Sad Days in July

Photo credits : from the posts (e.g. RU Centennial)

  • July 7, 1962
    “Crackdown” on RU students
    Prior events :
    Abolishing the RU Senate and Council
    Forced retirement or transfer of academics
    Creation of a new Education Council led by Commodore Than Pe
    Restrictions on Hall residents
    Black out in the RU estate
    Protests by RU students
    Brutal crackdown by the military
  • July 8, 1962
    Demolition of RU Student Union Building

The Rangoon Daily (Wednesday 11 July, 1962)

  • Speech by the then Number One
  • Students “ordered” to return to their home towns
  • List of 7th July victims

Kabyar by Dagon Taya

  • July 19, 1947
    Arzani Nay
    Assassination of
    Bogoke Aung San
    Thakin Mya
    Deedok U Ba Cho
    Mahn Ba Khaing
    Sao San Htun, Mong Pawn Sawbwa
    U Ba Win
    U Razak
    ICS U Ohn Maung
    Yebaw Ko Htwe

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