Sein : Names


  • U Sein (SPHS, Saya)
  • U Sein (Bandoola Saung)
  • Maung Sein (Cartoon)
  • Maung Sein (Ah Yo Ku, son of U Kwi Si)

Sein Aung

  • U Sein Aung (B.Com)

Sein Ban

  • U Sein Ban (Minister)

Sein Hla

  • U Sein Hla studied at MIT, USA.
    Served as Registrar of Burma Institute of Technology (BIT).
    Father : U Bo Gyi (Chief Justice, Vice Chancellor)
  • U Sein Hla is an Electrical Engineer, Bilingual writer and Poet, and Recipient of several Literary Awards.
    Son : Dr. Aung Zeya (YTU)

Sein Htoon

  • U Sein Htoon (SPHS57, M63)
    Past Captain and Gold, RUBC
    ARAE Champion, 1960
    Past President, Burma Rowing Federation

Sein Khin

  • Daw Sein Khin (Actor)

Sein Kyaing

  • U Sein Kyaing
    Rowing (Defense and Burma)

Sein Lwin

  • U Sein Lwin (Raymond Ba Hpyu)
  • U Sein Lwin
    Professor, Zoology
  • U Sein Lwin (Bogyoke)
    President (BSPP era)

Sein Maung

  • U Sein Maung (Master Mariner)

Sein Mya

  • Col. Sein Mya
  • Sein Mya Aung

Sein Myint

  • U Sein Myint (Actor)
  • U Sein Myint (SLR)
  • U Sein Myint (EP69)
    RIT Rowing, Swimming and Water Polo
    Major donor, 69HCF and EE69er HCF
  • U Sein Myint (EC76, UCC)
  • Dr. Sein Myint (M73)
    Retired from UN
  • Dr. Sein Myint (Pet)
    Past President, MES
  • U Sein Myint Maung (UCC)

Sein Sein

  • Daw Sein Sein (Sayama, Registrar of RU, Director of DHE)
  • Daw Sein Sein Aye (MD)
  • Daw Sein Sein Yi

Sein Shan

  • U Sein Shan (Mathematics, Saya)

Sein Shwe

  • U Sein Shwe (M67)
    RIT 4th Year Luyechun

Sein Than

  • U Sein Than (PBRS)

Sein Thaung

  • U Sein Thaung (ChE)

Sein Thit

  • U Sein Thit (EE)

Sein Tin

  • ICS U Sein Tin (Theikpan Maung Wa) co-founded Khit San Sar Pay with Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi) and Saya U Wun (Minthuwun). We had to study his works in High School.
  • Tekkatho Sein Tin (Writer)
  • U Sein Tin (Eldest son of U Chit Maung, Father of Kyaw Thu, Entrepreneur) and his brothers U Mya Maung and Saya U Tin Htute helped run the family business (Amyotha Yoke Shin, Carlton cinema, Khit Ah Kyaik Nylon, U Chit Maung & sons, …). U Sein Tin, Saya U Tin Htut and their father were forced to spend Waso at Insein.
  • U Sein Tin (M69) owns a shop specializing in Omega watches. He is known as “Omega” Sein Tin and “Pathein” Sein Tin. He visits USA : Florida to spend quality time with his family and New Jersey to have mini-reunion with U Khin Maung Oo (Ivan, M69) and other alumni.
  • U Sein Tin (Kenneth, SPHS67, Tennis coach)
  • U Sein Tin (Johnny, SPHS68, EC74) is a nephew of Saya U Thet Lwin. Before migrating to Australia, he volunteered at UCC. His mother was very happy to see her son studying Computers. She provided “Nga Sint Gyaik” full of food for her son and buddies at UCC.

Sein Tu

  • Dr. Sein Tu

Sein Tun

  • U Sein Tun (M69)
  • Dr. Sein Htoon (SPHS58, Physics)
  • U Sein Tun (Lucas Lee, SPHS66)

Sein Win

  • Saya U Sein Win studied at the University of Michigan.
    Retired as Professor of Electrical Power, and continued working as a Consultant in the industry.
    Managed the RIT Rowing, Swimming & Water Polo teams.
    Advisor for UCC.
  • U Sein Win (M69, “Nar Yi”, GBNF)
    One of the organizers for the 30th Anniversary of the Class of 69.
  • U Sein Win (C69, GBNF)
    Changed his name to Win Kyaw.
    Amateur but proficient palmist.
    Spouse is a professional palmist.
  • (U Sein Win (M/Ag69)
    Owns a “resort” near Kyaik Hti Yo
    Brother : Aung Htay (Tennis)
  • U Sein Win (C80)
    EC of RIT Buddhist Association
    President of MEAA in Australia
    Pho So Chin : organized musical sessions

Sein Yaung

  • U Sein Yaung (Alfred, M67)

Sein Yee / Sein Yi

  • Daw Sein Yee (Doctor)
  • Daw Sein Yi (Bohmu, Doctor)
  • Daw Sein Yi (Mrs. Nyi Nyi)

Sein Yin

  • Daw Sein Yin

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