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Update : April 6, 2020


Aung Thu Yein

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Aung Thu Yein (Standing 2nd from Right)


  • Also known as Brownie Way.
    Brother : Dr. Thet Htar Way (Plastic Surgeon)
  • Became classmates starting with Std. VIII(A) at St. Paul’s High School.
  • Continued studies for I.Sc.(A) in Leik Khone and Electrical Communications (EC) at Rangoon Institute of Technology.


  • In the matriculation examination of 1963, students from SPHS had five in the Top Five, seven in the Top Ten, and ten in the Top Twenty.
    Khin Maung U (1st)
    Min Oo (2nd)
    Myo San (Freddie, 3rd)
    Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th)
    Thein Wai (5th)
    Hla Min (7th)
    Aung Kyaw Zaw (Johnny, 9th)
    Maung Maung Kyi (11th)
    Aung Thu Yein (Brownie,13th)
    Khin Maung Zaw (Frank, 17th)
    were awarded Collegiate Scholarship of 75 Kyats a month.
  • Only forty (out of the total 100) scholarships were awarded to the students from private schools.
    SPHS has five in the Top Five, seven in the Top Ten, and ten in the Top Twenty.
  • Brownie had a soft heart.
    Before the Matriculation examination, he read several subjects to Nyunt Wai (Victor, his close friend since primary school) who fell sick and could not study.
    Brownie can take some credit for Victor’s success — 4th in Burma and later medical professor in IM(1), IM(2) and Malaysia.

Smoking and Drinking

  • In the beginning, Brownie did not smoke or drink.
  • Played soccer with his SPHS classmates and RIT hall mates.
  • Learned to smoke — trying to fend off mosquitoes in the RIT rest rooms.
  • Learned social drinking with his classmates (e.g. “Robert” Win Boh) after the last paper of the RIT final exam.
  • One of the 11 EC graduates in 1969.
  • Had a successful career at MOGE/Schlumberger, and several foreign assignments, but became a heavy smoker and drinker [at times].
  • Felt lonely after the loss of his spouse and his eldest son.
  • Had several minor and not-so-minor health problems.
  • Per his doctor’s advice, he quit drinking and smoking for some time, but he still felt the urge.

Mini-Reunion in 2012

  • In March 2012, Zau Lai picked me up before going to Brownie’s house.
    Extremely delighted to see us.
    Trusted people.
    Just closed the gate without locking to board Ko Zaw Lai’s car.
    Would not go back into his house to get dressed.
    We conversed along the way to Zau Lai’s apartment.
  • Sa Maung Maung and Ko Thein Swe joined the mini-gathering.
  • Zau Lai requested Brownie to say “Cheers” and have a few drinks for old time’s sake.
  • That dinner at Ko Zaw Lai’s apartment unknowingly had turned into a farewell to me and his other friends.

69er Gathering at Taw Win Hnin Si

  • He did not show up at the 69er gathering at Taw Win Hnin Si.
    Some who had not attended previous breakfast gatherings showed up.
  • The joy was cut short.
    Learned that Brownie was in ICU and that the 69er Health Care Fund organizers would go there to see him.
  • Kyaw Zin took Win Lwin, Khin Maung Bo and me to the ICU. Brownie’s son, who is a medical doctor, said that Brownie was not ready for the operation.
  • Left with samvegha (sense of urgency) that he might very well end up as No 61 on the GBNF list maintained by Ko Aung Min.
  • Win Lwin told me to meditate and also “do something for yourself”.
  • Aung Thu Yein did not regain consciousness and succumbed on March 13, 2012.

Missed his last journey

  • Spent several days at the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung as a monk.
    Sayadaw U Wara (Win Paing, ChE 70) was my preceptor.
  • During that period, Brownie passed away.
    He did not regain unconsciousness [after the unexpected fall in his house] and succumbed.
  • My 69er friends notified Brownie’s demise to my siblings, but requested not to notify me at the monastery.
    They did not want to disrupt my meditation practice.

GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten)

  • He was the second EC69er to pass away.
  • Preceded in death by Ko Kyaw Soe and succeeded by Ko Chit Tin
  • May he be able to share my merits.
    Ah Hmya, ah hmya, ah hmya.
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Aung Thu Yein (2nd Row Left most)
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F Block Footballers


Chit Po Po

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Chit Po Po and friends

U Win Boh (Robert, EC69) wrote :

  • It is with my great sadness, to inform you that our close friend Ko Chit Po Po (M69, beloved husband of Dr. Daisy Saw) passed away at Asia-Taw Win Private Hospital YGN on 15 Jan 2011 Saturday early morning.
  • I have phoned his brother-in-Law Stanley Saw (M71) in New Zealand to convey our 69ers’ condolence.
  • His daughter Thiri Po in Sydney will be leaving soon to YGN for funeral.
  • Kindly pass on this message to Ko Chit Po Po’s friends far and near.

U Thein Swe (EP69) wrote :

  • It is sad news. Ko Chit Po Po (M69, ex-irrigation, tall and smiling Yangonite) passed away.
  • He and his brother (Dr ?) U Chit Ko Ko were close friends of my spouse’s brothers.
  • Before he went back to Yangon he stayed in Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand, etc. After he quit Irrigation Dept he ran an engineering (medium sized) company of Installation and Services for Air-cons and refrigerators, etc. in Lanmadaw Township.
  • He was a friendly classmate.
  • Unwillingly or in sadness we have to lose another friend.

