Ethics and Education

  • In primary school at PPBRS (Private Primary Boundary Road School). we had to study “Mingalar Kabyar ” by Dagon U Tun Myint.
    I received a Thermos Flask for successfully reciting the Kabyar.
  • During our middle and high school days at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School), there was a class period when Catholic students take Catechism or go to the Chapel to pray.
  • Students, who profess other religions, study “Morals and Manners”, “Sar Nar Kya Ni Ti” and other texts.
  • In some classes we also studied Hygiene and “Pyi Thu Ni Ti”.
  • A good education system does not promote “rote learning” or the idea that “some professions are above others”.
  • Many students who stood Top in the Matriculation examination pursued their interests (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine).
  • A good system leads students to be “life long learners” and “ethical citizens”.
  • In the early days, students from neighboring countries came to study at Rangoon University.
  • RU undergraduate and graduate students excelled in their studies abroad.
  • The students were good not only in academics but in other areas (sports, fine arts, …)
  • Sad to see the decline of education and the destruction of values.
  • Destroying the revered Students Union on July 8, 1962 is incomprehensible.
  • Destroying a working education system is unbearable.
  • Destroying the good will and ethics of people is lamentable.

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