Taw Sein Kho

  • Considered to be the first Burmese archaeologist.

U Aung Thaw

  • Director General of the Archaeological Department
  • Authored book(s) and research papers on the archaeological sites in Burma.
  • Lived close to the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung and often meditated with his family members.
  • Spouse : Daw Yi
  • Sons : Dr. Myo Thaw, Kyaw Lwin Thaw

Hanlin / Halin

  • UNESCO Cultural Site near Shwe Bo.
  • Has a museum with artifacts (utensils, bones, …)

Photo : Pyu stone inscription (from a tomb)

  • Hanlin is one of the ancient Pyu sites.
    Others include Sri Kresa (Tha Yay Khit Ta Ra), Beikthano, Mainmaw, Binnaka, …


  • Archaeologists and their associated researchers (linguists, historians, …) help us learn the past.
  • The British archeologists unearthed the Buddhist sites in India.
  • The French archeologists and linguists (who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt) discovered “Rosetta Stone”, which enable them to decipher the ancient Egyptian writings.
  • Stonehenge is an interesting site / study for archaeologists.

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