U Tin Myint (John, M69) wrote :

  • It is a shock to me in hearing the sad news of Ko Chit Po Po, who was a very close friend, co-worker and also my lunch mate in the Irrigation Department at 81/2 mile workshop location.
  • He and I and another classmate rode the same Mazda car to work and coming back from work everyday.
  • He and I ate our lunch everyday.
  • I still remember vividly that during lunch time, after opened his lunch box and discovered fried shrimps, he would offered me his jumbo shrimps and skipped his lunch.
  • I enjoyed shrimps while he had no interest in shrimps.
  • He and I usually had one e-mail/year with exception of having two e-mails the most.
  • This year I received his e-mail once and I tried to have more e-mails and more info from him.
  • Now I received this sad news.

U Aung Thu Yein (EC69) wrote :

Our Colleague/Comrade/Friend – Chit Po Po,

  • We will miss you.
  • Just talking about you a few days ago.
  • Why so fast?
  • Why so sudden !!!

True Friends – Their Top 10 Characteristics (By Martin Sawdon)

  1. When you forget the song in your heart, a friend is someone who sings it back to you. (Helen Steiner)
  2. A friend’s support is unconditional: when the going gets tough a friend is right there beside you.
  3. A friend has seen you at your worst and loves you even so.
  4. A friend is someone with whom you can share secrets in confidence.
  5. You can phone a friend for help even in the middle of the night.
  6. A friend is honest with you, deflates your ego and inflates your Self.
  7. A friend shares your sense of humor, provides nourishment and inspiration for the mind.
  8. A friend is drawn to you not for what you are but who you are.
  9. When you share your wildest dreams, a friend is someone who replies, quote, How can I help? unquote.
  10. Thinking about Needs and Values, once you have recognized those Needs which,satisfied, enable you to be the best person you possibly can be, a friend will help you get them met.

U Sein Tin (“Omega”, Pathein, M 69) wrote :

  • We are feeling very sorry like you.
  • Our ages are at the sunset.
  • So take care of our health first and last.

Ivan Lee (Khin Maung Oo, M 69) wrote :

Dr. Daisy Saw and family:

  • Please accept my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
  • We will remember him forever.

Daw Yi Yi Khaing (Vilma, ChE69) wrote :

  • I have a photo, which was taken at our gathering on 17 March 2010 by 69ers for KCPP’s visit to Singapore.
  • We were all very happy to meet him then!!

Editor’s Notes :

  • Ko Chit Po Po is an expert at playing Burmese Harp.
  • I met Zeyar Po, Ko CPP’s son, in Sydney in 2006 along with his maternal uncle Ko Stanley Saw.
  • Ko Chit Po Po represented RIT in rowing along with Ko Aung Lwin (Jasper Wu, Canada), Ko Aung Tun Oo (Dennis Smithers, Australia), Ko Wunna Sithu (US) and me.


Chit Tin and Myint Thein

Ko Chit Tin and Ko Myint Thein (Kabar) are remembered by their 69er classmates.

Ko Aung Min wrote :

Ko Chit Tin (EC69, Nyaung Oo) succumbed to liver cancer on (9 November, 2017) 1:30 pm at his home. Per his wish, the services were performed the same day.

Ko Myint Thein (Kabar, M69) and Ko Chit Tin (EC69) passed away within one month and one week.

Ashin Pannagavesaka wrote :

We are also bound to follow our dear friends, sooner or later….

David Myint Thein wrote :

We can’t say when, but, definitely, we have to follow Maung Kabar and Bo Chit one day.

Myint Myint wrote :

ၾသ ျဖစ္ရတယ္။
သတိရပါတယ္ သူငယ္ခ်င္း
တို႔ ကို။

Tobias Ku wrote :

Just a matter if time. Sooner or later we’ll be seeing each other again. Come heaven or hell. RIP KCT.

Zau Lai wrote :

What will be will be. After 20 years the most we all (RIT 69yers) will be gone. From dust to dust. Care one another while we are still here on this earth. My father and my mother were gone. I also must be gone when the time comes. I have no plan to say “No”.

Ngwe Tun Tun wrote :

It is a universal truth that we must follow this path now and then.

Ko Thein Swe (EP69) wrote :

We (Saw Aung (Rakhine), Zaw Win M69, Nyaung Oo, now Thailand, Ko Chit Tin and I) were together studying in I.Sc A in Mandalay university before joining RIT.

Ko Aung Khin (EP68) wrote :

Please convey my condolences to the family of U Chit Tin.

Ko Aung Kyaw Pe (EP69) wrote :

Very sad to hear the demise of our friend, Ko Chit Tin. It was a shocking news.

Ma Saw Yu Tint (Alice, T69) wrote :

To meet, to love and to part, c’est la vie!!!
So my dear friends do send me flowers when I leave.

Ko Aung Myint (M69) wrote :

Saddened to hear the demise of our friend Ko Chit Tin. I met him a few times in Singapore when he was working there.

My heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.


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