• Some people said that I have “too much time”.
  • Time is an equalizer.
    Everyone — rich or poor — has 24 hours in a day.
  • Our elders reminded us that one should get
    kutho (kusala, wholesome deeds),
    oksa (income or wealth), or
    pyinna (panna, knowledge/wisdom) in whatever we do.
  • Received a zillion “thanks” from my sayas for my voluntary work in getting the alums reconnected electronically and physically.
  • Committed to life-long learning.
  • Finished on-line courses such as
    Democratic Development,
    Computer Networks, and
    They require reading, taking quizzes and exams.
  • Audited several courses such as
    Risk Management (3 courses),
    Cryptography (2 courses),
    Algorithms (2 courses),
    Data Analysis (2 courses),
    Programming Languages (2 courses),
    Machine learning (2 courses),
    Big data,
    Genetics and evolution,
    Critical thinking in Global Challenges,

Daily Tasks

  • Listen to a Blinkist
    Summary of a non-fiction book
  • Listen to Merriam Webster WOTD (Word Of The Day) podcast
  • Ride stationary bike for 30 minutes
  • Write / revise posts for Facebook pages and my web sites

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