RUBC (14)

Update : July 24, 2020

RUBC 1958


In the early days, prizes were awarded only to the winners.

  • The Senior Novices Winner received a Brooch for bragging rights.
  • The Senior Novices Runner-up did not receive a prize, but would likely get a Color.
  • The Junior Novices Winner received a prize.

Later, cups of varying sizes OR medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) were awarded to the top three Novice crews.

P Orr Tun Yin sold the cups and medals.

Challenge Cups

The 40th Anniversary Issue and the 90th Anniversary Issue lists the Challenge Cups.

U Nyo donated a huge sum to the Rangoon University Estate. The RU Student Union Building and the RUBC Boat Club were built with his donation.

U Nyo also donated the “U Nyo Cup” for Coxed Eights. It was later replaced by the President’s Challenge Cup.

ARAE Trophies

Venables Bowl (for Coxless Pairs) was won by Dr. Harry Saing (Bow) and Tin Htoon (Stroke) at the 1958 ARAE Regatta held at Calcutta,

Willingon Trophy (for Coxed Fours) was by Dr. Harry Saing (Bow), Victor Htun Shein (2), Sunny Teng (3), Tin Htoon (Stroke) and Sein Htoon (Cox) at the 1960 ARAE Regatta held at Colombo.

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