July 19, 1947.
  • July 19 is also known as “Arzani Nay” (Martyrs’ Day).

Wrote the following for the Centennial Celebration of his birthday.

(February 12, 1915 – July 19, 1947)


A — Architect of Burma’s Independence;
He signed the Aung San – Atlee Agreement.
It led to the Nu — Atlee Agreement that gave Independence.

U — University Student Leader;
He served as Chief Editor of the Oway Magazine.
He refused to name the author of “Hell Hound Turned Loose”.
He was expelled, resulting in the 1938 Universities Student Strike.
He translated “Invictus“.

N — National Unity & Solidarity Proponent;
He organized the Panlong (Pinlon) Agreement.
The agreement was signed on February 12, 1947.
February 12 is celebrated as Pyi Daung Su Nay.

G —  Gone but not forgotten;
He was a General, but he promised to step down after Independence.
He was gunned down at the tender age of 32.


S — Showed leadership & personal sacrifice;
He wore torn uniforms.
He ate Pebyoke and Nanbya.

A — Anti Fascist People’s Freedom League (AFPFL);
He was a Co-founder.

N — National Planning Advocate;
He displayed Nationalism and Patriotism by deeds and not words.


  • Some famous people are asked to sign autographs.
    Athletes sign on sneakers, balls, bats, T-shirts.
    Keynote speakers sign on the program sheet.
  • Attended lectures at the Computer History Museum and asked for autographs.
    Posted some of them in my posts.
  • During our younger days, we carry small books known as autograph. Some friends just signed their names.
  • Others wrote or quote verses.

Example (1) :
I wish to be a China cup
in which you drink your tea
And every time you take a sip
It’ll be a kiss for me

Example (2) :
Seasons may come. Seasons may go.
Flowers will wither in due course, you know.
But there is something as fresh as dew.
That is the love and affection I’ll always have for you.

U Aw Taik Moh

U Aw Taik Moh (C54) is a senior alumni. He attended SPZP-2000. He also wrote for “RIT Alumni International Newsletter”.

He wrote in 2012.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ruesu-1.jpg
RUESU Magazine for 1952-53

My dear Ko Aung Gyi:

I tried to e-mail you several times in the past few months but they didn’t get through. I was wondering where have you been and how were you doing.

By the way, as I am unable to attend the great Reunion myself, I have two important proposals for you to consider and, if you thought appropriate, present to the Reunion Organizing Committee:

(1) That at the start of the reunion the whole body of attendees should pay respects to Sayagyi U Ba Hli and Dr. Murray P. Horwood from MIT who were instrumental in getting scholarships and admissions for Burmese graduates and students to MIT, Harvard (San Tun Aung and Nelson Chin graduated from there), Cornell (Kyit In [Min Wun] and Kyaw Win), Michigan State, Ann Arbor & East Lansing, Lehigh, even UCLA (my R.U. College of Engineering classmate graduate Ohn Ghine went there) etc. As you know, Dr. Horwood headed the team of professors from MIT to RU Eng. College back in the 1950’s – – that’s how it got started for the Burmese boys like myself to come to the U.S. for further studies.

(2) I believe that this similar kind of arrangement with MIT or other institutions could and should be made with the Myanmar govt and RIT now for Myanmar to catch up with the world. If you have a chance to meet with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, please tell her about this proposal. Education and higher education, esp. technical and medical, is extremely important for Myanmar students and graduates and for the country, and no one should overlook this.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of the above.

My best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family and all our Sayas, colleagues and friends at the Reunion, in Myanmar and overseas. Please take a lot of pictures at the reunion for me!

Aw Taik Moh

1954 B.Sc. Civil Engineering, R.U. Eng. College

M.C.P.(City Planning) M.I.T. 1957

P.S. Since I attended the last reunion in San Francisco many years ago the RIT Committee lost contact with me, otherwise I would have contributed something to the “Book” they are now publishing about the history of the university (which I heard of from Dr. Christopher Lee). I want to let you and the Committee know that I have an original copy of the R.U. Engineering Students’ Union Magazine, published in 1953 – in both Burmese and English – for which I was a Business Manager when I was a 3rd year engineering student. It has the photos of Sayagyi U Ba Hli and the entire faculty and Dr. Horwood and all the students.

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