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Updates are shown in bold italics.


  • Several members are children (e.g. Alvin Oak Soe Kha, Betty Myo) of Sayagyis, Sayamagyis and senior alumni.
  • Some are grandchildren, who are honoring their grand parents with a brief biography and rare photos.
  • The Admin has requested members to use Myanmar Unicode.

Some posts and comments are in Zawgyi. Without tools (e.g. converters), most readers cannot read all posts. A saya told me that he tried to use Unicode-compliant font, but he could not type some Myanmar words easily (or not at all) in that font.

Standards and Recommendations

  • There are De Jure and De Facto standards.
  • De Jure standards are established by law.
  • De Facto Standards are established by the consensus of the users.
  • On the other hand, recommendations leave room for some inconsistencies in the implementations.

Products may be

  • Fully compliant
  • Partly compliant
  • Fully compatible
  • Backward compatible
  • Forward compatible

ISO is an International Standards Organization. Several countries have organizations for National Standards.


U Tin Aye has posted memories of his teachers who taught full-time or part-time at Workers’ College. They include

  • Dr. Tin Win (Alan)
  • U Kyaw Tun (who also taught at Chemical Engineering)
  • U Yu Htay (who also taught at IM(1)
  • U Maung Maung Gyi
  • Dr. Aung Myint (who had Yaung Don and Gaung Baung after returning from Canada)
  • U Nyunt Win
  • Dr. Myint Tun (Henry Cho Tun)

Dr. Tin Win (Alan) took over as Head of the Chemistry Department when Dr. Aung Myint went for graduate studies in Canada.

Dr. Tin Win (David Ba Htay) was a Chemistry saya. A friend mentioned that his daughter was in Texas.

Alvin Oak Soe Kha posted a photo of his father Sayagyi Dr. Maung Maung Kha, Sayama Daw Ruby and their four children. Saya Kha served the longest among the Rectors, and is loved by his colleagues and students. At one Social and Reading Club, a student likened Sayagyi as Ditha Par Pauk Kha and asked if he would give away his daughters to Bright Students (following the tradition). Alvin also wrote that Sayama Ruby was National Mixed Doubles Tennis Champion.

  • Alvin was a High School Luyechun in the Summer of 1964. He mentioned that he was a member of the IM(1) Water Polo team that won the Inter-Institute tournament.
  • Dr. Lyn Aung Thet won the Sprint events and also led the IM(1) Water Polo team. He was a Luyechun from IM(1).
  • Ko Htay Aung (M69) won the middle distance and long distance events. He represented Burma in the SEAP Games in 1969,
  • Ko Soe Thin and Ko Htin Kyaw were the leading players for the Institute of Economics Water Polo team. They also rowed at RUBC.

Several remembered novels (e.g. by Tekkatho Phone Naing), songs (e.g. by Maung Ngwe Hlinne) and movies (e.g. by Maung Wunna) about the University and the students.

Some of the characters in the novels of Saya U Khin Maung Tint (Tekkatho Phone Naing) are believed to be composites of his classmates at Mandalay University.

Mya Kyun Nyo Nyo Kun Yeik Kho (by Saya U Thet Lwin), Pagan Lann Hmar Saungt Kyo Mei, Sagaing Lann, Tekkatho Nann … are some popular songs that have been revived on the Internet.

Pann Dwe Nei Wai is one of the love stories. Kaw Leik Jin (Kaw Leik Ja Bo, Collegian) transformed a football/soccer star named Ko Nay Win (Pa Pu) into a movie star Collegian Nay Win (with several Academy awards).

  • Dr. Tin Wa (Past Captain and Gold of RUBC) mentioned that he was invited to the “Premier” show of Collegian by his friend (a Kyaung Pyaw who acted as himself in the movie).
  • As part of the Count down to the RU Centennial, a week-long exhibition was held at the Recreation Center in December 2019.
    Photos of eminent alumni and selected newspapers and posters were on display.
    Movies were shown daily on the big screen, but the audio system was not good.
    One talk was cancelled because the presenter had a schedule conflict. A movie show was substituted for the session.

Some remembered the RU Student Union (Ta Ka Tha, Tekkatho Kyaung Tha Thutmagga) and Oak Gu of the Bo Aung Kyaw (who was killed in the 1938 RU Student Strike). Some remembered the Dark Days (notably 7th July and 8th July in 1962, U Thant Ah Yay Ah Khin, 8-8-88).

  • U Nyo donated a large sum to the RU Estate. He is acknowledged for the establishment of the RU Students’ Union Building and the RUBC Club House.
  • Chan Chor Khine (second son of Chan Mah Phee and Daw Aye Mya) donated for the RU Gymnasium. He was a Council Member of RU.

In addition to Gant Gaw, “Pyin Ma Ngoak Toe” was immortalized in an epic poem and “Swel Daw” became a synonym for the engineering colleges and institutes in Burma / Myanmar.

There are several entities named after Swel Daw

  • Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF)
  • Swel Daw Yeik Ah Nyeint
  • Swel Daw Yeik Magazine
  • Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung


Hlaing Bwa wrote :

May I congratulate the novel idea of the admins of this group. It is opportune and well timed (coincide with 100 Years Anniversary of Rangoon University. If I may suggest kindly collect all those memorabilia and photos of Sayars and student alike with their consent and do a photo exhibition at the University during the coming festivals.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is saya-kha.jpg
Saya Kha (Dr. Maung Maung Kha) and family
  • Some members asked about the status of RU Centennial Celebrations.
  • Major events are scheduled for November and December 2020.
  • Saya Dr. Maung Maung Nyo mentioned that he recently submitted articles and poems to the RU Centennial Celebration Committee.
  • Several individuals and groups have published books to commemorate RU Centennial. T

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