Kan, Nyan, Viraya and Ginga *

OMC Talk in August 2015

One Myanmar Community (OMC) hosted a talk titled “The Confluence of Kan, Nyan, Viriya and Ginga”. The event was fund raising for disaster relief in Myanmar.

  • Kan is represented by Kan Htoon Thit (Sayadaw U Zagara)
  • Nyan is represented by Nyan Oo Maung (Sayadaw U Nyanika)
  • Viraya is represented by  Dhamma Bheri Sayadaw U Viriya
  • Ginga is represented by Dhamma Ginga (Sayadaw U Vicittata)

Opening Talk by Nyan Oo Maung

  • “Eastern” tale of 3 fishes who tried to escape captivity. (One relied on Kan. One relied on Viraya. One relied on Nyan.
  • Western variant : Fruitless Wait and See vs. Planning and Taking advantage of opportunity
  • Shin Lay Par : Four eminent Sarsodaw Saydaws from Ava/Inwa era
  • Thamada & Phayas : Five stages of development according to a Western philosopher and the late Saya U Shwe Aung (based on Buddha’s teachings)
  • Wrong priorities by authorities

Talk by Dhamma Ginga

  • Dreams and aspirations of a novice to become a Dhammakathika
  • Imitations of Sitagu Sayadaw, Mingun Saydawgyi, and famous singers
  • Anecdotes and jokes about First days in India, Power struggle in Konbaung era, and Sayadaw U Budh
  • Exposition of some works of Buddhagosa
  • Mingun Sayadaw
  • Byamaso Moe

Talk by Sayadaw U Viraya

  • Sagar as a spoken text
  • Sar as a written talk
  • Three requirements for a good Sarpay : voice/tone, meaning, rasa (ratha)
  • “Lu Chun Lu Kaung” by Myoma Nyein has all the three requirements, but the judges at the “Pyi Daw Tha” song contest did not know the value of work. An apology was provided by Bogale Tint Aung 50+ years later.

Closing talk by Kan Htoon Thit

  • Kudos to the organizers/volunteers of the Flood Relief
  • Deterioration : various examples
  • Anecdote by a Mahayana teacher
  • Pa Khone Nghar Par : Please try to lend support to the people in Myanmar

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