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Update : July 24, 2020

RUBC 1958


Rangoon Boat Club (RBC) was a private club for mostly British and Anglo members.

Sir Arthur Eggar founded Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) to provide access to Burmese University students.

In the pre-war days, there were Inter Club Challenge matches between RBC and RUBC.


Rangoon University was founded on December 1, 1920 under the RU Act of 1920, and had Rangoon College and Judson College as the constiutent colleges.

RU had several Faculties : Arts, Science, Social Science, Engineering, Medicine, Law …

Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) was founded in 1923.

In November 1964, the new Education System was established. Rangoon University was reorganized into RASU and several Institutes with their own Rectors. RUBC became Tekkatho Myar Hlay Hlaw Ah Thin (Rangoon Universities [and Institutes] Boat Club).

Female members were admitted in 1965 making RUBC a co-ed Club. Ma Khin Mya (Susan Lee, GBNF) and Ma Jill Gaudoin (spouse of Ko Pyi Aye) are some of the pioneer female members.

Following the mandatory name change, RUBC became YUBC.

Navy / Defense

Commodore Than Pe and Boh Hmu Maung Maung Than Tun helped establish the Navy / Defense Boat Club.

The first crew was made up of Navy men.

  • Sein Kyaing (Stroke)
  • Hla Khin (3)
  • Soe Wai (2)
  • Pe Thein (Bow, Judo)
  • P.O. (Petty Officer) San Myint (Cox)

Tin Soe replaced Pe Thein at Bow.

Additional members were recruited from Navy, Army … to represent the Defense Services Club.

Bohmu Dr. Hla Min (Eddie, RUBC Golden Cox) later coxed some Defense crews.

Burma proposed to have Rowing as an event in the 1961 SEAP Game. Presumably there was not enough quota. But the Defense Services team gained knowledge and expertise from the RUBC team (which had won two trophies from ARAE).

Ko Sein Kyaing later won several events in the National Championship. He managed to meet Sam Medora (ARAE Sculls Champion) and beat him in a friendly match.

Ko Hla Khin won a Silver medal in Yatching in the SEAP Games with Ko Tin Htoon (Past Captain and Gold of RUBC).

Ye Gyaung Lu Nge

Marine Youth Rowing Club provided access to high school students.

Several RUBC members learned rowing at Ye Gyaung Lu Nge.

  • Aye Lwin
  • Kyi Aye
  • Min Aung
  • Ronnie Tun Nyein
  • Wunna Sithu
  • Gyee Thaung
  • Tommy Htun Shein
  • Soe Win
  • Win Than Oo

Burma Rowing Federation

Commodore Than Pe, Bohmu Maung Maung Than Tun and some RUBC Executives helped found the Burma Rowing Federation.

Ko Sein Htoon is Past President of the Federation (which later included other forms of Rowing e.g. Burmese Laung, Canoe, Kayak …).


RUBC competed against Burmese Laung and the Inlay Lake rowers.

In the 1950s and 1960s, RUBC competed in Inter-Varsity races mostly with CURC (Calcutta University Rowing Club).

In the mid 1950s, RUBC invited CURC and Calcutta Lake Club to the Annual Regatta to compete for the President’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Eights and the Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Fours.

RUBC crews competed in the ARAE and FEARA Regattas.

I contributed a Prelude for each section in the 90th Anniversary Issue of the founding of RUBC.

I also wrote

  • RUBC Trivia
  • A Tribute to Ko Harry Saing
  • part of long articles

Hope the old and new members will compile a comprehensive history for the Centennial Celebrations in 2023.

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