• 25th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • Pronounced as WYE.
  • Alias for YMCA (Young Men Christian Association), which was founded in Britain and then spread to over many countries.
    Several YMCA’s in the US are credited with
    (a) the invention of Basketball
    (b) the invention of Volleyball
    (c) the promotion of Public Speaking by hiring Dale Carnegie
    (d) sowing the seeds of Toastmasters International (for Leadership and Public Speaking) via Dr. Ralph Smedley
  • YMBA (Young Men Buddhist Association) was involved in setting up monastic and/or Vernacular schools (predating the National Schools).
    YMBA published the “History of Buddhism” by Mahagandayone Sayadaw with illustrations by Saya U Ba Kyi.
  • Y-junction is a junction type (e.g. two incoming roads merge into one outgoing road)

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