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Update : July 24, 2020

RUBC 90th Anniversary


Members join RUBC as Novices. The two top teams compete in the Senior Novices event. The losing semi-finalists compete in the Junior Novices event.

The Senior Novices winners were awarded the Pewter Cup donated by Sir Arthur Eggar (Founder and Life President of RUBC). They also receive RUBC Brooch and are among the top contenders to receive Color Awards.

Color Awards

The Color Awards Committee review the the Log Books and the performance at the regattas to award colors.

  • Half Green
  • Full Green
  • Gold

Gold is awarded to members for representing RUBC (e.g. in Inter-Club events)

Only a few became Gold within one year.

Two examples :

1954 : Ko Tun Shein (Willie Saing) won the Senior Novices as Timing Stroke. He became Gold.

1957 : Ko Tun Zan became Gold.

Early System

Depending on the time and resources, novices may have to wait for some time before they have access to Shell Fours.

  • Novice
    Start with Fixed Tub
    Row Tub Pairs and Tub Fours
    Row Clinker / Shell
  • Half Green
    Can cox
    Row Pairs, Fours, Eights
  • Full Green
    Can cox
    Row Sculls, Pairs, Fours, Eights
  • Gold
    RUBC Blazer Coat with Gold lining

Rangoon University Sports Council

For some period, the RU Sports Council also offered RUBC members

  • Varsity Half Blue
  • Varsity Blue
  • Varsity Gold

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