RUBC (11)

Update : July 24, 2020

Prime Minister U Nu at RUBC


  • In 1965, Ko Htain Linn (VP) resigned.
  • Ko Zaw Lin (Secretary) became Captain.
  • Ko Hla Min (Treasurer) became Vice Captain.
  • No EC members were elected for the vacant positions of Secretary and Treasurer.
  • It signaled the beginning of the end of the system for democratically electing EC by the voting members.


The Inter-Hall and Inter-Faculty events now belong to the past.

On a bright note, female members were admitted. RUBC became a co-ed club. Several will later become RUBC Gold.

Inter-Institute competitions for men and women were contested keenly.


We attended the 40th Anniversary Dinner held at a Kandawgyi Hotel in 1963.

In 2013, I served as a Contributing Editor for the 90th Anniversary Issue. I wrote a Prelude for each section. I also wrote three articles.

In 2019, I attended the 96th Anniversary Regatta of RUBC.

I met Old and Not so old Members. I talked with several Patrons of the YUBC OMA.

I learned that the restaurant owner (which had “possessed” the Club House) finally agreed to move out.

We no longer use the Regatta Island. Probably RUBC no longer has access to the Regatta Island.

We see lots of current and old members competing, but we do not see many fans, families and friends rooting for the crews.

We see lots of trophies (may be 28 sets), but there was an unintentional mix up in one event.

We see new boats and flags, but we wonder how students from the many universities and institutes (some far away) have passion, time and energy to take up competitive rowing without sacrificing their academic achievements.

Some old members are looking forward to the Centennial Celebrations in 2023.

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