RUBC (12)

Update : July 24, 2020

RUBC 2019


“Saluting the Nat” was an item in the early regattas.

The Cox and selected members of the winning crew were thrown into the Inya Lake.

The Awards Ceremony usually ended with “Give Her Ten” and “Easy Oars”.

Some Old Members would stay behind for dinner and/or drinks. There might be some bragging, e.g “We were the Top Pair in our times. He was the BRAWN. I was the BRAIN.”

Ye Mt wrote :

We are very glad to know these traditions, please share more to new generations. If you don’t mind, I would like to arrange a chat table with new student rowers at the meeting room of Old Members Association at YUBC.

Freesia Htun wrote :

Thank you for your sharing knowledge and memories of RUBC.

Kyaw Saing wrote :

I think so as RUBC Give her ten
Thank you, uncle

Dr. Tin Wa (Past Captain and Gold) wrote :

I have a photo of “Saluting the Nats” ceremony in Kyemon newspaper the next day after the Regatta 1961 with the Caption “What’s up University Folks!” In this age of science, why are we holding to the old tradition of of offering to the spirits? I had written an article about it indicating that it was started by Sir Arthur and no matter what, we never had any fatal accidents during any of our Regattas. If I find the article, I will send it to you .

With Metta

Ko Tin-Wa

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