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Update : July 24 , 2020

RUBC Challenge Cups


The last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RUBC took place in 1964. The following were elected.

  • Myo Tin (William Hone) : Captain
  • Htain Lin : Vice Captain
  • Zaw Lin : Secretary
  • Hla Min : Treasurer

Ko Myo Tin and Ko Htain Lin became RUBC Gold in 1962.

Since the two Tin Maung Lwin resigned, Ko Htain Lin ran for Vice Captain and Ko Zaw Lin ran for Secretary.

I ran for Treasurer.

I had to report to Professor William Paw (Commerce), Vice President.


The annual membership dues was Ten Kyats.

Those who had been members for five years are eligible to become Life Members.

There were some new members who had rowed at Ye Gyaung Lu Nge (Marine Youth).

Aye Lwin and Kyi Aye were among the top rowers from Ye Gyaung Lu Nge.

Training and Regattas

Ko Htain Lin is the son of Saya U Kyi (Forestry). He would bike to the club every day and take care of the training for novices.

With the help of volunteers, we had to organize the regattas.

  • Rag Regatta
  • Monsoon Regatta
  • Annual Regatta.

Rag Regatta is an all-day competition. I wrote about Rag Regatta in the newspapers. The father of Ko Khin Maung Aye (Novice) was elated thinking it was a prestigious event.

Winners of the novice event are seeded for the next regatta (usually the Monsoon Regatta).

Rag Regattas often has a special event

  • Captain’s crew versus Vice Captain’s crew
  • Executive Committee versus non-Officers

Except for the Coxed Eights which are rowed over 200 yards from Dubern Beach to RUBC, most events are rowed over 750 yards (for the Monsoon Regatta) and 1000 yards (for the Annual Regatta).

Drinks and snacks (samoosa) are offered at the Monsoon Regatta.

Catering is provided at the Annual Regatta (held on the Regatta Island).

RUBC members may also compete in the Independence Day Regatta and the National Championship.

Old Newsletter from the mid 1950s

In the mid 1950s RUBC had a newsletter edited by Ko Harry Saing. It had news, records and predictions about the regattas.

  • Three time winner of Senior Novices as crew and cox
  • Winner of three events at a regatta
  • Winner of one event at three regattas
  • Winner of events by rowing as Bow and Stroke
  • Club record for the events

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