Four RU Soccer Selected *

  • In 1951, four students — Ko Nay Win (from the Navy), Ko Tun Kyi, Ko Kenneth Shein and Ko Tint Lwin — joined the Rangoon University Football team.
  • Ko Tint Lwin was goalkeeper of the RU Football team coached by Saya Nyein.
  • He became a medical doctor specializing in anesthetics.
  • His spouse Daw Myint Myint Sein was a final year student on 7th July 1962.
  • After retirement, Dr. Tint Lwin migrated to the US.
  • He and his dhamma friends volunteer at Kusalakari monastery in Fremont.
    The monastery later has a branch in French Camp.
  • Ko Tun Kyi graduated as a Mechanical engineer
  • He joined Burma Railways.
  • He was Burma selected in soccer.
  • Ko Kenneth Shein joined Burma Railways.
  • He continued to play with Ko Tun Kyi for Railways and Burma.
  • His daughter Pale Shein studied and taught at UCC.
  • Ko Nay Win wanted to join his friends at Burma Railways, but he was having fun time with his mentor, who took him in.
  • One day, Saya Nyein was approached by U Chin Sein (Shwe Nyar Maung) and his team planning to make the movie “Collegian”, which was based on the novel by Zawana (U Thein) and on the true life story of some Kyaung Pyaws (e.g. Arthur Tin).
  • To distinguish from Tekkatho Nay Win and British Burma Nay Win, he used Nay Win (B.A.) for the movie.
  • Ko Nay Win turned out to be a natural, and the rest is history.
  • Due to the success of the movie, he became known as Collegian Nay Win.

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  1. Htay Aung ( better known as Pway Ain in his playing days), was selected to play for Rangoon University xI. during 1949-50.He continued to play for another five years. During his last years he stayed in Saya Nyein’s room ( warden room), together with Ko Nay Win (collegian).He was from St Patrick’s HS , Moulmein.

    B. Singh, RU selected goalkeeper, in the 1960s, was a Tennasserim division player. He was from St. Patrick’s HS, Moulmein. He was my classmate at St.Pat., and younger brother of S.Mahindar (victorious Prome Hall football team).

    Soe Myint, RU xI Captain in the 1960s, was from St. Patrick’s HS, Moulmein and Tenasserim division player. He was about three years junior to me.

    Ngwe Gaing , RU xI, selected from 1958, was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Moulmein. My classmate at Moulmein college and was also a Burma selected youth player.

    Hla Aye (M 59), RU xI,Captain 1958-59, was from Moulmein. He was aslo the Captain of Prome hall and Moulmein district volleyball team. My senior colleague at Prome Hall 1958-59. We were together in Laos on different FAO/UN projects.

    U Aye, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)


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