RUBC (4)

Update : July 24, 2020

RUBC 1948 – 1949

Executive Committee Members (who are not Captains)

  • U Myint Thein
    Secretary (1951)
    Vice Captain (1952)
  • Lawrence Sein Tun Aung
    Secretary (1954)
    Vice Captain (1955)
  • U Tha Din
    Treasurer (1957)
  • U San Maung (Gerald Sein)
    Secretary (1958)
  • U Tun Shein (Willie Saing)
    Secretary (1959)
  • U Hla Moe (Han Shein)
    Treasurer (1959)
  • U San Aung (Sonny)
    Secretary (1960)
    RU Boxing Champ for Pinweight
  • U Mya Maung
    Treasurer (1960)
  • L. Than Myint
    Secretary (1961)
  • U Than Htut
    Treasurer (1961)
    Secretary (1962)
  • U Tin Maung Lwin (1) : Brother of U Tin Maung Latt
    Secretary (1963)
  • U Tin Maung Lwin (2) : Kenneth Lwin
    Treasurer (1963)
  • U Htain Lin
    Vice Captain (1964)
  • U Hla Min
    Treasurer (1964)
    Vice Captain (1965)
    Denied Captaincy by “higher authorities” citing rule change

Not So Good News

For some period

  • RUBC Roll of Honor disappeared
    One lists the EC members
    Another lists the RUBC Selected
  • Sir Arthur Eggar’s bust disappeared
  • The Club House was taken over by a restaurant
  • RUBC/YUBC Members had to compete under the umbrella (of Rowing Federation)
  • Several universities and institutes do not have quick access to Rowing facilities
  • There was no coordination between YUBC and OMA.

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