Class of 6X

Ivan Lee

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Ivan and Saya U Aung Khin
  • Golden Sponsor of SPZP-2000
  • Donated a year’s operating expense of RIT web site in its early phase.
  • Major donor tor the Health Care Fund for the class of 69.
  • Two daughters and six grand children.
  • Lifetime Platinum for Bridge (Card game).
  • Hosted the annual RIT-UCC Gathering (usually with Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi and Saya U Soe Paing as Honored Guests)
  • Hosted us and organized a whirlwind trip to Canada and the East Coast of US
  • Patron, MASTAA
  • His spouse is GBNF.
    Donations were made in Kyauk Me (Myanmar) in her memory.
  • His mother passed away at the age of 101.
  • His elder brother passed away recently due to COVID-19.
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Ivan and Saya Dr. Aung Gyi

Old Correspondences

Ko Ivan called me this morning (October 5, 2000) and asked how he can support the “RIT Alumni International” Activities. He earlier donated $360 to cover the hard costs of running the http:/ web site for a year.

When I thanked him, he said, “I’m not donating to your pocket. I’m donating for a good cause. The time you’ve put in definitely much more than $1200. I want you guys to set up a formal organization and a permanent fund”.

Enclosed, please find 2 checks. I am willing to donate as below:
1. RIT International Alumni Asso General Fund $1,000.00
2. RIT International Alumni Reunion Fund $200.00

I wish all of you will have a great time at the reunion. And wish all the RIT EX-staff and alum to have good health and happy time.

Too bad, I cannot be there to enjoy with you, but I will try to attend the next near future reunion meeting.

Ivan Lee

In an e-mail to Danny, Ko Aung Myint and KMZ, Ivan wrote:

I have been staying at East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA for more than 25 years. EB is a small nice town between New York City (40 miles south) and Phily (60 miles).

I got my MIME in 1976 from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NYC. I am holding both NYS and NJS PE licenses. Back in 1974, I was working as a nuclear engineer in a Nuclear Power Plant. By 1982, I was working as an senior mechanical engineer at the major chemical/petrochemical plants. I performed planning, scheduling, design, specification, procurement, construction management, client interfacing, trouble shooting, etc. — you name it. In 1988. I purchased the engineering and construction firm where I was chief engineer and operation manager. In 1992 I purchased a garden apartment with 46 units and established a realty company. In 1996 I purchased A CO-GENERATION POWER PLANT which produces power and steam/hot water to the hospitals, but this one was not doing great, so I gave up within two years. I slowed down my engineering and construction business in 1998. The only business I am working as a part time is the real estate business. I also own two office building and two single family houses. I also have a beach house at the NJ shore spending most summer there.

I have 2 adult daughters. The elder one graduated from Cornell University with Mechanical Engineering Degree and is working as a financial institution at Wall Street in NYC. The younger one graduated from an artist college and is doing photo for Amazon website advertisement in New York City. My wife is from Burma as well. We never returned there, since we immigrated.

I spend my time purchasing/selling stocks daily, managing the real estate business and playing Bridge [a card game] that is my hobby. I am a Bronze Life Master in ACBL (American Contract Bridge League).

That is. This is my life. One more thing I would like to add is when my wife and me came here to USA, all we had was $60.00 plus $1,200 air tickets loan from Pan Am.

Most of our class mates and friends are smart, intelligent, and willing to work. But a few has business mind to motivate or establish their wealth. I will talk to you more if you are interested.

Talking about donation, last year, I proposed to the Myanmar/Burmese Ambassador in Washington, DC, to donate my engineering documents, books, technical catalogs, etc to Myanmar/Burma. The offer was not accepted.

Does RIT has email address? I’d like to email to the staff of RIT. I like to say “Hello” to Naw Mu Mu Aye (T69). I heard she is the Head of Textile Department at RIT.

On our website, we have several news items about the “Book Donation” drives — initiated partly by Saya Dr. San Tint and his former students who are now working in Singapore. I believe that Danny Tint Lwin is planning to donate some books of his own, before he proceeds to collect and coordinate book donations on a larger scale. KMZ feels that we should start the campaign in a smaller scale but to wider audience through the website. Any suggestion is appreciated.

In another email, Ivan sums up his philosophy:

I have no problem if you want to quote my emails in your letter/news column. I would like you to add my two biggest accomplishments in my life above and beyond the business I established.

I have helped at least 75 relatives people immigrate to USA. I have sponsored at least 200 relatives, classmate, friends to USA without spending a penny to the lawyer. I had provided air tickets fees, lodging facilities, food, and transportation. I also helped most of them look for suitable jobs for most of them. I also arranged their children to go to school. This is not an easy assignment, need a huge HEART to do that. My wife is of tremendous help in doing these projects. It took us more than 10 years on a consistent basis to do the projects.

I donated about $1,000,000.00 to my childhood school via Ko Aung Myint back in 1991/92. The school has 1000 students. They have named their assembly hall after me.

The message I like to offer is when your are available, you should be able to contribute your assets (including knowledge, money, personal involvement etc.) back to the society.

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