Peter Khin Tun

2004 – 2018

Sad News in 2004

December 2004

  • Sayama Daw Than Than (Chem, GBNF) passed away on December 5th, 2004.
  • She used to teach at the Chemistry Department in RIT.
  • She was married to Saya U Kyaw Tun, who also taught most of the earlier Chemical Engineering Students.

Sad News in 2011

January 2011

  • Ko Chit Po Po passed away in January, 2011.
    Old Paulian
    Represented RIT in rowing
    Talented harpist
    Spouse : Dr. Daisy Saw
  • Ko Naing Win (M70) passed away in Yangon in January, 2011
    Spouse : Polly Win (Polly Ba San, Burma Swimming)

February 2011

  • Ko Myint Swe (Chemical 69, Myingyan native, Spouse of Swe Swe Oo ) passed away (11am, 3 Feb, 2011 ) at the Shin Pargu Hospital.

March 2011

  • Ko Kyaw Nyein (UCC) passed away because of heart failure. He was not feeling well and was going downstairs for the toilet when he collapsed. They took him to RGH and he passed away in the emergency room.
  • Ko Hla Tun (EP 1971) passed away
    Joined RIT from GTI
    Former head of vocational technical school in Rangoon.
    Migrated to Singapore in 1992
    Spouse : Daw Murang Kha Taung (C 1970)

April 2011

  • Ko Yin Kyu (age 67) , Mech/Agri RIT 69er passed away on 26th April, 2011) at 8/45 am.
    Retired from Public Works (Construction Corporation) as superintending engineer in 2006.
    Died of kidney failure, based on diabetes.
    Had been hospitalized since 3rd April at the Shwegonedine Hospital.
  • Maung Maung Myo Min (EcE95Sep) passed away at his house in Yangon at 1:53PM on 25th April 2011.
    Left behind Myo Myo, his wife, a young daughter and a young son.
  • Ko Pyie Phyo Swe (Civil 2003) peacefully departed on Sunday (1:34pm) 03 April 2011 at Changi Hospital, Singapore.
    Spouse : Ma Lin Nandar Han (C 2003)

July 2011

  • Saw Htoo Htoo Baw (Boris, Baw Gyi) – Mechanical (Sept 1995) passed away on 02 Jul 2011, at National University Hospital (NUS) of Singapore.
    Was in ICU for 5 days.
    Had diabetic shock and his pancreas had problem.

August 2011

  • Ko Aung Naing (Bahadur, Mining 1969) passed away on 14 August, 2011 at the age of 70.
    He was the Principal of the GTI (Taungyi / Aye Thar Yar).

November 2011

  • U Aung Htay (M68) passed away on 9th November, 2011.
    Known as “Zat Sayagyi” in RIT.

December 2011

  • Ko Chit Htun (Mining) passed away at the age of 68 on 19 December 2011 (Monday).
    Was a lecturer at YIT.

Sad News in 2012

March 2012

  • Ko Aung Thu Yein (EC69) passed away.
    I wrote a post.

November 2012

  • Ko Khin Maung Toe passed away in Singapore on November 14, 2012.
  • M72 group offered to host Ko Khin Maung Toe’s last journey.

RIT Alumni International Newsletter

  • We are deeply saddened to learn that U Khin Maung Toe did not live long enough to attend and entertain at M 72 Reunion and SPZP-2012.
  • He was an icon for the music world.
  • Several sayas and remember love his songs.
  • M 72 is known for the unity and strength and the passion for the alma mater.
  • “THAMUDAYA KYAUNG” (original and sequel) were written by the famed poet PADEEGONE SEIN WIN and the musical rendition was provided by U Khin Maung Toe with the accompaniment of MIZZIMA HLAING.
    Miss International and her friends volunteered to take part in the DVD.
  • Little did we realize that the work would the final tribute given to RIT by U Khin Maung Toe.
  • Even as he lay in the Singapore hospital, U Khin Maung Toe showed his patience and courage to face the journey’s end.
  • He twice offered robes to the Sayadaws at the Burmese Buddhist Temple, and clearly said “SADHU, SADHU, SADHU”.
  • He remembered his RIT friends and requested that he wish to see the FULL THAMUDAYA DVD.
  • His friends felt glad to know that U Khin Maung Toe was alert and thoughtful, but felt sad that he might be bidding them FAREWELL.

Translation of a Kabyar

Composed by Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)
Modified by Ko Wynn Htain Oo

Though we would like to be together eternally;

by the laws of Sankahara (conditioned things that are impermanent);

we have to let you go;

ahead of us, our dearest friend.

You have coaxed us to practice vipassana (insight) meditation; and you also showed and led by example.

Because of the samvega (urgency [for getting on the path
for liberation]) that arose out of our sadness, we are thankful.

We feel that you will satisfied for having instilled samvega in us.

Sad News in 2018

  • Saya U Han Tun (Mechanical) passed away on 16th September 2012 ).
    His body was donated to MC 2 as per his desire by his family.
  • Saya U Hla Thwin (Mechanical) passed away alone at his home.
    Nobody (even neighbors) did not know about his demise.
    It took 5 days before someone learned about his death.
    So sad.

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