RU Centennial (8)

  • Great Grandparents
  • Great Grandparents
  • Senior Members
  • Memories
  • Early Sayas and Alumni
  • SEAP Games

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Great Grandparents

There are several alumni who are proud to have Great Grand children.

Sayagyi U Ba Toke is 99 years young and is a Phwa Bet Taw of the University of Rangoon, and the First RU Students’ Strike in December 1920. He is the saya of many sayagyis. He is a proud Great Grandfather.

Sayama Daw Khin Saw Tint is a bilingual author, and is a proud Great Grandmother.

Grand parents

There are some families who have three generations of alumni (e.g. Professor U Aung Khin, Maureen (daughter) and Jillian (grand daughter)

There are several families who have two generations of alumni (e.g. parent and child)

Senior Members

Two senior members are Dr. Maung Maung Nyo (member of the elite Medical Literati, winner of Life Time Achievement Award) and Dr. Daw Khin Kyi (OG, daughter of Chief Justice U Bo Gyi [Vice Chancellor or RU]).

There are several young and not so old members.


There are more than 2000 posts. It is difficult if not impossible to read all the posts. The following is an example of memories that have been shared in the posts.

There are tens of thousands of posts. Many readers are still having problems reading posts and comments (most in Unicode-compliant fonts, but still a lot in Zawgyi font.)

Thit Pope Pinn

  • It was there before the establishment of the University of Rangoon, and luckily survived the war and Cyclone Nargis.
  • Many students (including those that later led the nation and those who lent their hand in the decline of the Education, Social and Economic systems) met, studied, relaxed, or simply gazed with awe under the tree.
  • Yangon Heritage Society chose the tree as a representative of the University of Rangoon over several other remarkable landmarks such as the Convocation Hall.
  • Some are sad to note the wired fences (implying loss of freedom and security) around the revered tree and around the campus.

    The trip to Halin, an old Pyu site that was declared as UNESCO Heritage Site, was literally “full of bumps” (accompanied by walks in the “areas under construction”.

Early Sayas and Alumni

  • U “Tommy” Khin Hlaing (aka Tommy Hmit) studied English Honors and was a hostel mate of Bogyoke Aung San. He worked for BOC which became MOC and MOGE.

U Khin Hlaing’s spouse is the sister of Dr. Khin Kyi Nyunt (Cherry, spouse of my cousin U Tin U). U Khin Hlaing’s daughter (Ohnmar Khin) presided as emcee at the wedding of Ma Cherry’s grandson. U Khin Hlaing’s son (Thet Tun, M75) is Past President of “Myanmar Engineers in Australia”. Ohnmar and her siblings performed dana for their cousin Dr. Khin Tin (Peter, Ma Cherry’s son) when he succumbed to COVID-19 in UK.

  • Dr. Htin Aung (younger brother of ICS U Tin Tut, Dean of Law U Kyaw Myint and Chief Justice U Myint Thein) was the first native Rector of Rangoon University. He earlier served as Principal of Rangoon College (which became a constituent College of the University of Rangoon along with Judson College). He later served as Vice Chancellor. His is a distinguished author and an outstanding educator. U Win Aung (Aung Mon, Win Aung Gyi, BBS, VOA) wrote Saya’s biography in his book.

Finally became Facebook friend with Daw Molly Mya Saw Shin (lawyer, writer, daughter of ICS U Tin Tut). She posted one favorite book daily for the 7-day Challenge.

  • Dr. Maung Maung Kha was one of the early Burmese State Scholars (along with Dr. Tha Hla and Dr. Hla Myint) sent to the UK to do their doctorates. Saya studied Meteorological Physics. He worked briefly at the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology before transferring to the Department of Physics at the University of Rangoon. He served as Professor and Head of the Physics Department, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Rector of Rangoon University. Saya was Patron of the RU Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thin and played his violin at many functions. Saya has a son and three daughters. According to Dr. Oak Soe Kha (Alvin), his mother Sayama Daw Ruby won the National Mixed Doubles Tennis Championship with Saya Joe Ba Maung (Burma Singles Champion and Doubles Champion with U Than Lwin).

    After retirement, Alvin shares time between UK and Myanmar. He is an alumnus of MEHS, but he attends the mini-gatherings of his Old Paulian friends. He is an Honorary Old Paulian and occasionally wears the SPHS uniform (e.g. at the wedding reception of Dr. Nyan Taw (Dicky)).

SEAP Games

  • Six nations (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) were the founders of the South East Asian Peninsular (SEAP) Games.
  • They were joined by more nations and resulted in a name change to South East Asian (SEA) Games.
  • Thailand hosted the First SEAP Games in 1959. It was the overall champion (in the medal tally).
    Tun Mra, Kyaw Mra, Soe Mra and Tun Naung represented RU and Burma in the Track and Field events.

    Ko Tun Mra was on the BERB/MERB program on “RU Sports” for the Diamond Jubilee. I met him at the RUBC/YUBC Annual Regatta in December 2019. He told me that Ko Kyaw Mra had passed away. He and his five younger brothers are Burma Selected.
  • Burma hosted the Second SEAP Games in December 1961. Burma was the overall champion (in the medal tally). About twenty RU athletes represented Burma in the Games. Tun Mra won the Gold as a member of 4×100 relay team. Kyaw Mra won the hurdles. (He later became National Coach). Soe Mra won the Pole Vault. Richard Yu Khin teamed up with U Maung Maung Lwin to win a Yachting Gold. Aye Kyaw and Derek Lynsdale won medals in Swimming.

Saya U Yu Khin was RU and/or Burma selection in badminton. He served as Chair of the RU Sports Council. Ko Richard trained along with Ko Tin Maung Ni under a Japanese coach. Ko Aye Kyaw joined the Navy and became a deputy of Ko Tin Maung Ni. Ko Derek’s mother moved to a teaching assignment overseas.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seap-1-1.jpg
  • Burma hosted the Fifth SEAP Games in December 1969.
    Someone posted a magazine cover and a newspaper cutting with six belles.
    Per the readers they are (with known status)
    Charlotte Cho
    Htar Ni (per KMZ, lives in Seattle)
    Kyi Kyi Han (Mie Mie Law-Yone, now in Texas)
    Kyi Kyi Nyunt
    Nant Kay Si (now in Canada)
    Khin Nwe Aye (Alice Ba Aye, now in Virginia, USA)
    They led the SEAP Contingents (dressed in a typical costume of the country and carrying a sign with the country’s name).

    Daw Khin Swe Hla (Kyi Kyi Han’s mother) founded “Dawlay’s Circle” at Guardian newspaper. She moved to Working People’s Daily (WPD). She was looking for “young” translators. She asked me to try and translate “Nge Thay Loh” (a short story by U Thu Kha). I received fifty kyats for my translation “Still So Young”.
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Fifth SEAP Games (1969)

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