Chan Tha *

  • U Chan Tha is a multi-talented athlete.
  • He represented the University of Rangoon in Rowing and Soccer.


  • U Chan Tha is Past Captain and Gold of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club).
  • In the 50s, thanks to sponsors and donors, RUBC had a brand new fleet (mostly imported from the UK) to complement the old fleet and training boats.
  • The Prime Minister of the Union of Burma provided the Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Coxed Fours.
    The Inaugural Prime Minister’s Cup was contested by RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club), CLC (Calcutta Lake Club) and CURC (Calcutta University Rowing Club.
    In the early days, the Prime Minister also serve as the Chancellor (Adipati) of the University of Rangoon.
    The Prime Minister attended Convocations and gave Key note speeches.
    The Prime Minister also attended RUBC Regattas and presented the Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup.
  • The President of the Union Burma provided the President’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Coxed Eights.
    The Inaugural President’s Cup was contested by RUBC and the Combined CLC-CURC teams.
  • His eldest son Zaw Zaw Minn provided photos to selected Old Crocs including U Tin Htoon (A60, Past Captain and Gold of RUBC, ARAE Champion).


  • He was Captain of the Prome Hall Soccer team, which won Inter-Hall Trophy for two years in a row.
  • He represented Rangoon University and Burma in soccer.

Photos : Zaw Zaw Minn (U Chan Tha’s eldest son)

Captain’s Speech
Speech by an honored guest
Presentation of awards
Prime Minister U Nu
Coxed Fours
Throwing the winning cox into the lake
Single Sculls

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